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  1. I used her 100% when I got her. Fun! Her Death Dance seems almost broken, almost always works. Her Fan Dango also seems very good. I will be using her a lot, like her more than Jessica.
  2. I got Red, playing and using her so far, she seems pretty good.
  3. IDK where I am at, I am busy switching between VII and VIII every few days, and I have to say the game is beautiful in how large it is. While in VIII I want to get it through so I can get to Rhapthorne and get max level, I want to explore VII and see what's going. I don't want to speedrun through it, each new place is a wonder.
  4. I actually don't like voice acting. I prefer my own headcanon of what they sound. Though I admit, I like VIII's voices for some characters.
  5. Accidently double-posted lol I don't have him yet, but he seems cool. I love his exaggerated italian accent and his GUSTO. He is basically a better (And stronger) version of Mister Satan, who was already fun to watch. I will be probably using him a lot when I get him.
  6. Dragon Quest VI's world (Beautiful, mysterious, massive, and diverse), Dragon Warrior Monster 1 and 2's world (The idea of traveler's gates and all the diversity of monsters and the general lifestyles of monster masters seems really cool. Also, I would love to live in Sky World)
  7. It has Dragon Quest III SNES/Dragon Quest VI era graphics, it automatically has the superior graphics.
  8. Not a Playstation fan, but I would get a PS4 just for that.
  9. What type of voice would he have? If I were to write a Dragon Quest V novel (Really I want to do this), I would write Ladja to be worse (Like maybe he caused Estark to be awaken so he got the last laugh)
  10. Not really a spoiler, but the final boss looks badass and really unique, just going to say that
  11. I intentionally put myself to a challenge every time I fought Ladja by having myself equipped Prankaz's sword and fighting solo or with Borongo and Bianca only, and having my hero put finishing blow. It was hard as hell, but so satisfying. Bishop Ladja is easily my favorite villain in the Zenithian Saga, even moreso than Nokturnus, Dhuran, and Akubar. Honestly, I would have liked if they trolled you ONCE MORE and he actually used the secret of evolution too behind Nimzo's back, and kills him at the last moment for the true last boss.
  12. I have seen threads on this and figured why not do a villain? So, what do you think of Bishop Ladja and his actions across Dragon Quest V? Any things you noticed about him? Any theories?
  13. I am being optimistic after some comments that will get a 3DS release in America. I think people are forgetting the Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 localization for GBC came out late in the GBC's life span, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 came out late in the DS's life span, so this would be no different, except I would expect it to sell and be promoted better than the two I mentioned.
  14. I bet a lot of people would use this exact post if we were talking about the post game Treasures and Trapdoors board you can unlock. Just replace Tombola with T'n'T and we'd be set. Don't make me remember that board *shudders* I don't think that counts as a pet peeve, that bonus T'n'T board is hell on earth
  15. I defeated Dhoulmagus. He ate me alive even when I was overleveled, and I just barely did it. Angelo made a lucky shot when trying to regain MP (I was that low).
  16. This is very small, but. Why is the Heyedra stronger and higher ranked than the Hyper Heyedra in DQMJ2?
  17. I finally got to it Now I am looking for a second dragons scale for a whip, but getting them from Hackzilla drops seem impossible. I wanted to stock up on the best equipment before Dhoulmagus. What is the best robe for Jessica? It seems like absolutely every good robe or piece of armor for her needs an item not accessible until after Dhoulmagus.
  18. Where is the old man spring thing? I cannot find it? Like where south of Baccarat?
  19. I don't know if this was mentioned or if this is a spoiler. But I am watching some japanese livestream of DQX, and you can duel-wield swords.

    1. Plattym3


      I think it was on the skill trees or character information released weeks ago, yes. Or I might be imagining that.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      It was, Platty. It was talked about for Camus.

  20. He is usually the fourth member of my team (Between Chamaro or Terry). He is my paladin, and is really just there for additional healing/damage and to be an additional meat shield. I do like Chamaro however, cool character. I have seen theories that he is Aamon and Ladja was Aamons son lol.
  21. I don't mind recolors, what I don't like is how they are being lazy with them. Back in the old games, they changed the poses of the monsters, had them hold a weapon or not. They looked more different.
  22. What are random little things (When I say little, I mean like not complaining about puns, but why a monster is there, or why a monster is holding this weapon) annoys or bothers you in the games For me How in Dragon Quest I and II, some monster recolors are flipped or don't hold the weapon, yet in later games they don't have these small changes in them holding weapons or not. I find it lazy. Weapons given as a gift by characters... Which are common or even sellable without any warning. Like the soldier who gives you the Warrior's Sword in Dragon Quest IX or the Poison Moth Knife you ge
  23. In a bit "Why Orgodemir is the best villain in the series" A few comments down.... "At least he is cool and chill, unlike Maribel"
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