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  1. I was looking at the Dragon Quest Wiki and noticed there are different final bosses for different "versions," with only minimal basic spoilers if possible, can I be elucidated on why, how, and what the final bosses are and like what order they appear?
  2. Except it is furthermore backed up, in some capacity, by what is stated by an oracle in Kol in DQIII It's established Zoma is a dark force from olden times (The modern translation is more blatant about it, calling Zoma a wellspring of power). Also, Calasmos did say the darkness would always exist, which of course means the likes of Malroth/Dragon Lord would always have to appear, but here is what he says right after: Which basically says his body is gone but his soul is transferred. What I think this suggests while the pure evil does emanate from Calasmos and a f
  3. I finished the game, fought the True Final Boss. I can say with some confidence, despite having much more nostalgia for them, I like this game a lot more than DQVIII-IX. I am biased for DQVI so will exclude it, but this might be my favorite game since DQV.
  4. I finally beat Dragon Quest XI, and I would say it is my favorite one since V. 

  5. Been playing DQXI, I am mostly just grinding for Drustan's Trials, forgot to post my progress at all Hendrik: One of my mains, Blind Man's Biff was a favorite of mine's in DQIX and it returning he is awesome. I love his design, especially with the Heliodoran armor on (I didn't like the tunic he usually had), found him a great tank and just probably my favorite character of XI in general. I was somewhat spoiled he would be in my team back in 2017, but I mostly avoid spoilers and I found his development great regardless. Jasper: Decent villain, deserved to die, though I find it funny h
  6. So here are some things I am wondering also about Dragon Quest Builders: Compared to Minecraft, mines are less interesting and maybe hold a treasure but aren't as deep, dangerous, or diverse in Dragon Quest Builders. Is this different in Builders 2? Are caves more unique, complex, and larger? Also in Minecraft, the use of windows and glass was better utilized as it could be stained. For builders I was building the 7 rooms of Masque of the Red Death and had no stained glass so I had to use colored blocks behind the windoes to give the illusion of colored glass. Is there stained glas
  7. Some other things: Does Builders 2 have different types of wood paneling/tiling/walling? Does it have stained/colorized windows? Does it have more brick types? More furniture/kitchen types? Are there more kinds of food? And are all previous recipes/rooms from the first game still in this?
  8. I guess the problem I have is I am not very creative with things. Like I want to build but I just cannot come up with anything. I also feel like there are so many choices of blocks I lose focus on what I can even make.
  9. One thing I don't like about Terra Incognita is that it's too easy. I wish I had the same upward progression as in the story-mode and having your towns besieged, just on a larger and more free and open ended scale, but I feel that i develop my stuff too fast and there is not much to do past building my town. Maybe having more building recipes could help. Are there more in Building 2? Are the buildings like the Cantlin Garden, Hela Hot Baths, etc in this too?
  10. How many chapters are in this? There are more towns in Torland so I assume it's like Middenhal, Cannock (With Leftwayne), Moonebrooke (With Hamlin and the Wind Tower), Lion's Port, Osterfair, Baran, and Tuhn as separate chapters? How does it work?
  11. And are towns as compressed/cramped or can they be built on a larger scale than Builders 1? Oh, one major issue I had in the original game was water physics and allotment. It'd be better if the bucket was able to transfer blocks of water ALA minecraft.
  12. Is hunger as big of an issue as Builders 1? Are maps larger and are there more challenged/easter eggs in it?
  13. The GBC originals have aged better than the first two DS Jokers IMO. Bit graphics still look pretty good if compressed due to GBC limitations, the translation is super simplistic and compressed but I still prefer it over the modern localization style, and the monster selection for 2 in particular is great. Breeding in Monsters 1 is fine, but once you get the ultimate monsters and get them to level 99, and assuming you have beaten all gates, there is not much left except to complete the library. Monsters 2 has a seed system with its keys which allows unlimited possiblities added with more monst
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