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  1. i just beat the dq3 translation today! its a great translation and ive had no problems whatsoever with you definitely reccommed it.
  2. is DQ5 less resource intensive than DQ8 on an emulator?
  3. I've heard that if you connect with local multiplayer to someone who has the quests all unlocked it will unlock them for you. Is that true? i want to get my friends into dragon quest 9 but i was wondering if they could still get the quests with the wifi service shut off
  4. im doing the same, i just got dq 9 recently because i stupidly sold it when i beat it the first time but i bought it again for like 10 bucks so i want to do everything on it too. i just wish i had more friends like liked it so we could local multiplayer it. we can still locally play without the wifi right??
  5. I would really enjoy the translations hosted here because i just went through the same drama with that site and it was just a huge hassle. i think a streamlined experience would be really nice
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