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  1. Can't renew my WoW subscription until next week. Might just play Hearthstone in the mean time, but I'll miss my goblins while I'm gone.

  2. Haha, cute! Took me a minute to get the joke, but I laughed out loud when I did. :'D
  3. Just gonna drop a Trade Prince Gallywix here. EDIT: Colored part of this. Probably won't be doing the rest. Maybe another time with another picture. Actually did some minor shading with the jewelry and gold teeth.
  4. In no particular order. Phoenix Down - Final Fantasy Goblin Turbo-Trike - World of Warcraft Flying Machine - World of Warcraft Hearthstone - World of Warcraft Rock-It Launcher - Fallout Gold. So much gold. - Several games Anything that removes all "status effects" Anything that restores health And I can't think of two more right now.
  5. Going to AnimeZAP on Saturday. Going as either Napstablook or Luigi.
  6. Debating starting up Fable III again just so I can hoard a metric f-ton of gold.
  7. Thanks. :'D She was actually based on an already existing character of mine. Her name's Maxine, but that didn't sound very orcish. Hence the change to Moksheen. She's a buff soldier lady either way though, so I about had to make her a race that could break you in two. Dizi's also based on one of my older characters named Leslie but nicknamed Dizzy.
  8. Really, it's more the laugh around the start that gets stuck in my head than the song itself.
  9. Apparently, I'm watching One-Punch Man again. I need something new as well though. But nothing else has really interested me recently. Welp.
  10. See, that I can see as a little more... Subjective I guess? I personally either like the new ones or think they're at least okay. But it's something I can agree to disagree on because, yeah. The same things don't all appeal to everyone. Like I said. It's just that... Weird, nostalgic denial some people have where ice cream with a face is a lazy, uncreative idea, but a group of eggs with faces is fine.I think that's what really gets my eyes rolling. Maybe I generalized a bit in my original post.
  11. Nah. I was pretty much exclusively an RPG gamer back when the early Rayman games were around. Heck, even with Mario I was more likely to play SMRPG than any of the main series. By the time I expanded to other genres, the hype for Rayman had kind of died down so I just never got around to playing the games.
  12. Well, there is a significant drop in difficulty that wasn't present in the old games. If you make a list of everything it adds up quite a bit. I played Yellow version again in early 2015 and it was crazy how much harder Gen 1 is than just Gen 3, much less Gen 6. Starting with Gen 4 they REALLY began neutering the challenge in Pokémon. Sent from my Nexus 6 Yeah, I can't deny the drop in difficulty. And people who don't play because they're looking for something with more of a challenge is more than understandable. Although to be fair, I also understand casual players who prefer easier g
  13. Yeah, think a lot of people who were around for the first couple of generations are kind of nostalgia blinded. Painfully so. I admit I used to kind of be like that, but then I took a step back and realized Voltorb and Electrode were just pokeballs with faces. And Dugtrio/Magneton were nothing but three of their respective pre-evolved forms in a cluster. There's hit and miss Pokemon designs in every generation, and even the miss ones I don't think are really that bad. Of course, Weezing will always be my favorite even though it's sort of just a Koffing cluster too. Not even sure why. Maybe
  14. Hm, For PS2, Okage maybe? Or Shadow Hearts? I'd also say pretty much anything Gust. But particularly Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia. For PS1, maybe Azure Dreams. The translation is horrendous in some places... A lot of places. But it's pretty fun as far as mystery dungeon type games go. Maybe Clock Tower if you're interested in trying a kind of point and click survival horror.
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