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  1. So after being lazy and inactive for a while I have returned! *does dramatic pose* and I've been doing stuff with my life like getting braces (huzzah.) and officially learning Japanese (which is considerably better)

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    2. david


      cool, how much Japanese do you know?

      I have basic understanding, i know the kana tables and most grade one kanji.


    3. bel_dat


      Uh, well I know all the hiragana and some basic questions/answers. I know a few kanji as well

    4. david


      It would be awesome if one of my friends knew some Japanese, that way i could stay sharp and learn more.

  2. My left headphone stopped working. It's making me feel really lopsided

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    2. lordmisfit


      HATE when that happens. :\

    3. ethanej


      Hate when that happens especially when music has vocals on one channel and instruments on the other channel.

    4. sounderfan84


      Yea i lost several headphones to that problem.

  3. And yet again I'm missing a stupid Shard! This time I'm up to Labres, I'm certain I have the Blissrock platform shard. If it helps the Shard I'm missing is on the left side. Which shard have I missed!?

    1. Faolan


      Did you ransack Brugeo's Mansion yet?

    2. bel_dat


      The one north of Orph? I'm pretty sure I've missed something there

    3. bel_dat


      Oh hey look another thing I've missed because I didn't rotate the screen. Thanks

  4. There's probably a better place to say this but anyway...

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    2. bel_dat


      Maribel may have had some shards but everything else she was carrying seems to have appeared in my bag. Possibly. I have all those shards though so that's probably it. Is there any way around that?

    3. Democrobot


      If Maribel left and was holding shards, then they are gone forever I believe

    4. bel_dat


      Well damn. Recently I a bit over a month ago I transferred my save state to the computer because my emulator sorta died and I was able to recover it. At least now I won't have to restart. Yay

  5. There's probably a better place to say this but anyway...

  6. Wow, I completely forgot to do one of these, whoops. Anyway a bit about me... I accidentally got into DQ a few months after I got a DS and I picked up Dragon Quest IX and at this point in time I had only played animal crossing and Pokemon. Anyway, I ended up liking and so (because I had a R4) I got IV, V and VI. It went from there as I started using emulators to play I, II and III and getting VIII (yay, Roman numerals) for ios as my family isn't really into gaming and we only have a wii *sighs and sobs*. Uhhhh yeah. I also like writing and reading fantasy as well as watching anime. ... Yeah. O
  7. VOICE ACTED!?!?!??! Wow. I hope that it's good voice acting though.
  8. Wooooh! I just got the omega ruby/alpha sapphire demo!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bel_dat


      Sadly, it's pretty lame

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Is it worth getting if you don't have the originals? Of course, I'm waiting for the New 3DS before I get it.

    4. Stepchan


      I've toyed with signing up to get the demo, but really the bonus items aren't that worth it.

  9. I... I think fast Internet is back!

    1. Dwaine


      No, doesn't look like it to me...

    2. Democrobot


      It's just slow internet in a Trick Room

  10. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!! Is this alright as proof? That is, if this works because the internet is still being mean and horrible.
  11. I've just used it all up. That basically means the Internet is really slow. It takes 2 hours to watch a 20 minute episode in super slow quality. Also, if you leave Hargon's castle and have killed all the bosses they will stay dead.
  12. I just finished! Huzzah. I wasted all the Internet watching anime though so now I can't post pictures (Note: I'm not the only one who consumes the Internet) I think it gets topped up in a few days. I'm worried I'm gonna miss out though.
  13. #thereisalwaysroom4DQ I wanted to add 'inthewest' but I figured that'd be too long, it already looks messy. I'm wondering if I have time to change a few other typical Dragon Quest sayings.
  14. Urgh, my gums swollen up like a big painful balloon.

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    2. bel_dat


      I have a few friends with braces. I've had plates and this tongue thing, so apparently I won't need them on for too long. Sounds like your dentistry work wasn't too fun; I've had a few baby teeth pulled out because they wouldn't fall, they were so stubborn one broke and left a shard which is still in my mouth. Braces are pretty pricey though and I've already had a lot of work on my mouth.

    3. ignasia


      Wow, well, hopefully this is the final major bit of work you have to handle then.

    4. bel_dat


      Yeah, as far as I know it should be.

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