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  1. Personally, the things bothering me on the cover are first Dhoulmagus' face is abit pale(?) and I hope maybe they either give it a transparentness or make it more white. It just has too much interlacing artwork and needs an area slightly different (and his face would be perfect). Maybe give him a slight alteration in the face to seem more crazy (wider eyes or lower his eyes; or adjust the mouth to slightly wider proportion, like his chuckle). Another thing is the castle is hinted at in the background, just being the tips of the tower. It's too is washed out. I would of loved, I don't know, some different angling. Make it seem what it is....a den of sadness, frozen in time. It would not need to be lowered much, just enough to give that feeling. Like when in the game you arrived and the gloomful music overtakes you; realizing the true weight of the hero's quest, the terror capitulated on the retainer's faces. My thought would be make Dhoulmagus semi-transparent or fade out slightly, with the castle's outlay and thorns follow in the areas slightly and become more prominent on the full left side of the cover. Also the She-slime might need to repostion as well (not from the lineup but just angle her not so parallel to Yangus' head). Actually they might need to fix that with the entire team. I mean, the Hero's leap is awesome. However the cast is so perfectly lined up. Maybe make a slight adjustment so the image doesn't follow the exactness. The original cut off parts, but it gave the whole sense and, in that respect, made it more natural as things do not line up neatly hardly. I don't mind the missing Angelo (who you'd know join after a certain point, but was questionable in some regards and allowed focus on his character backstory) and two new additional party members being off the front cover. It doesn't lay out all the options at the beginning, which is great for new players. What is wrong is there is no Munchie! Seriously, he had so much influence in the game he deserves the cover art. Also he is there during the whole game. First part? Munchie running up to the Hero. I really liked the original's artwork cover since it gave the sense of exploration, fitting so well with the theme of "To a Vast/Strange World". However change can be good.
  2. Ditto to the PS4 (or WiiU...oh who am I kidding...) and the random encounter (okay, truth is I am fine either way mostly). As for the Hero and Jessica, they did drop some hints of her liking him, but it was one-sided (I remember it being party chat at the waterfall where the Princess can talk to the hero). I envisioned Jessica and Angelo becoming a couple more likely. Although I have been trying to avoid the extra content, I do hope they elaborate on the time the Hero and Princess grew closer prior to the curse.....it felt a little pushed in some ways in the original. Especially on parts relating to the piano playing and such: it seemed romantic...and the cursed castle theme always sounded like it had the piano, harp and voice blend together. Kind of relate to the scene with the raising of the boat.
  3. Wait, are you saying my ambience will be disrupted in DQ VIII! Horrid! I want to run along the ocean cliff and not be pushed off by monster, thank you very much
  4. Well, I mean you DO have a wagon... A flying bird spirit encased wagon!
  5. I'm waiting on the Dragon Quest III remake, and no mobile period!
  6. Hello ignasia, Thanks! I like reading through answers! Win-win! I have some glass bottles lying around, so I think I'll use those (they were Vick Vaporub and I think ancient medicine....whatever the case, it is blue). I'll boil the bottles prior though. I'll give a status update once I do it. The other problems from before are still present, but I think I will work on the GBA (cleaning and maybe figuring out backlighting) and DS (need to get the Paypal going) issues following.
  7. But_Thou_Must (excellent name bytheway) thanks for the indepth details. In honesty, I also was concerned with the slot realignment cause well, you know in the DS lite models how the corners would accumlate grime (dead skin particles, etc.) even if one was gentle on the system? Well I mean with the slot being so close and no cover over it, I always figured there could be a possibilty of the grime getting into there (especially if playing DS games. Although I guess I could make a fabric cover for that portion, so that would be solved). Then again the system is rounded corners, so maybe not so bad in that regard either. Another concern would be the battery and upgrading. Considering this, but would wish they drop the price: In my case, I don't mind the Original 3DS, but my model has had some "issues" and I rather not pay Nintendo when I can upgrade. Also, Kirby Robobot (with DDD amiibo!) and DQVIII on a slightly wider screen.... Also, while I can see the additional nub being useful for Smash attacks, it would help in titles which asked for the additional Circle Pad Pro (I think that's what it was called?) such as Kingdom Hearts DDD and Kid Icarus 3DS. Gosh, wonder if they will give those non-white ones a release already!
  8. Hiya. I know there are those on here who've purchased or upgraded to the New 3DS model (of one the two varieties). Anyhow, in you regards, the card slot's new placement, do you ever find your palm getting too close or popping out carts? That has been a concern in upgrading. Experience the screens touching when closed and scratching (I know the OEM 3ds did that, not sure if they fixed)? Also, in comparison to size (since hands small) is the screen as big or bigger than the OEM 3DS? XL seems large and heavy.... Shame the regular-sized New 3ds models in the US are only white thus far. Those in the UK with black variation who read this, how nice are they? Any color variation you would want other than white and black? I'd wish Nintendo release a blue variation or maybe Burgandy red. It's enviable for upgrade since DQVIII is coming....
