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  1. Oh god, the Puzzle Swap theme has been bolted into my head ever since I first heard it. I find myself accidentally whistling to it at times..
  2. Beat Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil 6 with a friend. Highly recommend both to RE fans. Re6 may not be like the older RE games but it was still a lot of fun. Currently playing the original RE on my Galaxy S4.

  3. I can't kill KMS, all my characters are to slow for it. My party wasn't designed to fight metal slimes in the first place.. minus Yangus. Hero:Boomerang, Yangus: Axe, Jess:Staff, Ang:Bow So I decided I'll grind the old way I really can't explain why the grinding feels like such a chore in this game to me. It's a shame, it's killing the experience a bit.
  4. Welcome to the Den. Run and hide while you can..
  5. I rewatched the first part of Nintendo's Video E3 Event and I missed the Mother 3 "joke" the first time.. I feel bad for the community at Starman.net, they have it worse than us..

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    2. muddy120


      Idk I feel Mother 3 will come one day, the fanbase is too loud and aware at this point, but we'll see

    3. PantheonSasuke


      At least the Mother fans got some noticeable recognition :P

    4. MacaroniMan17


      Yeah this was also the first thought that crossed my mind. "Imagine if the guy he vaporized instead of mother had asked for a dq game. All hope'd be lost" It isn't a shout out or hint or anything, it's a pretty clear (and mean) message that they're sick of people bothering them about the game.

  6. Ol' Yangus has to stop visiting the bar in Pickham ;D
  7. Well this doesn't mean we won't get the rest of the mobile releases. Personally I have a large amount of DQ games to play so I don't mind.
  8. I had the save point.I had the equipment. I had to! It was coming eventually. Specially considering the 99:1 Male:Female ratio here.. lmfao
  9. Instead of being sad over the expected answer I'd rather thank Megalo for taking the time to go and do that for the community.
  10. I'm a little bit past Empycchu but I'm stuck at the boss. I can't find a proper place to grind.. the little island south west of the Dessert Chapel has LMS but they have run away from me each time I find one. Grinding in this game is seriously killing the experience for me, it makes me really sad to say that. I had no problem doing it in the other Dragon Quest games for some reason.
  11. Have a nice time! Everything is held in LA I swear.. anything that isn't in the PST time zone gets screwed over when it comes to stuff like this.
  12. Best Response 2014. Welcome to the forum Chicken! I feel like I'm going to develop a nickname for you if you stick around.. I can feel it coming.
  13. Nintendo's E3 video event.. one word: amazing.

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    2. Soulerisn


      Also the Wii U really needs some great game and its finally getting them.

    3. muddy120


      Yea DQ will show up probably tonight when they mention more 3ds titles at 7pm Pacific

    4. Ljink


      Hopefully DQ will show up in some shape or form. Did they take DQ9's success for granted? The more you starve others the more hungry they'll be so give us at least 1 DQ game Nintendo!

  14. I have my commencement ceremony today.. and yet all I care about is Nintendo's E3 games. Few more hours guys.. (and Atlus)

    1. KingFreakSlime


      Then you're feeling like me. Today's my Bday but i don't really care about it XD

    2. Plattym3


      Soul, have a wonderful day!

    3. Soulerisn


      Thanks Plattym, I graduate tomorrow!

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