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  1. In my opinion, this kind of fan frustrates me for a number of reasons but what do you guys think of this type of person on the internet who won't support Dragon Quest because of the views of one man being Sugiyama.
  2. Your fine your just known for your insanely long posts like these, how did you have the energy to make these posts like this almost everytime?
  3. Which means if we combine all the sales DQ XI prob already sold 500-600k by now in NA. Being Steam, physical, and digital
  4. I understand that, but his post more than double so we don't know how much more over it actually is. I'm just saying unless its Pokemon no game is gonna sell too big on handhelds, just medium numbers relative to the popularity of the franchise on DS. But a PS4 counterpart for the same franchise will sell bigger overall outside of japan being main entry.
  5. Well with DQ XI being a PS4 game its probably much higher since console games are bigger in the US and the marketing was stronger
  6. Nothing new here I just wanted to post it and get your thoughts on the video. The comments people are giving alot of hate on inaccuracies and off topic political comment on Sugiyama's views or just typical roasting on the music that you typically see with DQ XI over here as usual, some people agree some people don't what do you guys think of it.
  7. If Steam already did 100k almost certain the number would be bigger, what do you think the ratio of physical vs digital for XI to be excluding Steam sales we know
  8. You guys are overthinking it, I'm simply say at the end of the day I've seen God of War commercials, Super Mario Odyssey commercials. Mario Luigi Superstar saga commercials and so on. Basically whatever channels those commercials are airing on DQ should do the same because regardless of popularity levels of the franchise, DQ is still a big budget AAA game regardless if its still growing an audience in the west still
  9. And thats great for your scenario, but just think of the masses when we talk about this. TV is still the easiest marketing platform and the biggest, it puts content in front of people who aren't trying to find it like the good ol days. The only thing thats similar is Youtube and some ads on Twitter/FB but TV is still a big market for now
  10. TV marketing is still the largest marketing platform despite social media, tons of people still have TVs despite the Netflix stereotype and moving to internet social media and so on. Look it up to understand if you don't, SE still made it work without really TV marketing but still the point still stands, I think they got around it with E3 trailer, and stuff like Walmart trailers and gamestop videos I heard other people saw along with all the content media marketing we all discussed in the past along with conventions on why it probably still sold well. Also where do you live. I thought you were in the US assuming lol.
  11. Also the DQ light hearted humor and sillyness WOULD appeal to americans too just mix it in with the seriousness. People forget the US loves humor, ALOT, things like Nintendo games and mario humor, or comedy shows and so on like family guy or sitcoms in such do really well here. People only bash and think stuff like Dragon Quest or One Piece won't sell because of its sillyness as a justification of them failing initially only because they didn't MARKET the series over here well. The exact same thing happened with earthbound, bad marketing like "This game smells", while that humor in the advertising totally fits with the Mother series style of humor if you don't market something and do stuff like that when you do its just not gonna do well. So the DQ aesthetic and humor point is not an excuse as Americans love DBZ and Americans love light hearted humor alongwith serious badass content as well which DQ has both of those mastered like the other series I mentioned before. The only reason DQ failed is bad marketing on Enix part and failing to keep the name the same DQ/DW which wasn't entirely there fault but still killed the brand with two names as you see now, that and failing to market the games properly like I said and capturing the NES magic and nostalgia like in Japan the DQ needed. I actually think RPGs would have been mainstream earlier if DQ succeeded, since Tons of DQ fans in the older generation still say today I started RPGs and games with Dragon Warrior 1 on the NES and loved it as a kid, since it sold 500k from the Nintendo Power subscription giveaway which shows Dragon Quest's mainstream appeal. If Enix capitalized on that success and released the games EARLIER did much better marketing we wouldn't be in this situation today, and they acknowledged this interviews haha, even Horii himself said it all came down to Enix's poor marketing in the IGN youtube video they did.
  12. DQ is very marketable here, despite its history. Imagine if those PS4 youtube trailers aired on TV, it'd be cold
  13. What does that mean? How do you buy a PS4 game on PSN without having to be able to buy it on PSN? You can buy it on your computer? People actual buy digital PS4 games on a computer?
  14. Is that true? They didn't have DQ XI available upon release for PSN??? Damn wtf is Sony doing nowadays jeez, thats crazy that def has a chance to hamper sales but still I think DQ XI managed through all that BS so we prob dont need to worry I just amazed that happened.
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