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  1. One of the bonuses is Asura Zoma? Maybe it can be a triple game with 1,2,3. The final boss is Malroth, Genosidoh will be a super boss that is OP
  2. back on topic, I rethought, I want a DQ3 game using the DQ9 engine I can see it working great.
  3. I want some ideas for a new DQM game. Anyone has some ideas. Here are mines New Monsters Monster from the main series Cyclops Baramos Bomus Grand Dragon (Golden Hydra from DQ3) Aqua Guardian Flame Guardian Terra Guardian Wind Guardian Dhoulmagus Jester Form Mazin (Super Powerful Golem) Lord of the Dragovians (Human Form, ingredient of Dragovian Lord. ) Gem Jamboree NPCs and the like (Stuff that exists but is not an individual monster) Green Slime Erdrick (Dragon Warrior 3 hero, I would like Nokturnus + Rubiss) Rubiss (I would like a powerful spirit made by S
  4. Puns in DQ games make my day. I'm still trying to get over the name "Ringabel" from Bravely Default.. Puns ruined the otherwise amazing Dragon Warrior 5 for the DS.
  5. I do not know how to put my code up on there, so here it is 2020-0850-4558 I also need to know if my team is good Level 75 Alabast Dragon (Platinum) Cleric Ice III Attack Boost 3 Anti-Metal Level 75 Dhuran Attack Boost 3 Champion Saboteur
  6. Buy 6 first, then play 4, then play 5. I honestly prefer the japanese snes version of 6 though
  7. meh. I loved the game but all of those puns and lack of castles bothered me.
  8. Sorry if I am being annoying but I am requesting tags battles for an ultraslime
  9. So a hoarder with 500 Watabous (I called it fluffy not to confuse people) Hell Clouds, Gods, Barbaruses, and Shleiman tanks would not value them much?
  10. I allready have Zoma, Doulmagus, baramos, a dark. slime, and Xenlon. So it is more practical just finishing the synth.
  11. How rare of a monster would aquarion be worth?
  12. Is Aquarion good? I would also like to know some good skillsets for him if he is. My sister also said she wanted some good monsters, she said she liked Mortella, Thornella, and Empreya. Which is the best?
  13. Maybe we can find a horder with 500 fluffies, Hell Clouds, Gods, and Barbaruses and gets some!
  14. I have heard it has sweet monsters such as Realm of the Mighty, King Hydra, and Baramos Gonus.
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