  9. I think while it would be dandy for the mainstay titles, I would really like to play Terry's Wonderland or the 1st Rocket Slime through the eshop somehow...
  10. Hello ignasia, Thank you for your warm welcomeback. I think you are quite knowledgable. Your analytical data on the process is invaluable, as most postings would just indicate "rubbing alcohol and q tip" or suggest obtaining a glasses cleaner. I think the basics are better, as one has control over the process and be dealing with the known useful substance. When crafting the 2:1 rato formula, what sort of container did you pour the mixture into? How did you obtain the desired ratio (in that did you eye it out or actually use beakers)? With your experience, was the diluted water boiledwarmed or was room temperature adaquate? Did you save the remainer of the concoction within whatever you blend them in or was it easy to just make a small batch and pour out/dedicated the rest to cleaning something minor around the home? Edit: Almost forgot to ask. In the case of Iklear, the material is like the matted material (I think). So for a lens, would it leave lint or anything? I was thinking maybe this could work in the case of cleaning lens http://www.amazon.com/Cloth-Addiction-Microfiber-Screen-Cleaning/dp/B004VMM718
  11. I really would hope Nintendo would create something closer to what they had for the Gamecube where you could play Advance games in relation to the Wii U and 3ds. Or some sort of mini port with the card insert attached to the Wiiu. Or something where it was able to be on the screen optionally and you could use other controllers besides the 3ds. I mean, I read the hype on the NZ, but who knows how long that will take. Anyway, I agree, they should make Rapthorne's history. Maybe like they could make sense why all the bosses of Dragon Quest were in DQIX, in the sense you know there is a connection between the games somehow? Like parallel dimension stuff or whatever? Or just more Dragon Quest in general....
  12. Hello hello. I am so sorry for the lack of response. I just had a lot in these past months....ugh. Getting better. I've learn much from your wisdom ignasia, but haven't quite put it to use. I don't quite get it. 70% would produce residue, so would it not be best to try to keep the 99% rubbing alcohol pure? I mean, the solution 2:1 ratio (would bottled water suffice?) wouldn't it produce a film afterwards as well? Is it best to clean the solution gently to the lens or after using 99%? Is Apple Icleaner under the name of "Monster" as of present? Do you have any recommended brands of monitor cloth?
  13. Update to the whole story later: So I had opened the second copy I was concerned about (with the backwards wrapping). The damage in the case was indeed there and to my horror I found the top of the front cart bent inward (though no manual or other part of case was damaged). The pins were also showing signs of fading (the green underboard was visible in many spots, not from lines but more as patches). I tested the game to see if fine (as it was over a month later I got around to opening it). I would not load during first insert and had to clean pins (with Nintendo Cleaning kit brush- in a white case thing) and it behaved well for the most part afterwards. I played for maybe 8 hours worth in (got to The Arena and finished everything else but Samurai Kirby at that point). I found that the game had sound issues on and off, especially during the Metaknightmare section of taking the Halberd. In the end, contacted seller and returned for refund. Found another copy same day for average listing ($29) price new. What luck. This copy appears genuine and the wrapping is right. Have yet to play, but will be testing soon. I think third time's a charm.
  14. Hello. Just though I ask for a suggestion. So on 3DS models, the bumpers being too low and causing the lower belze to rub against the larger top screen seems to still occur. Apparently a design flaw, I guess. On 3DS XL and the "New" models, the borders around the screen are actually plastic of the case itself (as the DS Lite). The original launched model of 3DS however......had the shiny screen cover extending over the entire top section of the system. The bumpers too were redesigned, from separate entities you could remove to actual configurations of the case/shell. I ramble, so here is what I ask. I have an original 3DS model and I wanted to end the need to place a cloth everytime I close the system problem. Without sending it (at the moment). This topic listed an idea they came up with which actually is quite reasonable: http://handheldaddict.blogspot.com/2011/08/3ds-screen-scratches-avoidence-fix.html "pull bumpers out and place (...) under and reattach. It looks as new and holds the top screen high enough where it does not meet headfirst into the touch screen" etc, ect. Cool, just one question: if I do not have Wii sticky-tape-to-attach-sensor-on-top-of-tv-tape, what brand/item would substitute in quality for that special object? Oh and for those with the 3DS XL and "New" class, bumpers for under laptops and for under tables to extend the height or cease movement are the best solution apart from a microfiber cloth between the screens or at least the edge (to lift up higher). It could work on the original 3DS, but the sticky residue is a concern with the slick surface and longevity of how long they last, or just design wise (if picky).
  15. Maybe he means impressive? I mean, for a game running off servers maintained by Square Enix (which I guess they have not done something like hosting multiple players in one section of a world in high quatities in real time in another game series they have created or released) or Nintendo (who have done so, but more of set match up and controlled situations), it is surprising. So what would you call DQX? Yeah it is not a MMORPG, but it seems as a hybrid/alternative/evolution.
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