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  1. How does one go about submitting a notable quote?

    1. ethanej


      Send a PM to Woodus or wait for the next contest.

    2. Democrobot


      Wait for the contest. I usually have a notable quotable in the later months of the year.

  2. In preparation for getting a WiiU when I have the 'chance' , I was finishing the rest of the Wii games I never got around to, including Sonic Unleashed and Pikmin 2. On my 3DS I'm playing Etrian Odyssey Untold and Kingdom Hearts 3D, with Fire Emblem Awakening and Mario Luigi dream Team on hiatus.
  3. Zainted Zoma

    1. ryangroovy


      I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that.

  4. Took me some 6 hours, but finally got my unsigned NDS adapter running on 64 bit windows 7. Time to get those last few DQVC exclusives

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Gross. Uncle Ben rice is nasty. Either that or nobody in my house knows how to use a microwave properly.

    3. Democrobot


      I don't even eat uncle Ben rice.


      Here's some wisdom for you though.

      With great power comes great electricity bills

    4. MacaroniMan17


      I also tried out a Pokemon Platinum save editor and accidentally gave myself an egg that hatched a missingno. http://i.xomf.com/pszvr.jpg

  5. I'm senile. "My name is Nile. I don't remember my first name, but I know it starts with C." - Forgetful old man in a well who gives you some postgame quest in DQIX for a legacy map.
  6. I hadn't streetpassed in over a month so i figured today I'd get that "first tag in AGES" achievement, but nope, apparently the special miis distributed during e3 counted so messed up my month.

  7. POTTY IN NAME ONLY, FOR IT IS NEITHER marijuana nor a brewed beverage.

    1. MacaroniMan17
    2. RyuKisargi


      Are you high?

    3. MacaroniMan17


      On pot I may be but I am in no way potty!


      Actually no

  8. What's Square Enix's favorite band? Bad Company

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    2. Dwaine
    3. Stepchan


      What is Rumia's favorite Soundgarden song? Jesus Christ Pode

    4. Stepchan


      Jesus Christ Pose(stupid typo).

  9. What's Square Enix's favorite band?

  10. ~ 7:09 I was joking about the number, I understand that Mr. Regginator hardly has more influence than us commoners in such matters; just that if a miracle were to happen and Square Enix sprinkled some 'permission to localize Dragon Quest' in the West's direction, NOA would not be a second road block of hesitation, they would immediately jump on it (probably). Anyway, they were talking about Phantasy Life in the video when that dq comment came up, (a game which I'd probably be interested in).
  11. It's a feast-on-innards or have-your-innards-feasted-on kind of world out there kid

    1. NecroBanana


      Indeed it is...also, happy birthday, you!

    2. Democrobot


      But innards are good for you

  12. A couple minutes ago, Reggie stated on TreeHouse Live that the team knows he loves JRPGs and has put over 900 hours into Dragon Quest. Therefore, dqvii remake in North America is 103.735% cunformied.
  13. Op's list was obviously fake, because this has been cunfirmid as the 100% ahcurracte version. ........Dragon Quest must be on the back of the list
  14. Guess I shouldn't have claimed it was a record, I was just referring to this guy who has several blog posts/ articles written about his dedication for some reason. I don't think it includes accolades (as there are played for 1000hour accolades), just the four things on the top screen in battle records: enemy list, items, equipment, and alchemy at 100%. I also haven't heard of SDA prior to today. I don't see why 99 of each item would be a criteria, it should just be full battle records lists. Since everything else is not like "permanent" progress: you can sell the items if you were so
  15. I was considering trying a solo speedrun sometime (on an emulator (without using save states) since I don't want to mess with my main game or buy a new cart), but rather than routing it myself I was just going to follow this guide, (huh saying that makes me feel like a casual), the author of which claims to have done it in 7:55...I'd be happy to get under 12 for that "lightning hero" or whatever accolade, but not sure I have what it takes. I probably wouldn't be doing it anytime soon but I'll post a topic about it here when I do. But no I don't want to be your partner since I don't know wha
  16. I wasn't intending to request the service right now (at least not yet), but I did have a question Are you sure you don't want people to send you the money any other way? For the sake of people who promise not to change their minds about which package they want while it's in transit, it's not illegal to send cash in the mail or anything, and I would suppose there are some people in the world who haven't needed to set up a checking account yet not necessarily referring to myself whom you lose business from (then there's also things like paypal for online credit transactions). Even if people
  17. I didn't register because of this game; rather I found out about this app because I had registered. (The reason for registration being that I was anticipating using Liamland's tag service, but I think I'm just going to get an adapter so I can use it for other games in the future). But thanks anyway
  18. I downloaded it on an iPad 2 which was also not a recommended device, but so far I'm not afraid of it crashing, there's only a little frame skip on cutscenes but it's still been smooth and consistent.
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