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  1. Good news i got my ds to work with my router i can battle now
  2. My friend code is : 5286-5786-5586 Im up for a battle any time right now
  3. My FC is: 5286-5786-5586 My monster is sagittar Sorry i forgot i already posted here XD
  4. As cool as Mortella is, that sorta seems like a waste of an overkilling machine, yo. If you're set on doing it that way, though, then be mindful that you have a chance of obtaining balhibs from fighting Eugene Poole if you refuse his first offer and accept the second after winning. Much easier than taking the time to synthesize one of those, I wanna say. I personally think you are better off synthing 2 bahibs then trying to get em from Eugene because I dont ever get one from him. Just my opinion.
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