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  1. Same, but he seems to be more of a Hargon figure to Madesagora. Wiki lists him as DQX act 1 boss. Besides, I just find his design displeasingly cluttered for a humanoid demon.
  2. Why the fresh hell does Nelgel keep appearing alongside proper bosses... Atleast they understand his monster form is idiotic-looking.
  3. Probably that's why it's this type that went on to be used in DQM, despite the butt-ugly coloring.
  4. DQ8 ones actually predate THOSE ones, so no The word itself has existed for a while, but I am still baffled they chose it instead of something more fitting, tho. Then again, their japanese names are pretty nonsensical (knock hip, and green one is jambalayan) .
  5. *nods* I see. VIII had Hipsters as the one worthy addition to the series...and then DQM version got cartooned-up in the dumb way T_T Wow, that's cool to know! @everyone spamming up the tread: shame on you!
  6. Ooh, thanks! Now I wonder if it's intentionally so, and these monsters are supposed to show Orgodemir's, heh, creativity (wasn't it somewhat canon that various demon lords have their own servants, instead of all monsters being under whomever?), or if it simply was thought they are too out there cartoony to fit anything but a 'mon' setting.
  7. I just saw a post on tumblr about the Grimoire monster never reappearing in a mainline DQ game (and what Monsters has is similar, but diffirent). Are there any other monsters with such distinction?
  8. *headboops* Nerd :P

  9. That the person who made it is twelve and should get the concept of escapism explained to them, preferably slowly and with pictures. Also probably only played newest parts.
  10. It also manages to piss over EVERY SINGLE religion that isn't shinto. I don't get bothered by "naming random monsters whatever" stuff in JRPGS, but here, they are literally supposed to be genuine deal, which rubs me the wrong way. Yes, this, this. In the end, even "ambigious" things are either good or evil (you can count all pros and cons to determine). Also, adressing the part I cut for lenght, "complex" villains often end plain more "relatable" to fans, who then proceed to find excuses for every single villainous thing aforementioned villain did, which is stupid (sort of like trying to excuse Hitler because people disliked his art and made fun of his looks). That's why I like Orgodemir - he's literally funky take on Satan who tortures and sows disorder for fun, nothing more, nothing less.
  11. The only time I saw a negative comment on GameFAQs that was to the point was on VOLFOSS (amazing design, but horrible game) and among the lines of "Years passed, and I still do not understand the japanese in this game" (I myself know 0 japanese, but seems to be the case). If game's anything atleast mildly well-known, it's bile all the way in comments.
  12. It has the most unappealing* cast in the story of DQ, so can relate. *to me
  13. Playing Magi-nation. Remember how I complained about Azure Dreams GBC? Yeah, give me that thing over "can't do crap without a walkthrough and some things are literally not programmed into the game and require sharking and WTH is that battle system" mess any day.

  14. I think putting japanese games in this thread is cheating
  15. Mefista


    And I can see why - not only it's Ike, but it's the very same model used in Battle Road, down to the pose. Cheapskates
  16. Mefista


    Did they not bother giving Dracolord's human form a separate model? o_O
  17. Playing Azure Dreams GBC.I hope that whoever is responcible for half of its mechanics was shot (and it gets ESPECIALLY jarring with my oldphone's slow emulator).

    1. ignasia


      That bad, huh?  The original is on my Playstation eventual collection list, being one of the few games I still don't have but would play.  Sad to see it's GBC version is so stripped down as to be actually bad.  You'd think they would take a page out of Zelda, since those three games were fairly excellent, along with a few other ARPG's.

      Then again, have you ever played the Lufia GBA release?  *shudders* the butchery of good game mechanics is palpable.  Doubtful it's quite this bad though.

    2. Mefista


      Uh, I never played original (my phone's emulation doesn't go harder than GBC), I mostly meant stuff like "tackling 4 dialogues just to save", bizzare map/battle integration and not being able to interact with items in town T_T

      I haven't played that, period, but will note)

  18. Mefista


    It looks like they had two designs, then scratched head and pasted two unevenly cut halves together.
  19. I know, I was primarily complaining they keep "cloning" what I am not a big fan of) And duh, googly eyes are as unsexy as it goes.
  20. Why can't there be derivatives of something more interesting :*(
  21. The only upside to this game is that, if memory serves, it has rarely-used monsters (or atleast bosses), and gives them nice animations. Otherwise, meh.
  22. If y'all do not get back on topic, I'll post a picture of Kill-vearn with his peepee out*. Seriously, it's irritating to see tread update, only to open it and get offtop that is not even tangenially related. *blah blah canon whatever
  23. Mefista

    PM editing error

    I had written a message and, right after sending it out, noticed that half of it ended under spoiler (my bad, probably didn't wrap properly). Went back to editing (3 minutes later), and it refused to let me save edited version, citing this: Not the first time that happens, by the way. Is the message lenght or anything else to blame?
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