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  1. Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3DS confirmed by Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. sounderfan84


      Wait what *fake blaffed* DQ7 and 8 are coming out west for 3ds!!!??!?!?!?!?

    3. Tiael


      Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together....mass hysteria!

    4. Erdricky
  2. I am so excited. I started playing the PS1 version, but never had any time for it. Now that the're both portable I can't wait to play them
  3. Looking forward to fighting with Psaro in Dragon Quest Heroes

  4. Is the Zenithian Dragon worth creating in DQM joker 2?

    1. Democrobot


      No. Its only purpose is for the collector value. One could use it in battle, but it is outshined by so many other monsters.

  5. Final Fantasy VII PS4 remake announced at E3 2015!!!

  6. Pre-ordered DQ Heroes and I'm probably going to use Psaro and Alena

  7. I might get the game is it really worth getting though? Let alone preordering
  8. Thinking about getting DQ5 for the super famicom. Does anyone know if the menu has item pictures?

    1. King Zenith

      King Zenith

      It doesn't, unfortunately

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      It's worth it! So long as you can understand the language or use a translation patch...

    3. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      The only real problem you would have when not using a translation patch is that you have to write down important items on post-it notes in japanese and english so you do not forget what item is which. That happened with me on DQVI and I cannot find the dream drops.

  9. You also can fight Kandar 3 times in Dragon Quest V
  10. I am thinking about getting I have not played a dragon quest game that I did not enjoy. Other than Dragon Quest wars on the DSi
  11. Grinding for the cave of trust in DQ4 for the NES

    1. hawkeye77o4


      That's typically a big grinding spot for me to gear up for those Trisky-little-Urchinzes...

    2. ignasia


      It's sad how much easier they are in the DS version.

  12. Just mastered all the classes with my hero in DQ6

    1. solo


      Good work man

    2. Democrobot


      Even the Dragon and Liquid Metal classes? I don't I have done that yet. Congratulations.

    3. Deforestater


      liquid metal slime was the most tiresome. does anybody know how many liquid metal mind items there are in DQ6 ds?

  13. Defeated the Dream Devourer in Chrono Trigger DS

  14. Got Final Fantasy VIII on the PS1 recently and have obtained Diabolos

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      VIII's a pretty good game from what I've played of it. I haven't finished it though because I started importing DQ games shortly after starting FFVIII. :P

  15. Found out on Final Fantasy VI Advance that my party can survive using crusader, but it wipes out over half my health

    1. ignasia


      I keep meaning to get my FF6 game and figure out the maximum Mdef for each character...but you can reduce the damage to 0 or near 0 going all out Mdef.

    2. ignasia


      Best two characters are Gau and Terra. If you want to avoid damage altogether, use Jump command, though it requires some tricky timing.

  16. Filled it out to. I'm glad they will release Dragon Quest Heroes in the US, but I really would like to see Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI released here too.
  17. 1. Name(s): Nokturnus, Dark Dream Game(s): Dragon Quest VI Why they're a baddie: He defeats Mortamor as if he was nothing. Sub, Final or Bonus Boss: Bonus 2. Name(s): Dhuran Game(s): Dragon Quest VI Why they're a baddie: He is the fourth demon lord the party faces and the most powerful next to Mortamor Sub, Final, or Bonus: Sub boss 3. Name(s): Marquis de leon Games(s): Dragon Quest IV Why they're a baddie: In the first fight against him you can't win Sub, Final, or Bonus: Sub boss 4. Name(s): Malroth Games(s): Dragon Quest II Why they're a baddie: He only cares f
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