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  1. I’d have to shell out for a PS4 if I wanted this, in addition to the stuff itself, so yeah... unfortunate, but that’s what happens when they refuse to bring over the 3DS release. It looks neat though. The stream was a choppy mess for me sadly so I didn’t get to see much live, but I watched the trailer properly just now and it looks really nice.
  2. Ah, I see. Yeah I can see why that’d be objectionable. Thanks
  3. I remember being unable to play those story missions on my actual copy because of wifi incompatibility... I eventually did them via a save editor and emulator, but I really wish they weren’t locked behind Wifi. There really wasn’t any reason for it when everything was on the cart. ...borderline incestuous? Did I miss something about Hero/Jessica? I agree that it’s tacked on, but I’m really curious why it’d be borderline incest.
  4. It’s more that the game was announced for this year last year, and while I wouldn’t mind it being pushed back to next year if necessary (I could handle BotW’s pushback, I can handle FE16 pushback), I would like to see something concrete about it. All I really want is something that’s not nothing.
  5. Fire Emblem 16, c’mon IS it’s been over a year. New “small scale” Zelda, not something big, but something along the lines of the handheld games. DQ11 English I really don’t have much to hope for.
  6. Does Munchie/Chen Mui count? I liked him. Nava/Neris in DQ7 High Priest Rolo in DQ8 I might edit more in later.
  7. Basically this. I care more if it's an action-y game than a turn based one, but so long as it's stable and not changing constantly to an extreme degree, whatever really. I probably could not play say, Touhou, if the framerate was constantly dipping below standard and then returning to standard, but if it was 30 fps instead of 60 (with less frames to compensate), I probably wouldn't notice much difference due to being far more occupied actually playing the game.
  8. Not really. He's still fundamentally the same guy. You didn't actually change anything about him to make yourself like him more, which is meant to be the point. There's a time and place for punishing characters you dislike, it's not here in what is intended to be an optimistic thread. If someone wants to make a thread about punishing characters, that would be the time and place. I don't see why anyone would want to make a thread like that, though, it seems needlessly negative.
  9. This kinda misses the point of why I said don't kill/erase/etc. I guess I was unclear, so I apologize. The point of including that is the point of the thread is to improve characters, not punish them for your dislike of them. Punishing them isn't the point of a thread about improving characters. The point is to make them a way where you wouldn't want to punish them.
  10. I wouldn't count on it being as "mainstream" as SE might be hoping, but I feel the prettiness of the game will be able to draw in some people at least? I'll be cautiously optimistic, but I do think that we shouldn't set too high of a goal here.
  11. But this is about characters you don't already like...
  12. And don't say "kill them/erase them/[insert other punishment here]" That would be very unproductive to the point of the thread. So, Deborah, I guess the main thing I'd do is make her a bit less of a jerk starting out. Give an actual reason to marry her other than her looks and masochism. She can still be overall mean spirited, but don't make her so outright abusive.
  13. Maybe I'll actually try and be active again.


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      Yaaay. I’m glad you’re back.

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      Waver is best... well, almost.  Iskandar is actual best, all the bias goes to him.  But Waver is still second best.  Good enough.

  14. I usually try and make them look like a different fictional character I like. Except in Fire Emblem Fates, where I went with the default female for everything but name (for which I put Valla as a joke, though that was actually one of my nicer possible choices given what my opinion of Corrin is). No one deserves to be Corrin.
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