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  1. My only problem with the graphics is that I felt too sorry for the Green Dragon. Poor guy.
  2. From each family: Slime family: Bad Egg or Angel Slime Material family: Ogre Shield/Testudogre Demon family: Fallen Priest Beast family: Eyevory Tusk Tusk Nature family: Great Sabrecat Dragon: Black Dragon Undead family: Dullahan Incarnus family: Wulfspade Ace If I had to pick just one, probably Ogre Shield/Testudogre
  3. V is my favorite, but Psaro's transformations in the DS impressed me a lot and I wish I could see them improved even further.
  4. I like to keep the names of the most memorable ingredient that made a monster (these are Joker 1 names, since I didn't get to Joker 2's post game, because I played professional and my ROM had a bug): Beshemoth Slime = Besos (Spanish for Kisses). Later went on to become a Gem Slime, but kept the Besos name. Jum = Jimbo. Later became a Rhaptorne. Grim Rider = Bones. Later became a Dullahan. Moosifer = Moose. Later went on to become an Orgodemir. Incarnii is always named after my cat.
  5. Hello. First, I'd like to thank you SOuimet for your hard work. Hope you log in again some day and read this (or maybe your read this without logging in). Second. Similar to Riffmaster last page, my game got buggy near the end. But unlike him, the blackscreens I am getting in the Underground World won't let me even finish the game (I am getting blackscreened 100% of the time in the portal, I've tried like a dozen times and with different parties). So, I'd like to ask a couple of things (I wanted to ask SOuimet himself through PM, but he hasn't logged in a while): 1) If I back up my save game and try to use it for an unpatched Japanese version of Pro, will it work well? 2) And second, is the post game really good? So far I had a lot of fun, but maybe I should just try to get the Terry Wonderland/DQM3D games instead?
  6. I always wondered how some characters who were meant to be already somewhat experienced in combat were still level 1 at the start of their campaign. Ragnar particularly. Your wife giving birth in DQ5 after what seemed like only a few weeks was a bit weird too, but what bothered me more was that the hero apparently didn't realize it, even though she was only a few days from giving birth. I kinda wish there was another short time skip somewhere in there. About the loot in caves, I imagine that at least sometimes the loot might belong to the monsters living in the cave. Like there was this happy family of Restless Armors unliving in a cave. One day the kid Restless Armor finds a shiny sword near a human corpse near the entrance and brings it home. "Maybe one day I could disguise myself in a cloak, walk into a human city and sell this to pay ourselves some boat tickets to Psaro's Castle". Then the hero comes and sees "Loot". He approaches the treasure chest, and suddenly the family of Restless Armors, and their pet Scorpion jump in to try to stop him.
  7. When I was playing the Joker games, I really would have liked to see Monsters that could be obtained through synthetizing creatures that had mastered specific abilities, and felt the Scroll Skills based on the Jobs from DQ3 would have been the best option for this. They'd be Rank C or D Monsters, and have their designs inspired by the Dragon Quest 3 classes but in monster forms. So for example the Warrior would look like an Orc wearing the Warrior armor. Maybe they could also get a Pallete Swap in Rank S or A formed through the combination of 4 of them
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