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  1. I would say something like Dragon Quest VII's, but streamlined to not have all of those useless skills. Perhaps you gain skills/stat bonuses in a similar way skill allocation works in DQVII/DQIX, Where you have your weapon allocation and your class allocation which you get points for through leveling up, and when you bring the skill points to 100 you mastered the class? The one problem I feel, however, is IX was kind of "clunky" with its grinding and leveling system, and VII was much more streamlined. The advantage of the DQVII system is it modified the DQVI system which I feel was far superio
  2. I am looking for the script (preferably translated SNES/PS2 version) of Dragon Quest V. Does anyone know a place to find it? I need to use it for something. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well if you go by the Terry is Madason's distant ancestor theory... Its because even as a little kid, he wanted to see monsters. He is brave and willing to fight any obstacle through any means. It is my theory that Dragon Warrior Monsters is Terry's adventures in the dream world, him coping with his sister being taken to be a "servant" for the King, and not knowing where or how to find her. He grows braver and without a sisterly figure to guide him, and society failing him (The king taking his sister and them doing nothing), he sought the company of nature and the monsters, which is why h
  4. Beating dead animals sounds more like something Maribel might be into. She likes beating herself up?
  5. Hi my name is Sorrow the Edgelord and I have long ivory white hair with silvery streaks and black tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Sephiroth (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Nokturnus but I wish I was because he’s a major $#!&ing hottie. I’m a demon but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a cannibal, and I go to a magic existence called Nadiria where I’m its king. I’m an emo(in case you couldn’t tell) and I
  6. Once again, probably the only one here, but I was meh with the hero. He did not have the pure badass aura and history that Erdrick instilled, he did not have the depth and impressiveness that makes me adore the hero of V, and admittedly, I found the VI hero to be cool with his vast array of abilities and the world he was in. I just found the hero of IV bland, Dragon Quest IV was the first Dragon Quest game I just stopped mid-game from boredom (VII might be the second where I stop to take long breaks, but mostly from how tiringly large the game is), and did not finish until half a year later. I
  7. Usually I make a character with white "vegeta" hair and blue eyes and name the character Blizzard (Main name I use for my Dragon Quest Games except for DQIV-VI where I use the names Solo, Abel, and Botsu)
  8. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (Both the GBC and 3DS) versions have always been the "definitive" monsters games that are basically the best monster-collecting game out there, its kind of an unfair comparison, even if Joker 3 should be more advanced.
  9. Wait, you got the game? Despite the lack of a lengthy Bestiary, which I admit is sad, it has a beefed up Rigor Mortex, which makes me want the game (Plz come to America, I pray to Jove). I am wondering, because it could be possible, is there a video with the bestiary of all monsters including the flavor text and descriptions?
  10. Honestly there is not that much stuff for them. For some reason japanese love shipping Bianca and Kon more... I don't use the Meena much, but Maya is hot and very useful throughout the game, she usualy makes the main team. One of my favorites in IV.
  11. I think its useless. It makes another member having to use an elven elixer which takes too much time. You could have full health and full buffs one turn, have only living party members with half health the next.
  12. What I did for the Servant was kamikazee my hero so then the only problem is the Servant Really, all of thems are just really... REALLY. REALLY. Hard. The only unfair one is Dhoulmagus II in Memorium, who is BS incarnate. Estark is tough, but he is more "blunt" and just does high damage which keeps you on the ropes. He does not shred up your team and troll it every round like Dhoulmagus.
  13. My #2 favorite MC of the entire series, and for good reason. His design is great, he is a powerhouse, and he leaves such an impactful legacy, he is talked about 2 games before he even appeared. Oh, and Erdrick's Equipment still looks the coolest.
  14. Boring character, but vital to win battles, she never leaves the main team until Psaro comes around and makes her redundant.
  15. Yes, I want to do a solo run one day, will be easier with seed drops from Estark
  16. Great character, but him leaving me made me sad. It was even sadder because then I realized I was now stuck with Nyarlathotep and an illiterate wolf boy who likes eating.
  17. The prince gets a bad rap? I can see why he is not the favored character, he was too unbalanced of an attempt of a magic knight archtype, which I think a full fledged remake could flesh out. The hero is cool. I loved his design and even cosplayed as him 2 Halloweens ago.
  18. Okay, I beat both Dhoulmagus and Estark and I am done with the game (on to VII!) Just going to say this, Dhoulmagus 2 in Memorium is a nightmare of the highest magnitude. In no other game in the series do your characters go down as swiftly and thoroughly as when I fought Dhoulmagus. Overall, I found VIII to be amazing, great characters, great graphics, a massive world to explore, really fun bonus content (aside for the final stretch of Memories Lane Leopold and onwards), and lots to do. Still no V in the plot and immersivness department IMO, but still easily one of the best games in
  19. Mari$#!&@ is her nickname for me, I cannot find her dialogue funny, its not ridiculous, its just $#!&@y and whiny. She is annoying, runs in a dumb naruto fashion, has terrible dialogue in which a freaking illiterate wolf kid makes more sense than her, and I just don't like her at all.
  20. Who imagined The Dragon Quest V hero would be like Goku, maybe a lot less naive and dumb, but still similar in personality?
  21. How do I beat Dhoulmagus in Memorium? I only barely defeated the first form (Literally barely, it turned out one of them knew Kazing), but I literally can do no damage to Dhoulmagus II.
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