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  1. IIRC I asked on the DQX questions thread, and they linked a video with mostly all monsters (Including Nokturnus). Though it did not show page 2 of their descriptions.
  2. I don't think knowing of major bosses or final bosses necessarily ruins the experience. I found to Dragon Quest V to be constantly brilliant and powerful even on a second playthrough the DS, even though i knew of Nimzo since I was 7. The same has gone for VI, VII, and VIII.
  3. I really liked him and used him a lot... Till Red came in, IMO she made him not as useful for fights, though as a character I still love his reactions, acting, and style.
  4. Have you ever read one of my quests? Damn near ANYTHING is allowed. Specific to you: yes! Okay, thanks. Just was a little curious because I wanted to test my 16-bit sprite making skills.
  5. Shun 'Kanamee

    Celestial Slime

    From the album: Custom stuff

    HP: 2100 MP: 999 (Can recharge it) Spells and Abilities -Buff -Kasizzle -Mist Me -Pearly Gates -Big Banga -Magic Burst
  6. Now where did that god slime sprite I drew all those years ago go off to?
  7. So I am now done with the Dragovian Trials and in Memories Lane, these two bonus dungeons/bosses are super fun to fight against.
  8. Seems not complete. It does not have the final or bonus boss it seems.
  9. Screw spoilers, I am looking for feats. I want to see how powerful these guys are compared to past games.
  10. I am hyped really badly, especially because the bonus/true final boss gives me Lavos vibes.
  11. So how do I marry Medea in this game? I don't want to choose Jessica in it and I just got to the end part, I want to know what exactly I need to do.
  12. So King Trode defeated Rhapthorne if you know what I mean
  13. Okay, Rhapthorne wants to "unify" the world, and there was some vague process, but is it ever elaborated (I am at the final boss right now). Like was he going to physically fuse it with his brute strength? Or was he going to use his scepter, or what?
  14. So I decided to start a discussion on the best one of the three wives you get to choose from in Dragon Quest V. What do you think of her? Discuss her character? Any memorable moments when using her as a character? She's my waifu
  15. Again, am I the only one who not only really likes Dragon Quest VI but has it in my top 3 with V and III? Terry has always been one of my favorite Dragon Quest characters, loved his design, his fighting style, the games he appeared in, etc. He is one of my most used characters in VI (I alternate between him and Chamaro a lot)
  16. I don't get it, I got utterly slaughtered by Juggerworth My team Hero: Level 48 -Metal King Equipment Jessica: Level 47 -Scourge Whip -Light Shield -Dragon Robe -Scholar's Hat Red: Level 48 -Fan of Peace -I forget the shield -Princess Robe -Pirate Hat -Timbrel of Tension Angelo -Odin's bow -Oriental Wear -Power Shield -I forget the helmet Should I be able to defeat him with that? He completely slaughtered and crushed me.
  17. Am I ready for The Troll Maze or Black Citadel? I am basing my performance (low) on bosses. Hero: 44 Jessica: 43 Angelo: 44 Yangus: 44 Red: 44 Morrie (just got him): 35 Would I be ready?
  18. Yeah, I am just baffled at how bad the A.I is. Like I could clear the whole battle if your monsters use the right move or turns to Mazin right away, or chooses the right monster to fight. Fighting a metal slime, which you do 1 damage to per hit, while you have a healer on the other side that is top priority, is foolishness. And even after the cureslime fully healed the LMS, my Mazin still hit at it. On another thing, what is the best way to gain tokens on the Casino? What is the most guaranteed method?
  19. DQ4 has the best age balanced party of the series ineed. Teenagers; Alena,Kiryl Young Adults; Hero,Menna, Maya Adults; Torneko, Ragn Oldies; Borya I wonder how the othe male characters will react to Sylvia,trough Man 4 had such an iconic cast, not particularly well developed, but still memorable. I think Silvia will partially play the part of comic relief sometimes irritating other characters with his positive attitude. Sylvia is a pretty interesting character, indeed. According to ppl who are already playing, Silvia seems to . So yeah,interesting indeed)
  20. New waifu, not as good as Bianca, but still quickly one of my favorites in the entire series
  21. Well, to kind of answer your question, I need to know which monsters are on your monster team. But even with the best monsters in the monster team, it's not guaranteed that you will be victorious in the end, since it's heavily based on luck. I use the golem team for Mazin
  22. So I am trying to finish up the monster arena and get Morrie. I use Mazin as he is awesome, he cleared the first two, but when I get to Morrie. My Mazin decides the Metal Babble is the best target, while there a cureslime nearby... How am I supposed to beat Morrie?
  23. Switching between Saint Seiya, and Death Note for my friend
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