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  1. It's very similar to some of his art for Chrono Trigger so the sfc I+II edition is the right era
  2. If it does anything in new games it either is related to you/enemies running away (I've hardly seen anything but metal slimes run personally. usually just regular slimes) or it boosts your crit rate in the new games and nobody's bothered checking. If it does boost crit it's pathetic though, I went through all of the snes version without a crit after getting it and I crit like 5 times on the android version after getting it which was many many battles.
  3. It's not worked in any version. One npc will say something different if you wear it and some people swear it makes you able to escape better. It does nothing stat-wise in any game
  4. I don't know why they keep trying to say its not Musou. Sure it doesn't have the map but it looks like you're still doing the same thing. Just instead of officers you beat big monsters, like in Hyrule warriors.
  5. I've used a few text hooking programs before for older games that were untranslated and I gotta say your version looks much nicer to the eyes than them. I think I used devhook and atlas for playing LoH: sora no kiseki a good 6 years ago. If atlas hasn't gotten much better since then it's definitely not worth paying for. I don't remember if it was a beta thing or if I pirated back then honestly but it was super bad, a step below google back then. Only mildly useful for getting important names out of it when it felt like giving me them
  6. You still can, go left then go down and that lowest mountain line has them. It's been true on every version of the game, even mobile. I grinded there after I got fireball on droid since I could kill scorps. I don't remember what metal slimes were on snes but they were 600 on gameboy and 125 on nes I believe.
  7. I did have a chest that was empty in that room, so it might contain a fighters ring if you don't already have one. mountain cave is the normal place to get it though, it even has its own alter like spot in there on gb/this version. And you can wear both the ring and scale at once in every version, I was wearing them both at once again in the android version like normal. Can't comment on the nature of the chests being random though, some chests on nes were but I think since the GB version they've all been preset
  8. You can get the fighter ring anytime you're like lvl 10 and have half plate armor and an axe. The cave it's in is completely optional, but also the best source of gold on the NES version. And you could always wear both at once, its just the ring never did anything
  9. I should have a mindset like that as well! With a lot of things, gym, daily coffee, quick nibbles. How about this then: I could buy 3 brand new, full priced games for the cost of playing one. You could easily play XIV longer than 3 games, thats the appeal of mmos. Same reason I want DQX. DQ forever
  10. Its among the events they brought back for the anniversary. There's a new Slime King hat which is neat, and new Slime Earrings which are unavailable in game but exist. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/6201fd41cce/
  11. It's never given any stats in any version and didn't give me any in this one either. I've seen some places say it makes it easier to run from encounters, which is counter intuitive. It didn't do anything on the nes though
  12. So if I'm not mistaken they got rid of the name effecting stats thing. I tried a few names that I know have different stats and they all started with 6 str, 6 agility, 3 def and 15hp. I don't recall if the name thing was in the snes version or not though
  13. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dq1_gp&hl=en Play store version is up. Kinda weird that they used Erdrick, didn't they switch to using Loto for the gameboy versions?
  14. I never did finish Swords. I should restart on my Wii U. Anyone know if motion+ controllers make motion controls better for any game or just games that specifically make use of them?
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