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  1. Oh man, I looove Monster Hunter, though I had a pretty terrible first experience. The first title I played was one of the early PSP games. My goodness, the horrible camera controls ruined any potential fun I could have had in the game. I swiftly deleted the demo and soon forgot about the series. Fast forward a little bit and the release of Tri was imminent. Gamestop was giving away demo discs and -surprise, surprise- Monster Hunter was incredibly fun and addictive with decent controls! I played Tri for about 100+ hours.and loved every* minute of it. (*except for farming like 30 Rathi
  2. I don't believe I'll ever understand this criticism of "modern" Final Fantasy. Jrpg's are pretty linear affairs. Being strung along from Point A to Point B while being presented a story is what I expect; and yeah, that's pretty movie-like. That's what Jrpg's do. If I need to play a game with the illusion of freedom I can play something like an Elder Scrolls title.
  3. I was gonna write a lengthy response but I'm pecking this out on my tablet right now; I'll settle for typing a tl;dr version. For school I would not recommend a tablet. Most tasks you are looking to do (save playing DQ8) can be done better on a laptop. Word processing is especially important. Having a decent keyboard and a real mouse makes tasks a world easier. I'm not going to say "tablets are useless for school" but I personally wouldn't have one as my primary computing device.
  4. Nice to see another mobile port; even if we already have IV on DS. Nothing wrong with more options.
  5. Hey everyone. How's it going? I hope the RPG aficionados here can help me. I'm thinking about buying FF Tactics A2 for the DS. I have credit with GameStop so I'll probably order from there. Unfortunately, used games aren't guaranteed complete from GS. Getting a cart-only copy doesn't really bother me but I do not know if the manual has info necessary to play the game... So anyone that's played A2, do you need the manual to play the game or do the in-game tutorials suffice? Thanks for any help!
  6. Unless console sales skyrocket, I could see DQ XI coming out on PS3 along with next gen systems.
  7. I am currently ... I have never beaten VIII before. The furthest I got on PS2 was...
  8. Hey everybody, you can call me Chicken-wuss. I'm a new guy here and I figured I would say "hello". I like Dragon Quest (obviously) and, while I've played most games in the main series, I have only beaten the first game on Game Boy. I have been playing VIII on my phone and I hope to keep exploring the series portably should Square Enix localize the other mobile ports. Besides DQ I like games like Siren, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, shmups, Final Fantasy.... I like pretty much every genre with the exception of those Guitar Hero-type party games. You couldn't walk through any electronics sect
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