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  1. Looks pretty cool! Thanks for that! The detective game would be the Portopia Serial Murder Case. 300 pages is an awful lot to ask anybody to scan, though. (I thought it might possibly be shorter, alas.) No doubt it is highly romanticized, but I'm fairly curious about it all the same, so I'll keep an eyeball out on the various auction sites going forward.
  2. If you could, Dwaine, even a little at a time, that would be awesome--and if we happen to meet up anywhere (Faire, a con, etc.) I will totally buy you a drink if you imbibe, or a suitable substitute if you do not. More than anything I'd like to read it for my own entertainment and edification; the translation, if I find myself capable and equipped with the time, is more a by-product, sort of like with the novel (which I need to get an update out for) and the FC manual. Both are simply interests of mine that I figure someone, somewhere, someday might be curious about.
  3. Hey, folks, I'm curious whether anyone has, has scans of, or can otherwise help me find a copy of "Manga Dragon Quest e no Michi" (マンガドラゴンクエストã¸ã®é“), which may also be known as "The Road to Dragon Quest" and/or "The Making of Dragon Quest." Basically, this is a manga-fied version of the story of how DQ1 came to be, and it was published in 1990 by Enix in Japan. As you might imagine, I'm interested in tracking this down and, perhaps, if time permits, working out a translation if it hasn't already been done. A shot of the cover is here if you want to look. I didn't see it in the scans section of the page (though I might have missed it), and eBay hasn't turned anything up for me. If anybody's got a copy they'd be willing to part with (condition's irrelevant as long as all the pages are there and legible), or if anyone knows of scans, I'd be rather grateful for the heads up. Additionally, if we've got any Den members currently in Japan, is there anyone who'd be willing to take a look on my behalf on your next trip to Book Off? You would be my new hero. Thanks!
  4. Eh, if the man doesn't want to emulate, he doesn't want to emulate. I use emulators for a few specific purposes, myself, mostly to make screencapping easy for blogging and reviewing purposes, or for recording a section of a playthrough for easy reference. Also, if I'm looking at romhacks, fan translations, or related stuff, emulation is mandatory. However, I do my best to own a legit copy of whatever I'm talking about in public, and I encourage my readers (maybe all 6 of them or whatever) to go buy their own legit copies whenever possible. Sometimes that's difficult, but most often, it's not. But some folks don't want to emulate at all, and some folks think worrying about the legality of emulating is stupid. As with most things like this, it's a personal thing. If Erdrick wants to step lightly, that's his call. The GBC game's available on eBay for not a horrid amount of money ($10-20 when I browsed about last night), and cheaper still if you're willing or able to play it in Japanese (as is typical). In any case, it tends to be cheaper than NES DW3 for the time being, so hopefully there'll be a good resolution here for you, Erdrick.
  5. I think it's fun to see new folks who came on board with the later games. It really does demonstrate there's a fanbase here in the West, as much as Square Enix seem to want to deny it. But then, even way back when they were just Enix, they never really were very good at marketing. As a kid I didn't know DW2 and DW3 had come out until well after the fact, whereas I was rather acutely aware of the existence of other games at the time, and of their release dates. I didn't subscribe to Nintendo Power until I had an SNES, and so while I'm sure I would have known about them had I subscribed, I didn't even see them on store shelves or in rental places where I was living. And I completely missed DW7 right after its release because, well, after I found out there weren't any plans to bring over DQ5 and DQ6 on the SNES, I figured there would surely be no 7 on any platform. So I just wasn't looking for it. Compare that to the way Nintendo marketed the snot out of Final Fantasy 1, and the way Square and Sony later pushed the FF PSX titles, and it strikes me that both of them began similarly--complex games that Western players had to be taught to play--but ended up very differently. I like both franchises for different reasons, but I'd argue that Final Fantasy pulled ahead in the West due to sheer force of marketing power. You put it in front of people and make them interested, and it sells. But...who's seen a Dragon Warrior/Quest commercial since that first one back in '89? Who's seen a company getting in their face to tell them how awesome a DQ game is, well...ever? I was actually flabbergasted to discover there still *were* Western DW/DQ fans around, much less new ones. And when you compare that to the way DQ has been pumped and promoted in Japan since the beginning, it just feels like it's poorly handled.
  6. HAH! That's to die for. Man, I'm wishing I had a smartphone now, just for the laughs.
  7. Dragon Quest novel translation update coming sometime in the next week or so!

