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  1. Hmm it seems that there was only a DQ V and VI save editor, why not IV? That was probably the 2nd best one of the three...maybe?

    1. ethanej


      There is one for IV but it is only in Japanese from what I understand.

    2. ethanej
    3. Fortheloveofpie


      Hmm thats a shame if it doesn't work with the US version. I tried using it, but it seems to not work as I even saved a save after using the editor, but not actually editing anything, and it was corrupt. Either way thank you and I guess I'll just play legitimately or something else.

  2. Sounds very interesting and I wish you luck but your probably right, if I do take this on which I very well might, I won't be willing to wait that long for such an engine your programming. Plus it probably makes more sense to hack since I already have 2 projects waiting in the wings on RPG Maker and I shouldn't add a 3rd to that list really, I am mostly just curious what others thought.
  3. Hmm there has been something I have been contemplating for the past few days and I would like some input. Do you guys think it would be easier to try and create a Hack of the pre-existing rom with the stuff I would like to edit/add. OR Do you guys think it would be easier to try and RIP all of the resources from DQV (and a few from DQIV and VI) and try and recreate the game on RPG Maker VX Ace, which I conveniently happen to own? I would greatly appreciate your input, and if I do try and take the latter route would anyone be interested in helping me pool together the resources?
  4. Gah! Just finished 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the feels, the Emotion. I just can't handle it.

  5. Ah alright thought there might be a way to do it directly from my computer without the use of those sites, anyway here they are. I know they probably aren't much a simple recolor really, but it was my best attempt.
  6. Alright well it seems like the original names are more popular (Honestly I don't like Blaze HOWEVER, I can live with it as what I want most is for it to appeal to everybody here.) however, we will see as to where things go. It looks like I'll probably just keep the DQIV/V/VI Icons. Also seems the endings are a bit on the fence still as well. I thought since I can't quite make the Mugshot for Alice yet what I could do is make them for her kids, so here we go: Turns out though... I don't know how to add images yet, so I guess I'll change this later after figuring it out.
  7. Thank you all for the kind welcome, I am happy to be here! I also must thank you for my temporary signature, until I have one that more suits my personality.
  8. MAYBE! I guess I'll make a list right here on what people would prefer. I guess just choose one out of the two choices or specify what you might prefer in this. Prince Harry or Prince Henry NES Names or DS Names (For example Nera or Flora) NES Spells or DS Spells (For Example Frizz or Blaze) Original Endings for Unwedded Brides or DS Version (For Example Bianca becomes Abused Barmaid or Bianca marries some NPC character) DQIV/V/VI Icons or DQIX Icons (For items and Weapons, etc.) Cameos?!? (Anybody that is done in the same style as the Zenethian Trilogy Remakes.)
  9. I'm thinking I might, I am gonna have a LOT of free time in two weeks, so I might. Also I decided to add to the list a spell that will be exclusive to all 4 brides, the one, the only... Magic Burst! Not the greatest spell, but I'm adding it.
  10. I'm glad to hear it. Its a great game and I replay it quite often. I also feel like confessing as to why I decided to add Harry to the potential permanent characters, its mostly because I found his development very interesting, and I often used cheats to keep him with me my entire time playing, however obviously that wasn't enough as eventually all he ever said was "..." So I decided that if I were to hack it I would try and create a way that Harry would be a possible permanent character while still allowing the player to decide if they wanted him or not. (Maybe for the sake of challen
  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo You can't, its all I have.
  12. Good luck trying, after all only those whom prove themselves truly worthy can feast upon the delicacy that is... pie.
  13. No I would rather use the DS version because I would rather not try adding two characters into it since I'm not sure how hard it would be and I believe Debora was only playable in the DS version. And I am glad knowing that at least one person would play it, for the most part it would be the same game just with additions.
  14. This is a concept I have had banging around in my head for awhile now, and I thought I should see about some feedback/thoughts and maybe even some assistance on this project during the summer. The general idea is modifying the story of Dragon Quest V, my all time favorite DQ game into something a bit different changing some aspects and even crossing over a few things from DQ IV and DQ VI. So without further a do here is a list of what would mostly likely be changed in this hack. We'll start from big changes to smaller changes. A 4th Heavenly Bride, a character idea I had after I played
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