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  1. V4BR9gT.png

    I was really bored earlier, so I decided to spend way longer than I probably should have making a meme based on a Fire Emblem meme I saw several years ago.


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    2. ignasia


      LOL, well I'll say hipster doesn't quite come to mind when thinking of Dragon Quest 3.  They tend to prefer sitting around, drinking coffee, and talking about life and issues with the world in post-modernist terms.

      Hmm...I guess wanderlust and curiosity at the cost of ones life.  You've even got spelunking and deep cave diving near the end, with a jump straight into a giant void. 

    3. Glaceon Mage

      Glaceon Mage

      The hipster comment was on DQII.  Partially completely serious, partially a reference to the Fire Emblem meme that inspired this which called FE2 fans "either a pretentious hipster or a Japanese child in 1992."  FE2 is in a sort of similar place to DQII in terms of how it's looked at historically, as this weird sort of odd duck that's a thing but tends to get overshadowed by the first and third games.  Most people can't stomach playing FE2 these days, since it's slow, the UI is insanely dated, and can be grindy.

      DQIII was the "you greatly respect this game's..." and the A Link to the Past stuff.  

      ...Maybe I really should line up all this stuff better.

    4. ignasia


      Yeah, that might help.  That makes more sense in context.  HIpsters definitely have a thing for...I guess authentically vintage is the right term.  While still being kind of raw and simplistic, like a fresh new coffee shop where they're forced to purchase random assorted older furniture and cushions, and place them in simpler arrangements, prior to developing a customer base and updating to newer and fresher aesthetics.

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