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  1. Hey, sorry ive been busy for a little while but im holiday from work now so I am going to get cracking on translating today!
  2. That would be great! thank you!
  3. Hello everyone. I was playing with cranberry today and I was talking about translating things in DQX. Ive started with the quests. im using http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/ as my source and tranlsating it. Its going to take a while as I have a job to do as well and other things! I am going to work my way through from 1 onwards however if there is a quest that you want me to translate for you (btw I am not fluent so please forgive me any mistakes I make) please send me a message and I will translate the quest for you and then I will add it to the file I am making. If you want anything else translated please let me know. (such as the skills or things like that) James
  4. In case anyone wants to add me as a friend or anything here are my details - アルベルト (aruberuto) FL839-945 I was thinking about getting info from the japanese dqX database such as quest info, skill info eat and translating it to English. Would anyone be interested in that? James
  5. Hello everyone! I just sent a private message to Cranberry requesting to join the team. I thought I would just introduce myself here. My name is James and I live in Tokyo. My character name is アルベルト. I just created him last night to join the team as my other character is currently in a japanese team. My japanese is ok..ish so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me. I will try my best to try and translate stuff for you. Looking forward to playing together James
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