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  1. I rewatched the first part of Nintendo's Video E3 Event and I missed the Mother 3 "joke" the first time.. I feel bad for the community at Starman.net, they have it worse than us..

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    2. muddy120


      Well for one thing Mother fans got one of there games on the Wii U VC now, and there series is pretty popular at this point, DQ is obscure as hell so I don't get the point of "Mother fans have it worse than DQ fans" Mother 3 has a higher chance of release than any DQ game at this point

    3. muddy120


      Although we got the DQ VIII port out, I wouldn't say DQ is "popular" at least not as much as Earthbound is now

    4. RyuKisargi


      Mother 3 simply isn't going to come. Nintendo is content with the fans taking care of it. Notice no legal action has been taken on Mother 4.

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