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  1. Gee, this place sure is quiet nowadays.

  2. Alright guys, I really won't be getting this game, but I wanted to ask. How does it measure up? Is it going to go down in DQ legend, or is it just average? I've heard overall good reviews so far, and I want to confirm my suspicion that I should play it if I ever get the chance.
  3. Update: I finally found a grotto with Metal King Slimes in it... Emerald level, I believe, and at least level 78. Still rare, but it's something. And yeah, welloneday, I have Hatchet Man and Thunder Thrust... and I recently revocated for the first time (I don't play enough). And I didn't know they could only be found in those particular kinds of grottoes, so thanks for the help, and those statistics.
  4. Too bad Christmas break isn't lasting long enough.

    1. Democrobot


      I still have just under a week left

  5. So... I'm well over 130 hours into my DQIX game and I've yet to see a Metal King Slime (my Defeated Monster list is at about 81%). I'm aware they can be found on Slime Hill and up in the Tower of Nod (as well as high level grottoes, but I haven't had any luck with those), but I've run into more monsters than I can count and haven't found one. And to top it off, Liquids are getting less and less effective as my levels get up in the 90s. I know there's a plethora of you knowledgeable people on here, so I'd like to ask for some tips... as in, where have you found Metal King Slimes before? Which m
  6. Eeegghh, I need Christmas break soon...

    1. ignasia


      Break from School? Work?

    2. Democrobot
  7. Flute_Warrior, I tried the code on Action Replay DSi with no flashcart or anything else, and it didn't boot up the game, but instead just remained on the white screen. Should I be using a rom and flashcart and all that other hardware/software, or should I be using a blank DQIX cartridge with no save on it? Honestly, I haven't really used any of that sort of hardware/software material before now, and I'm only doing it because I'm trying to get the DLC/Story Quests, since I've never been able to connect to DQVC. (Reason being, by the time I got the game, our router was no longer in WEP format, s
  8. I tried this method, but instead of simply being unable to connect, it doesn't appear the AR code to bypass the "invalid information" message worked at all. In short, I'm also unable to do this... I also don't have the save editor or the nds adapter, and I don't have the money to get one anyway. If anybody knows of a different way I could get some Story Quests, that'd be great. Particularly, I'm looking for #123, with Erinn's sweater and the grotto of Dolour.
  9. Current Games: Dragon Quest IX, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokémon X

    1. Stepchan


      I haven't played DQIX in a while(I was mainly level grinding and grotto farming).

  10. I still do... Actually I just ordered my own copy several weeks ago, and I've been playing it a lot. One of the main features I like a lot more is the ability to make custom characters and customize the skills and weapon sets. Well, that, and I'm a sucker for good storylines and even better music.
  11. My problem with posting is I don't often find things I know a lot about.

  12. The only one that comes to mind instantly would be Chargon, at least in DQMJ2 Pro. It was only one square. In the overworld, it's almost the size of a two-square monster. I can't think of any others at the moment.
  13. I don't like Giant Monsters as a primary party member very often, only if it's something like Zenith Dragon, or Leonyx. What I'm working towards is a party of Wulfspade Ace, Ace of Spades, and Wildcard. My substitutes will vary, but I hope to get another Nokturnus. I liked Nokturnus a lot when I was synthesizing Zenith. My only problem is that there aren't enough Captain Crows... I only know two other people with the game, so I can only tag battle and scout one of their monsters once.
  14. Y'know, I don't remember... I haven't played that part in so long... :/But judging from what I hear, he's not all that amazing, is he?
  15. Technically I suppose Rigor Mortex would be the "best," considering its components are Zenith Dragon and Leonyx, but it depends on your preference and how far you're willing to synthesize each one of them, whether you're content to leave it at about +30 like Zenith Dragon is at its creation, or if you want to make it +99 by resynthesizing it with a Phoenix Sceptre. That, and the skills you pass on to the monsters can have an effect.
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