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  1. Princess of Moonbrooke and Kiryl Kiryl's type is considerably more fiery than that. They'd also probably find each others accents confusing. Captain Mayday and Dr. Snap I think y'all already know I have nothing to say here.
  2. I made this a while ago and never uploaded it to noticeboard, but here's my recreation of Madam Luca's house from DQVI! And unlike Unova, it actually has an interior!
  3. Tryger and XI Serena Another with a Monsters character I dunno Milly and Tuppence Tuppence would try to flirt with her, but he's not really her type. After all, she says in the ending her type is Carver's dad. ...Apparently.
  4. Whoops, I was really busy yesterday. And will probably be busy most of today too, so I'll just get this out of the way now Prince of Cannock and Aurora I can see these two getting along. I imagine the Prince of Cannock being pretty fiery only to promptly die and Aurora also is, so yeah. Stella and Nera Briscoletti ....I guess they can buy clothes together or... something. I'm pretty sure Nera wouldn't be able to see Stella though...
  5. Think I'm just gonna do this every other day while posting two from now on 1) Gwaelin and Shelley Gwaelin is too googly eyed for DQ1 Hero... and Shelley got lost. 2) Ashlynn and Lily Gilder ...No idea who the second is.
  6. Since I forgot again, here's another double 1) Honey the fairy and Borya Well, he can't see her so uh... I guess she'd just prank him. 2) Demon Malroth and Erik Erik is a worthy sacrifice for the master of destruction's rebirth. Either that, or Erik murders him.
  7. Next pair: Rodrigo Briscoletti and Slimon! Well, Rodrigo is happily married, so that immediately disqualifies romance in my book... I guess their relationship wouldn't go beyond acquaintances.
  8. Next pairing is Lazarel and Red. Well, I think Red is a good bit older than Lazarel is... I get the impression she's early thirties while he's late teens-ish. So that's kinda weird. To be honest, I doubt they'd hit it off. Red's mostly in things for herself.
  9. I forgot to post yesterday so have two today Pairing 1) Gwaelin and Warden Trump Well, I dunno enough about the latter to say. Pairing 2) Dragon Quest I Hero and Alena. You know, this can go somewhere. Alena would love to be with a good sparring partner, and Dragon Quest I hero, having done everything on his lonesome, is absolutely up to the task. They'd have a relationship fueled by healthy competition. Unfortunately, Dragon Quest I hero easily falls to coersion from Princess Gwaelin, which Alena is usually too oblivious to notice.
  10. The next pairing is Parry and Nokturnus. I don't think Nokturnus is particularly nurturing of a potential intergenerational friend/parent, so I'm gonna say this probably wouldn't work!
  11. Dragon Quest Builders Heroine and Rory Bellows. I have again, not played the game the latter appeared in (putting them in the list was @Mu7e's idea) and don't even have the cursory familiarity I have with DQB1. So I can't really talk about this one either.
  12. Next pair is Juliante and Bianca. I haven't read the story of the current Tact event (which is what qualified Juliante for this thread) yet or X, so I can't really speak about this pairing.
  13. Princess of Moonbrooke and Murdaw. This is obviously not going to work in any dimension.
  14. You don't need to be a child to think of someone, even a healslime, as a friend. Healie's already BFFs with Ragnar, who is most certainly not a child.
  15. Third pairing is Healie and Veronica. I didn't specify in the list whether that refers to VI or IV Healie, though I intended VI and sorted him with that game, might as well discuss both. Veronica would love to be friends with a cute little healslime to help them become a gooman (something both Healies want). I do not think she's romantically attracted to slimes though. Maybe after IV Healie does become a gooman, it could happen! Healie is a sweetie, so I think he and Veronica could get along very well.
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