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  1. Lucina, Robin, Megaman. I'm ready to dominate in Smash Bros.

  2. Shouldn't be awake still, oh well!

    1. Shoryia


      That's exactly what I did! I was re-learning synthing for Joker and finding out that I could have done a lot better in the game if I had the knowledge that I do know.

    2. Democrobot


      Playing spin-offs I see. Excellent choice!

    3. Shoryia


      Yea, I'm waiting a little bit longer to play some mainline DQ games. I need to finish some other games first :P

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  3. Enjoy your stay! Good to see another person has played Rocket Slime. It deserves more love! Good luck in 100%ing DQ IX! How far are you currently?
  4. Weird I totally didn't see you made a thread, sorry Dwaineeee! I'm curious about the whole thing, I can't wait for more info to come out. Not sure if I'll get it though, since my Wii is pooched. Still holding out on that localization... D: Fitting song though
  5. http://www.dqx.jp/news/?newsNum=2014_040 Apparently this is a thing. Check it out!
  6. What's wrong with the golf course? My cousin works there and seems to enjoy it. I've heard bad stories of awful management around our golf courses. That's all. I actually worked at one back in my hometown growing up and it was a blast, I just wouldn't want to work at one here
  7. @ Democrobot Thank heavens no... I work at a smaller venue called Mocha Cabana. It isn't a big chain or anything like Moxies or Boston Pizza. It's a nice sized restaurant with a very homey looking patio. It fits to about...mmm....I'd have to guess 60-150 people? Anyways, a lot of our ingredients are local and fresh which gives us that culinary edge against some restaurants, it's also great for supporting all of the local businesses that we buy from. We use a lot of the fresh stuff and special order some crazy stuff for our 3 Course weekends, which have one of our cooks come up with a
  8. Today was a complete mess. For those that don't know, I'm a chef. Sundays are the worst day to work. Our dishwasher was useless, our Executive Chef buggered off line for about 6 hours, but he is the boss so I won't complain haha (turns out he was doing the order for food for tomorrow. He probably enjoyed the break from line too). The bills were endless, our one cook was completely nuts in the head while she was working, squaking like a pterodactyl... Sometimes I worry about the sanity of my fellow co-workers.. Long story short, everything that could go wrong today went wrong. Oh, and our
  9. That's awesome sir!! I gotta say though, I was fan-boying harder than my GF the entire time we watched the episode. Her mom wouldn't let her watch the show when she was younger but she snuck into the living room early in the morning to watch it. She is excited for it, but not as much as me Haha, sweet. Do you two also argue about who the best scout is? (Jupiter, CLEARLY) She thinks Mars is better because she likes fire but does agree that Jupiter is badass So she is still a keeper haha It was a nice nostalgic episode that's for sure. I felt like it went by really fast..
  10. Watched the first episodes of Sword Art Online II and Sailor Moon. Also finishing up Ergo Proxy for the third time and just finished Toradora! for the second time.
  11. Time to look into importing Terry's Wonderland! Or should I go straight to Cobi and Tara? Suggestions?

    1. Mattcraft


      DQM2 is better.

    2. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      DQM2 has more content, a more complex story, giga monsters, and an evolved Estark. Oh and character customization and larger, more memorable worlds.

    3. Shoryia


      Shun: Yea I figured it would have more content than Terry's, naturally. Wasn't sure if I should just play DQM2, but I think I'll just play both of them and enjoy what they have to offer :)

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  12. That's awesome sir!! I gotta say though, I was fan-boying harder than my GF the entire time we watched the episode. Her mom wouldn't let her watch the show when she was younger but she snuck into the living room early in the morning to watch it. She is excited for it, but not as much as me
  13. I started up Monster Rancher 4 last night, gotta say it's my favourite of the series so far! I'm also grinding for the end boss in Digimon World Dawn. It's been an awful struggle so far...
  14. Them slow jams tho. She does a pretty decent job. That tambourine guy is a riot I tell ya.
  15. Not yet, planning on it when my girlfriend gets home from work. The wait is killing me..
  16. Funghoul please! Just stick with my forum name Shoryia
  17. This is awesome Yangus! I'll be watching this like a hawk!! Makes me even more anxious since I'm holding out for the 3DS version
  18. The menu systems are practically identical to Joker 2, making it rather intuitive if you have played the Joker series. I am even more doubtful of the 2nd game coming out now that Terry's failed to. Cobi's/Tara's has a lot more text and such, along with coming out a year and a half after Terry's, which we still have heard nothing on. Okay good to know! I can import the game and not be completely lost! It's really too bad, as I think the Monsters series could be a big hit. Not as big as Pokemon (nothing could reach the status of Pokemon lol) but it could still hold a name for
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9h57OIaMFs
  20. Ugh, sucks to hear it is doomed. Guess it's time to import! (And learn a bit of Japanese) Hopefully Cobi comes over! Does the game menu and system work a lot like Joker 2? (If anyone knows)
  21. Going to pick up some burgers, booze, and some snacks, then we are heading to a friends to have a BBQ and play some volleyball. Hopefully we will pick up some fireworks as well and shoot some off out in the coulées Happy Canada Day, Eh?
  22. Ditto, although it was grandma instead of grandpa for me. Yeah, my NES and SNES lasted me from middle school through college. Finally picked up a used PS1 after graduating college. Never kept up with consoles. I totally understand. A girl that had a huge crush on me (she was 3 years older than me too xD) gave me her extra PS1 in Grade 9. Oh and a copy of FFIX. I was so thrilled! But by that time a lot of the PS1 games weren't being sold, as the PS2 era was blooming at the time. Although, I was lucky enough to grab some classics from a movie/game rental store (Koudelka, FFVII, FFVIII, Leg
  23. Gotta love the late night shifts. Definitely can't get to sleep at all..

  24. Dragon Warrior 1 for the NES. The NES and the game were a gift from my grandpa when I was about 6 or 7. It's too bad our family didn't keep up with consoles or I'm sure I would have played all of the DW/DQ games that came to the West. I'm slowly playing through them all now that I have the resources to do so.
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