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  1. Hey so for a few months now, I have tried and failed to figure out where my password reset email has been sent to... I thought I only had one email for Japanese games and I KNOW I'd get a password reset email on-and-off pretty semi-regularly before, see my phone give me the notification about it and I'd reset it easily, but now when I check that account I see that... I've never gotten a single email from DQ ever. Woops. So ... Whatever email I used to sign up with for DQX seems to be missing in action now and I have no idea what it would've been. Meaning I'm very likely going to have to accept like 100 hours of DQX as being lost forever... Unless there's ANY kind of way to figure out what it'd be? (That doesn't involve me spontaneously remembering some magic third email I swear I've never had?!) Can any of you on my friends list by any chance see it anywhere (I figure not, but worth asking) and I'm extremely wary of US Square Enix customer service over the phone given continental differences.
  2. Dee and I are done with 1.4 and will move on to 1.5, THEN we'll get back to finishing 2.1 and hopefully getting to the next expansion soon. I'm so excited! Thanks Ashes, Cranberry, Tony, Ashes, Cranberry, and Ronald McDonald. This boss was TERRIFYING AND HARD but since we weren't doing the hard work I guess that wasn't a big deal. So excited to be doing these main quests and finishing them off.
  3. Heeey guys I am so sorry Dee and I haven't been getting on much lately, especially sorry for Cranberry!! I am a nurse, you see, and I don't have a lot of free time at the moment and since Dee is my boyfriend we always are playing together, thus.... He's also not been on! No shows for a bit! Woops! I also haven't gotten to work on the DQX Wiki much for same reason. Still super into this game, I just have like no time whatsoever until I get a real schedule. After March I'll be back fulltime prolly and especially for getting prepped for 3.0. Uhhh, the last things we did I'm pretty proud of though! Finished off half of 2.1, only a little bit left until that's taken off. We changed our party dramatically thanks to Dracky so now I'm maining Battlemaster for a while while Dee plays Priest and I'm backing us up with basically anything I feel like since there's a lot of room in the party. At the moment a Golem, but my Killer Machine (Aigis) is so strong and good and already on +2 and is my favorite so I don't know how long I can hold back. Got level 80 weapons and armor for them too and that was a big accomplishment I'd say, since it was all funded through money we made for once and I feel more sufficient as a user! Battlemaster and Priest are around nearing 40? We have a ways to 60 still but 2.1 is probably on hold while we enjoy our new class roles for a while and level em up. I'm having a lot of fun with 2H Swords.
  4. http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Slime_(Ally) Hey hey heeeey! Guess who is just skipping over everything else to work on monster pages. It is me. I am doing that. The Slime page is pretty detailed already and I have pages up for all the other allies. Here is the general monster ally list: http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Monster_Allies I am going to 100% complete all of this data either tonight or tomorrow because this is really useful stuff I want people to be able to consult as soon as possible.
  5. You need some VPN software because your IP isn't registering as Japanese
  6. Sorry for absence, it's the holidays so I figured people would know that's up. http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Tribes I haven't added in all the skills yet on the Vocations page and expanded description yet, but I'll get to that later. For now I'm setting up the Tribes pages and so far just adjusted everything so the pictures fit into the page nicely. Gotta set up individual pages and maybe start including some location information on them about their continents (it's the most I can think of atm)
  7. Ah that's great! Thank you for liking the idea. I better get right to work filling in all the skill info and setting up at least placeholder pages for all the important stuff.
  8. http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Quest_X_Wiki I figured this was something long overdue but also understood that wikis were a fairly big undertaking to get started, but once the information would be there adding additions would become more and more easier. So without further ado, here it is, the DQX wiki and yeah I'm still spending time adding in info as much as possible. This was all created last night and some of today and my big priorities are finishing the vocations pages and then taking that info and creating the Skills pages. The big thing is I want people to have something to consult that is an actually easy to browse information source. Very few of us speak Japanese and I feel really bad for everyone else who has to shuffle around xn--10etc using Google Translate over and over again, or have to browse through threads on here that may or may not have all the info organized just right. Let's make this easier for not just us, but people who want to play the game! Especially over twitter, I've had a lot of people wanna get into it from screenshots and GIFs I made, but have been worried about the ease of entry and the fact that it's hard to go in blind. This isn't a way of saying this forum isn't a wonderful resource. In fact, it's the only real resource for English players and it's been immensely helpful. I was hoping they could maybe co-exist or we could all help by contributing to this, if we have time. If not, it's okay. I'm willing to and already am doing all of the info myself (Dee helped on image stuff and organizing/coding some sections that needed repeat values). The big thing is I want to just make something everyone and anyone can use to play this game. But hey how does it look? I've done the most work on the Vocations category page so far and Warrior is all but done as far as basic description and skills go. I don't know what else to add from there. Probably stuff about its vocation quests. AND YEAH I know that Dragon Quest IX's wacky localization puns are very frown-worthy but in the heat of the moment I decided to adhere to it when putting this info in. We can sort out later. After all none of the info is like, set in stone. It's a wiki. The real thing is to get it on there in the first place and edit later. I'm going out for now so I figured I'd show you guys what today gave way to. http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Vocations http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Warrior also wanna color code the Weapon skills and Passive skills like, maybe light red and light green, so the skill charts read a lil better.
  9. I'm so excited. We'll be all caught up by the time this comes out....
  10. I heard that someone helped out a certain tiny puku a lot today while I was gone. And that this person is berry kind.
  11. The splash screen that has the log-in sequence to boot up Dragon Quest X has a big blue button (below the red button that confirms the login) and you simply click it to open the offline game. You have to do this in the first place to be able to play the game, as the online game begins after a 30ish minute tutorial main story offline. You cannot play the offline without your VPN though, unfortunately, hilariously, nonsensically. It will kick you out for not having a Japanese IP.
  12. So Dee and I did some petite bosses since we're only lv 59 and wanted to figure out how it works, but I notice when we give the cards to Dorothy it starts up immediately into the boss fight after a hallway. Totally curious, what activates the dungeon sequence, where we might toss coins in and etc? Are there cards that activate a dungeon, then you give a card to... also the fountain, like a coin? I can ask the green furrat since I think that one is full of Q&A but it'll be like 10 hours before I can, so i figured I'll let Ashes do the work COUGH
  13. Thgank youooooo Murd!! Yup! You have a Square Enix account, which has your character info on it, and there are like 30+ servers, all of which play together. All systems use them. Server 33 is where we play and you can log on to it on any console and it'll be the same one.
  14. Anyone know what that pink orb is? We gave our lil buddy a level 80 wand after her first reincarnation, to much excitement, and she now has this status effect in most of the battles! What might it be? (And yeah the halo is auto-revive)
  15. Forgot to mention, my Tailor is level 28 as a frame of reference. Buuut I won't be useful to anyone yet because this is where crafting NEW recipes starts getting expensive to keep up with if you're as poor as I am-- recipes for level 42+ equipments are all 60,000 gold in Megisuturuso and after those, I'm not sure where, but I can imagine it's difficult. Should I spend an afternoon making equipment to sell on the bazaar maybe? I don't know what is and isn't good sells for this level and craft.
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