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  1. So what do you guys think? I saw this post on the dragon quest reddit talking about it and the other end of the discussion. He mistakenly doesn't put that it extends to Oct 5th but besides that his points seem pretty valid for the most part on the matter.
  2. Hows the game, I can't buy it yet because I'm looking for work currently.
  3. No I'm excited to see this battle, commence! Haha.
  4. Thank you Mr. Iwata for everything you've done in the world, you brought Pokemon over and so many other amazing things. Does anyone know where to watch the livestream with subtitles, I want to watch it and fully understand it.
  5. Cool, you sound like a clear introvert like me, your prob an ISFP or INTP, I suspect the former, if your a fan or heard of Myers-Briggs, I'm really into it myself. https://www.personalitypage.com/html/ISFP.html https://www.personalitypage.com/html/INTP.html The titles don't actually mean you do that thing, its more metaphorical and representational, its all about the type and traits more and the functions when you get to that point lol.
  6. THIS, I don't know how you do it? Don't you get tired from writing essays every posts? I literally lose energy after writing massive posts too long overtime lol. What an interesting philosophy to live by, haha. Btw super random thing I noticed, I just realized your a mod just now "mind blown."
  7. I agree these features should be there but I still think the release is fine, as long as it doesn't look like FF VI on mobile we'll be good!
  8. Oh it was like those II jokes! Dang, you got me, you succeeded in fooling someone, congrats, haha.
  9. I think you meant IX, haha and yeah I know we already got VIII! on the 3DS which prob disappointed alot of people I meant since an obvious HD release of the game with the orchestrated soundtrack for the west is what people truly wanted, that's what was obvious request for the fans. But of course I'm fully aware of the DQ IX hype train, people love that game. I still need to get around to playing it or LP to see the hype for the game, because its not a traditional DQ is what turns me off from it but people keep saying good things about it so I'll keep an open mind.
  10. Sure of course, but why do you think its sure to happen? I feel like Square has been sleeping on this obvious release for years.
  11. I thought he said they won't remake DQ III before DQ XII, the flood gates for a remake is open after DQ XII is done, finished and released. Why do you think DQ VIII HD will finally be released now? It's something fans been asking for, for years. What makes you think it'll happen for sure now or next year like you said. I'd love for it to happen and been waiting for this and wonder why they didn't do this sooner but why do you think its coming now or soon next year?
  12. Completely true but its still massive, more than you think? https://www.adweek.com/tv-video/why-tv-still-most-effective-advertising-medium-165247/ https://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2018/9/20/tv-advertising-isnt-deadits-evolving-.html#gs.3cgjs5 Granted that was 4 years ago so I wonder what they would say if they did a study today with that second link being more modern.
  13. Your new to the fanbase and wasn't around I assume during the DQ dark ages, SE doesn't give a fck about DQ like that until recently there not gonna be so nice to give us the trilogy for free after post game, Square Enix cares about that $$$$ and that's all, its been a staple of the company for years, the tomb raider moment is notorious for that.
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