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  1. Yeah.... So I found one with two parts. I can change them both to a .3ds file, but I don't know how to merge them and the english patch together.
  2. So I've bought a japanese region 3ds and Terry"s Wonderland. I have become overwhelmed trying to translate as I go. I want to play this game on Citra Like a lot of you already have. Anyone able to share with me how to play this English patch I see everywhere? I have tried on numerous occasions to get it to work. I have citra, and the English Patch downloaded already. Do I also need the Japanese ROM? Note: I am not asking for the ROM. I own the game already.
  3. I love the beginning of the final chapter. It all sinks in then. I love this game and everything about it! I'm halfway through the final chapter and saving terra incognita until I play the whole story!
  4. There's a midnight release at gamestop for Fallout (I think) so if you've got DQB game preordered from there you can pick it up!...if they got it in stock. My location did but there's no way i can do this because I work all night! Picking my copy of the game and guide tomorrow at 10am!
  5. Post about the tablets you create or what you are working on! I just made one with a gem slime! Now I can take in the gold! No more gambling... I can just walk right in and purchase what I want! I can beef it up with a gold golem and goodybag.
  6. The first monster I got was a Cannibox! Lucky me, but when I fight 20+ slimes I still havent gotten one!
  7. I think in the future after you get the carpet. You'll have access to the sphinx or whatever its called. I was wondering the same thing but havent gotten there yet.
  8. My gamestop in Akron Ohio is having a midnight release for a sports game i have no interest in. BUT they said I can pick up my reserved copy of Dragon Quest VII at the stroke of midnight tomorrow! They said there was 150 reservations for this other, unimportant title. Hope this is as exciting for everyone who can take advantage of this!
  9. Example: Lorasia castle gb version in the town maps under the stairs marked "b"
  10. Thanks for the explanation! I'm adding some tiles so I can make a castle wall that might be 2wide. (The lighter colored bricks.). I would show you a picture but I haven't figured out how to upload any here
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