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  1. "A fictional character who fits the archetype of having cold and even hostile personality towards another person before gradually showing a warm and caring side over time." She is not cold or hostile, she is just $#!&@y, nitpicky, and rude.
  2. The only character I don't like IS Maribel. Like I don't like Deborah for the same reason, but at least she looks "attractive" and improves, I am 20+ hours in the game and Mari$#!&@ is no better of a person. When an animal toddler who barely knows basic English contributes more to conversations than her, you know she is bad.
  3. I got Dragon Quest II, III, and IV for Famicom. Then I realized the Retron I could not play Famicom games :(

    1. Neofrodo


      I think there's a device you can get to do that.

    2. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      Yeah, I am gonna probably get a Retron 5. Though it seems a little weird to use and I might just get an old Famicom.

  4. I got Dragon Quest II, III, and IV for Famicom used. Then it turned out my Retron was an older model that could not play it
  5. Due to have been playing Dragon Quest VI for many more years than VI, I love the world ideas much more thanks to nostalgia and some of Sugiyama's best work ever. However, the world of VII is objectively much more in depth, larger, more varied, and better. I am at the clock town place at the moment, and I can say this seems to be the largest map in the series.
  6. my idea was that it would have an upgradable Erdrick's Sword (The one you find in the castle is Rusted), and that the Dragon Lord's grandson is a fighatble bonus boss who is Lord Draco.
  7. No, that's where I am stuck at, did I miss a place to go to?
  8. I have always been a big fan of Dragon Quest VI, and out of them, Hassan and Terry have always stuck out from the main cast for me. Hassan (I just cannot stand to call him by his americanized name lol) has always been part of the main 4 of my team with the hero, as I can always trust he brings out the highest damage. My most memorable part was when he learns Spirit Punch, made bosses much easier, and it made a really cool sound effect in the SNES version.
  9. Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail Gojira Toy Story The Terminator Alien/Aliens
  10. Yeah I have Hackzilla. He does good when he uses falcon slash. ATM I am stuck, I got the mirror but IDK what to do next. Where do I go?
  11. I really like Miyazaki movies, though mostly for the visuals and music. I don't really get the plots usually. Though the Kaguya movie was legitimately the only movie that has made me cry in the last few years.
  12. I am watching Code Geass for my crush best friend. Really good anime in my opinion so far, though the manga seemed better (Less mechs, and more politics).
  13. So I finished the Prince of Argonia quest. I swear, Charmles was one of the most irredeemable characters I have seen in the series. At least Prince Harry and Howel improved as human beings, Charmles? Nope. Also, what are the best recruitable monsters? I have Talos who seems pretty cool, but I need to find two others who can help me beat Rank B.
  14. Does anyone know of any art showing the Dragon Quest V Hero with the Pallium Regale, Sun Crown, Dragon Staff, and Shimmering Shield?

  15. I am assuming you mean when in cutscenes? Yes, though the movements are limited. You just give a person a cure and it dissapears and he is healed.
  16. Interesting choice. Did you have a grudge against the captain? Imagine how it would be for my 9 year old mind like all those years ago, it blew me away. Definitely one of the funnest spinoffs in the series.
  17. For a second I thought you meant Martha in Dragon Quest V (Her Japanese name is Martha) lol Well that's probably just as bad. Considering you spent 20 years of your life looking for her just to have the guy who already ruined your life twice before kill her.
  18. From anywhere? In no particular order... Godzilla (Godzilla) Gigan (Godzilla) Terra Branford (Final Fantasy) Thel 'Vadam (Halo) Zoma (Dragon Quest) Bianca (Dragon Quest) Honorable mentions are Soundwave (Transformers), Goku (Dragon Ball), Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY), Nokturnus (Dragon Quest), Erdrick (Dragon Quest), and Madason (Dragon Quest)
  19. I remember fighting Tyrantulla, beat it with 4 health left lol. I don't like the dungeon because the plot behind it (Kind of sad and creepy, just keeps me away), but it is vital for grinding at points
  20. That's not true While I dislike Jessica for personal reasons IRL, Maribel because she is an immature version of Deborah who does not at least have her appearance going for her, and Barbara because who? But I do like... ... ... Thinking... Does the Princess of Moonebrooke count?
  21. Pretty much me, except it was for GBC and it was chocolate icecream
  22. Dragon Quest has brought the fondest memories for me by far out of any video game (More so than Halo, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Super Mario World/64). I remember I would love watching boss battles and final boss battles by this one youtuber, ArtificialRaven. I also remembered seeing hack videos of Dragon Quest III, V, and VI for SNES which were fun to watch. I even have fond memories of using Woodus for walkthroughs and stats for monsters (I miss the old layouts with the chracters appear in front of the logo for each game)
  23. Still so jealous that game never came to america. The SNES version of Dragon Quest VI has my favorite graphical style in the entire series.
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