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  1. The latency with SoftEther isn't too bad. You don't normally notice any difference since this is a turn based game. I occasionally see my party members jump ahead a few meters but it's rare, like once every 10 minutes. It may be because I found a good connection. I use from the SoftEther list.
  2. SoftEther is a free to use VPN service which will allow you to play Dragon Quest X despite the regional IP block by routing your connection through a gracious Japanese host. Download the SoftEther Client here Install and run the software. Once the Client Manager is open, double click on 'VPN Gate Publuic VPN Relay Servers.' Double-click on a Japanese IP address. Be sure to use the same IP every time you connect. You will be prompted to change your password each time you switch IPs. SoftEther will automatically highlight the last IP you used the next time you view the Relay Servers list. After selecting your Gate Connection, a dialog box will briefly appear and will let you know when you're connected. Once you're connected you can log into the game and play! A few things to note: With SoftEther, your ENTIRE connection is routed through the Japanese host. Please don't download files and saturate the connection, other people are using it Be kind to the native players and generally be awesome to everyone. If the IP is banned, that Gate can no longer be used.
  3. I can't seem to get in even with the vpn using gate connection I'm going to hold off on spamming more IPs for now. Major bummer squeenix...
  4. I'd like to go for atlas or dragon gaia in-game name: supensa スペンサ
  5. I used play asia to buy webmoney and then converted it to crysta. It was a fairly easy process. I got hung up on activating the game though. I wasn't aware that you couldn't upgrade from trial with crysta or through the square enix site. I bought a copy off of amazon.jp
  6. I'll add one. You can't use the bank or the bazaar unless you buy the game. It took me a while to figure that out. The bank quest wasn't offered while I was on the trial version.
  7. Okay thank you! That clears up a lot of confusion Edit: Japanese Amazon worked out. Wasn't too bad setting it up either. I couldn't enter a correct billing address though, but it didn't seem to matter, I got the cd key anyway.
  8. Is that part of the 'adding a game key' step? As soon as I log in with the link in that step, it asks for a game key and doesn't provide a link to buy the game. Where can I buy it?
  9. I'm having trouble setting up the subscription. When I use the links provided in the guide to set up the subscription or add game keys, I am sent to the page which asks you to enter a game key and it says I am currently using the trial version. Is it asking me to enter my trial version game key? Where do I find that? It wont let me go to any other pages except the overall square enix account page, but I couldn't modify my DQ account information except for basic info. I'm really stuck here. I have 5000 crysta and I just want them to take my money!
  10. Hi I'd like to join your team. My in-game name is スペンサ (supensa) My ID is WM502-260 I'm a lvl 17 ogre warrior. I'm currently studying Japanese but I know next to nothing so far. I probably only know as much as a first year student, if that. Look forward to playing with you guys.
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