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  1. Is anyone planning to play Samurai Warriors V? Asking for (man)waifu recording reasons.
  2. Ah, here is probably why my ancient Google Chrome over Win XP no longer opens this site. Atleast I did not need to ask separately
  3. Ok, powered through answering your last message on PC, so it is NOT just "testing", but a full-blown answer.

  4. Ooh, I wonder if these could run on my phone (Sony Ericsson z710i) ...If I knew japanese, atleast.
  5. That forum software could not stomach my message...Jaybird, sorry if you get like eight in your inbox. I tried ><'

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      It choked on mine, too. I only got one notification, though, so you're fine.

  6. I like how this happens to any community I think "good nothing changes here" about XD Atleast here, change is way better than how Rangerboard handled it.
  7. Same, but he seems to be more of a Hargon figure to Madesagora. Wiki lists him as DQX act 1 boss. Besides, I just find his design displeasingly cluttered for a humanoid demon.
  8. Why the fresh hell does Nelgel keep appearing alongside proper bosses... Atleast they understand his monster form is idiotic-looking.
  9. Probably that's why it's this type that went on to be used in DQM, despite the butt-ugly coloring.
  10. DQ8 ones actually predate THOSE ones, so no The word itself has existed for a while, but I am still baffled they chose it instead of something more fitting, tho. Then again, their japanese names are pretty nonsensical (knock hip, and green one is jambalayan) .
  11. *nods* I see. VIII had Hipsters as the one worthy addition to the series...and then DQM version got cartooned-up in the dumb way T_T Wow, that's cool to know! @everyone spamming up the tread: shame on you!
  12. Ooh, thanks! Now I wonder if it's intentionally so, and these monsters are supposed to show Orgodemir's, heh, creativity (wasn't it somewhat canon that various demon lords have their own servants, instead of all monsters being under whomever?), or if it simply was thought they are too out there cartoony to fit anything but a 'mon' setting.
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