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  1. What's the utility of horizontal expansion when you're covering half the screen? It just narrows the field of view because you're covering it with one more hand than you need because the game does not have a time-critical element that would necessitate dual-handed gameplay.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that the PC98 and X68K versions were unlicensed. From what I've seen, they look like a straight conversion of the MSX port.
  3. iPod touch 5th gen - iOS 7 - Playable, occasional crashes. Screen size perfectly usable.
  4. You do not need to 'actively' control the camera because there are very few, possibly zero instances in this game which depend on both running in one direction and having a good view in another direction at the same time. That is not how DQ8 works. Neither does it need face-buttons for menus if the options are spaced appropriately, which is easier to do when there is more vertical space.
  5. You wouldn't be cramming your thumbs onto the bottom of the screen because the point of a portrait orientation is to only use one hand. Landscape is only appropriate for games where a large field of view is absolutely necessary or where time-critical gameplay components necessitate using two inputs at once, neither of which applies to this game where combat is menu-based and the camera can be manipulated in the overworld.
  6. In that case, it would defeat the entire purpose of being in widescreen since the graphics would not fill the screen from edge-to-edge and the available space for the menus would realistically be about the same as portrait mode, but still limited in height. The only real advantage to landscape mode in DQ8 on mobile is the framing of battle sequences, which weren't all that spectacular in the original anyway.
  7. "Lazy" would suggest a lack of work or thought. How does that apply to a deviation from a common design practice? This is lazy. I put this together in less than an hour. Try actually playing it on a mobile. By maintaining aspect ratio without thinking about how it would work in practice, the field of view actually decreases because half the screen is obscured by the players thumbs on both sides (because you never know where you're going to find a secret treasure chest). In this game, the camera does not need to be manipulated constantly as in-field enemies are few and far between, so the second hand is basically just propping up the device when it could be doing anything else. Applying the same approach to the battle screen might make the game a chore on anything smaller than a 4.5in screen because the menu options would be so small and tightly packed that selecting the one you're looking for would be trial-and-error.
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