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  1. Image is pretty bad quality but you can hopefully read my name and see the game
  2. Now we play the waiting game and see how badly the Royal Mail can do at delivering this
  3. http://e3.nintendo.com/games/dragon-quest-vii-3ds/ September 16th!
  4. Guys, I just watched a Nintendo Direct where Dragon Quest 7 + 8 got an English Release and Cloud was in Smash Bros? Did this happen?
  5. Very excited to finally play VII. Glad I held off from playing an emulated version of the PS1 original. Going to celebrate by playing DQ5 for the first time!
  6. Well that was depressing. Despite raising no hopes at all, Square somehow managed to dash them
  7. Not since the last one no. If it means anything, I actually dreamt about DQ8 last night for some reason so that might help you through this info drought
  8. The problem with reddit is that it isn't just one community like it's made out to be. The people who post on /r/JRPG or /r/DragonQuest for example are completely different than those who post on r/WTF or someother default subreddit. To make large group statements about reddit users is wrong
  9. Dragon Quest: Damn! The metal slime flees!
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