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  1. You don't lose any stats upon revocating. You just keep levelling, but those levels won't get you stats (from what I've observed, my highest is revocated once level 40), just more vocation skills.
  2. A Discord server is much more convenient for setting up multiplayer for the game than forums are, so I'm game with it. Multiplayer's been filling with randoms much slower lately.
  3. What exactly were you searching for? "Is Dragon Quest VII boring?"
  4. ...People say that? Where? I like DQVII, it's fun. I do think it tries too hard to be DQVI but bigger, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game on its own.
  5. Honestly my only complaint with the PS1 version is its incredibly obvious that they didn't proofread the translation at all, it felt rushed (admittedly due to just how much they had to translate in a short timeframe with like 20 people). The PS1 version with the 3DS translation would be my ideal version, overall. I don't like most of the gameplay changes to the 3DS version, but I still enjoy it since I like having a translation that feels like an actual finished product and not a massive rushjob. Of course, if I could actually read Japanese, this wouldn't be a problem, so yeah...
  6. Going off this, it seems we have an accelerated schedule, with DQI and DQII events overlapping, when in the original schedule they were one after the other. I guess that means we'll get a DQVI event faster than a year, at least? But generally I'm not super fond of speeding up the schedule, from personal experience. We'll see how it goes I suppose, there is a chance that we'll slow down at some point like Korea FGO (though Korea FGO also pissed off its playerbase to a degree it is basically dead now...). I'm just not sure how we can realistically catch up to JP on 5 years worth o
  7. Defending is your friend. The boss will "counter attack" and use a powerful skill when the bar changes color, so that's the time to whip out your shield and brace yourself. I managed the Sage, Armamentalist, and Paladin ones at 50-ish with that.
  8. It’s a gacha, the story is never complete at launch. It’s part of how they keep content coming.
  9. Speaking of this, has anything been said about how they plan to handle scheduling for global server? I've seen multiple ways of handling it in other gachas that gained global servers (rushing everything to catch up with JP server, just chilling at being two years behind and doing everything at more or less the same pace it was originally). For the sake of sanity, I'm really hoping its the latter. I dropped Magia Record NA for doing the former, it was very unfun. The opening events lasting a couple weeks seems to bode well at least.
  10. Making decent progress on actually being somewhat leveled. Is there a decent place to farm the slime chocolate? I don't like using my metal keys without bringing one of those along. Also decided, in the absence of waifus, to declare DQVI itself my waifu for the purposes of picking where to spend my gems. Kinda disappointed tickets expire and can't be saved, oh well. I've got around 4 ten rolls banked up so far, haven't played multiplayer too much yet.
  11. I'm AOSKZD5849 The character's named Glaceon since Glaceon Mage unfortunately doesn't fit.
  12. Maybe so. Still dunno what I'm even gonna bother saving for though *Tries* ...Still not working. Putting the cursor in the edit box and it still defaulted to the new post box. Couldn't seem to get it to copy from the new post box to the edit box either.... I really miss my BBCode view, it was so much easier to use than this
  13. First statement: ...Wow, thinking about it, you're right. Aside from the safety net thing. Dangit Nasu. I feel like the menu complaint might fall under the barrier of entry thing, even if I didn't think about it when I wrote that. I'm pretty used to the menus by now so they don't bother me at all, but I can see how they'd be confusing when you start. DQotS is definitely confusing me with the menus right now. @Brother Jaybird Yeah, I get that, it just struck me as a bit odd. Usually stuff is just there to fill in gacha rates (like CEs in Fate/Grand Order, for example), while t
  14. In FGO the earliest parts of it are honestly the worst from both a writing and gameplay standpoint. The game had a really rocky start and basically survived on brand name alone for a while. I wasn't around for that part in JP, but in NA which I started at launch I put the game down for a while for the same reason as you, before picking it up again, randomly rolling Waver during the first CBC and getting hooked since then. It did get much better though, the writing is generally really good starting in America-ish (some people might claim it took until Camelot), gameplay can be pretty sam
  15. If there's anything Fate/Grand Order did really well, it was create a recipe for a long lasting gacha game. Since they sell everything on waifuness and the low rates for the most part, there's barely any powercreep (still some, but not as much as other gachas I've played, heck Waver's one of the best units in the game to this day and he's a launch character, though he did get a massive kit overhaul early out since he originally sucked). It also stands on its own really well if you haven't gone through anything else in the franchise, since like half the cast are original to it and rely on FGO
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