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  1. Interesting! I saw that the DS version and its book had received a fan translation a few weeks back, but I hadn't looked into it too much yet, so it's good to know a bit more about it. Thanks!
  2. Oh, weird! I never realized that the PS3 version was a later, expanded release of the game. I didn't know for sure, which is why I asked, but I assumed they released simultaneously and were basically the same besides visuals and battle system, similar to DQXI. Interesting to know that's not the case!
  3. @Bururian, don't know if you've seen my excitement all over, but the original Japanese DS version of Ni No Kuni got a fan translation earlier this month. I'm so so exited to try it and it's purely turn-based battle system. I'm a bit late on this, but out of curiosity, how different are the PS3 and DS versions? I've had an interest in playing Ni no Kuni since it came out, but I never owned a PS3 and the DS version was Japan-exclusive. Does the DS version provide a similar story/experience? I'd love to give the game a go sometime soon if so.
  4. @YangustheLegendaryBandit @ignasia @Democrobot @Woodus Thanks a lot, everyone! :) Sorry for the delayed reply!
  5. I’ve seen two recipes so far that require equipment, but they’re the upgraded Trodain bandana and coat, so I’m not sure if it’s an exception so you can keep using the Trodain stuff later on in the game or if other recipes will eventually need equipment as well.
  6. Well, I’ll get us started, then! 1: “Right! So if it’s juicy info yer after, I’ve got it-firstly, oranges are an excellent source o’ juice. But don’t forget about bananas-them little fellas’re juicier than you fink.” -A man in downtown Heliodor after you pay him 5 gold for “proper juicy info” 2: “Good day, sir! It is always a pleasure to meet a visitor to our village! Tourists are so much source than sources of income to us - we like to think that you are people too!” -The mayor of Phnom Nonh speaking to the hero 3: “[Hero] opens the book at random and sees the wor
  7. Been away from the Den for a while, good to be back! Missed the pre-order one, but I’ll grab the second badge.
  8. The names have continued to spell out Octopath! O - Olberic, C - ?, T - Tressa, O - ?, P - Primrose, A - Alfyn, T - Therion, H - H'aanit. I wonder if the last names might secretly end up spelling something, too, like the secret messages in the Bravely subtitles? Also, based on what we've seen, anyone got an idea of who they're going to pick for their protagonist in the first playthrough?
  9. Woah, that sounds pretty neat! Is it a turn-based game with perma-death?
  10. I'd recommend starting with IV or VIII. IV is a very simple but fun DQ - it has everything a good DQ needs, without anything too unique mixed in. It'll give new players a chance to know exactly how the series works, without anything thrown in that they might be expecting in another entry, like V and the focus on catching monsters, or VII and its shard searching. VIII is also really solid, and it's an easy recommendation because even people who really want great graphics or voice acting are covered. VIII has a great story, fun characters, a big world, and a presentation that hasn't yet bee
  11. Woah, eal! At last, the truth has come out! I guess those other "X Sucks" topics were just warm up before you wrote the one that echoes your true feelings the closest? So then, who is your actual favorite?
  12. Wow, that's cool! I didn't think we'd get this, but I'll definitely pick it up! Was eying the Japanese version, but ultimately decided to hold off. But now I can just buy the localized one! If I remember correctly, didn't the Japanese one release before XI did? Maybe they'll throw in a few extra pages with some of the game's art now that it's finished. Also, I guess whatever art is in there from X will have localized names. At this point, I seriously doubt we'll get X (unless XI sells amazingly, maybe??), so it'll be cool to get some stuff from it localized. Besides interview discussions
  13. I'll grab the PS4 version at launch, and then the Switch version once it releases.
  14. Woooah, that's awesome! Calmly checked my e-mail earlier and saw "DRAGON QUEST XI" and just about choked. Too bad about the 3DS version, but the PS4 version is the one I wanted most anyways, and I've got one now so I can get the game - can't say the lack of 3DS version bugs me too much. Pretty surprised to see voice acting and updates to the game UI - they're going all in like they did with VIII! I know some people aren't fans of the UI updates, but I like it personally. And voice acting is a great addition, certainly didn't expect that at all! Also this will be the first new main se
  15. So here's something neat. We've currently been introduced to four of the game's protagonists - Olberic, Primrose, Tressa, and Alphyn. If you take a look, the first letters of their names are the letters that make up "Octopath"! Stands to reason that the final four will have names starting with C, O, T, and H. Pretty neat detail! They previously said that Octopath Traveler was a tentative name, but I'm pretty sure they were planning to go with this all along.
  16. I've had one for almost a year! Got it a few months after launch. If you know me, then you probably already know that I love Nintendo stuff, so I was ready to grab it as soon as I could.
  17. Haha, I know you're not trying to pressure me into posting. I just want to be present! And enjoy your playthrough! I did indeed get sucked into the game - Persona 4 easily took the top spot as my favorite game of all time, so I hope you enjoy it too!
  18. &^#$# PIZZA My bad! I've been online, but I guess I've been lurking more than I thought. I'll have to change that!
  19. Absolutely! Not only does it look great on its own, but it's done by the team behind the Bravely games! And I loved the demo - even just the few hours it lets you play are great fun, and it gives a glimpse at how unique the game will be with the characters' overworld abilities. I was really impressed with the demo, and I'm really looking forward to the game! I'd consider grabbing the Collector's Edition, but I'm fully aware that it'll be sold out before I can. I tried with Bravely Default and Second! (Also wow, apparently it's been almost a month since I posted?! I've been browsin
  20. Oof... to be fair, though, they didn't really explain shinies much in Gen 2, so it makes sense for people not to know.
  21. I think it'd be cool if they did a ballot similar to Smash Bros. in which people can submit their votes for what characters they want to see. That was a lot of fun in Smash, so it would probably be fun again in Pokkén. Also, Sword - I only just now noticed what you put down as your location. Good choice!
  22. Sadly no, it's not possible. To move between the games, you need to use the old-fashioned method of the Time Capsule. Putting Pokémon from VC into Bank works like the Gen 5 games; you transfer them in using Transporter, and then they're stuck in there for good, and can't go back. Interesting to note - with Celebi in Crystal permanently, you can now get as many Celebi as you want just by replaying the game! You can also clone it, but it's interesting that it's so easy to get now.
  23. Pokémon Crystal is out on the eShop, and they actually implemented the Celebi event that was Japan-exclusive for the original!
  24. Yeah, it is an oversight! I found about it back in December 2016: They slip up a few times in this regard, which makes sense with how many Party Chat conversations they had to make. People were posting a few at the time:
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