    1. ignasia


      Lookin' forward to it.

    2. ButThouMust


      Thanks! Been up to my ears in work for the last few weeks, or it'd have been sooner.

  8. That sucks, dude. I have run into problems like that with a local store in the past, and I definitely sympathize.
  9. Yeah, under 21 can buy it (or at least they could when I was under 21). It's in the first aid section of the store, and is most surely not for drinking. Also, I shot you a private message to pass along some thoughts from my husband, who works in the electronics industry and refurbs systems and carts on the side. He says he's willing to take a look at it for you at no cost if you can't solve the problem locally.
  10. I'm a native speaker of English and passingly decent in Japanese (but I wouldn't call it fluent). I got started learning the language the "standard" way: taking classes at my undergrad institution, where it was actually my major. However, I'd have to say I learned more practical Japanese, once I had the writing system and the basics of grammar and vocab under some kind of control, from the year I spent living there and from reading, watching, and playing things in the language. Everybody's best method will be different, but for me, I found that while classes gave me a good foundation, they were pretty sterile environments. I found I didn't learn a lot of the things there that interested me. So I took the basics I did know and started branching out. Living in Tokyo for a while really helped, because I had to use Japanese to communicate, handle my business, and survive day to day. Still, even if you don't have that option with your language of choice, you can improve yourself with or without classes. Practice often and with material you enjoy, and, at least in my experience, the work quickly becomes play.
  11. I'm with Ignasia here. Clean it first (I use 91% isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip), and also, if you can, see if you can clean the contacts on your GBA itself if they look nasty. Mostly, though, clean the game. Since your game saves and loads, your battery is likely fine (and likely wouldn't cause the issue anyhow--it would only drop saves as far as I know). Dirty contacts have caused such glitchiness for me in the past, and cleaning is always a first option before assuming the game itself is borked. I'll also second the "don't blow on your carts" thing. I mean, sure, we all used to do it as kids, but the better solution is a quick clean of the cart. That won't encourage corrosion on the contacts the way saliva and water vapor will. But a lot of good can be done with a simple (and proper) scrubdown. I recently got hold of an NES copy of DW2 that was completely trashed by the previous owner. Corroded and leaking battery, with all the associated grossness of that, plus dirt, funk from what smelled like years of smoking, some old spilled soda, and actual cobwebs in the business end of the cart. Shockingly,it now works like a champ. It's amazing what a good, thorough cleaning (and, when necessary, a nice new battery) will do for something. Mostly, though, dude, hope you can get your game working again soon.
  12. Sure it is, but a textual confirmation never hurts.
  13. Well, that confirms it, along with Woodus' screencaps of the princess rescue: this is the Super Famicom remake's script. I played up to the princess rescue on the SFC version to check, and there is a PPG in Kol/Maira there, in the bath house, but none in Rimuldar. The woman at the gate just tells you where you are, as in the mobile version. The princess' lines about becoming the Dragonlord's bride are also from the SFC script. In Japanese on the SFC, she says, 「もã— ã‚ãªãŸãŒã€€ãŠã„ã§ã«ãªã‚‰ãªã‘ã‚Œã°ã€€ç§ã¯ã€€ã„ãšã‚Œã€€ç«œçŽ‹ã®å¦»ã«ï¼Žï¼Žï¼Žã€(Moshi, anata ga oide ni naranakereba watashi wa izure ryuuou no tsuma ni...) This is, roughly, "Had you not come, I would have eventually become the Dragon King's wife..." However, the nature of Japanese is such that the verb, become, is last in the sentence, and the princess' speech trails off, omitting it...sort of suggesting she can't actually bring herself to say 'become.' When one considers what that would entail, I suppose it makes good enough sense, especially considering that... Her next line is, 「ã‚ã‚ 考ãˆãŸã ã‘ã§ã‚‚ ãŠãã‚ã—ã„ã§ã™ã‚...〠(Aa, kangaeta dake demo osoroshii desu wa...) Which is, basically, "Aah, even just thinking about it is terrifying..." So...yes. This looks to be a port/revamp of Super Famicom DQ1. Huzzah?
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