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  1. Hey, the old saying "Fire Emblem fans can't live without stirring drama" keeps proving itself true.
  2. What matters is that it's in english, it is a cool game ^w^
  3. The bride choice stuff also ruined any potential discussion of DQV outside of this site, because it devolves into "best waifu" wankery.
  4. Oh god, makes me remember all these "what if X eastern property received a Hollywood adaptation" jokes. Bad move T_T
  5. Happy birthday, man! ❤️
  6. This thing I found while looking for "Mummies Alive!" cartoon (which has real cool, albeit short, opening, which the song below has nothing to do with)
  7. Maybe recolors can appear as in-specie variations - say, you bred a real strong balhib, and it got the colors of stronger recolor from main series. Use some kind of item to prevent this, if you want old colors. Or other way around) Would add variety and allow for references.
  8. No recolors (outside of slime species that have diffirent properties otherwise and, well, Darkdrium) and back to system of GBC games - I know it won't happen, but I liked not having set learnsets(
  9. There's also a real peculiar bug I encountered on post-game gift egg monsters - WhipBird and Lionex: they hatched knowing a set of moves (3, I think) that matched neither their natural moveset, nor randomised one, and never learned anything else. Also, I met wild EvilSeed in one of the random key worlds that gave 0 exp (couldn't catch it to look at stats even with Meteorb).
  10. It's my to-go game in any questionable situation!
  11. Late Happy Year? It's January 3rd here already, lol)
  12. I immediately disliked Sylvia cause of his face, he looked annoying. And lo, annoying he turned out to be.
  13. I also forgot to complain it randomises genders, sometimes in a very annoying way (and it affects ???-family monsters you breed, too, so no more default male-ness and a huge possibility of having to spend gold on blessing) - I spent two days trying to catch a male Roboster, to no result.
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