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  1. So as most of you know, the PS4 version and 3DS versions each have their own exclusive content. 2D mode for example has been stated to always be exclusive to the 3DS version. That being said, the Nintendo Switch version, especially with a longer development time is very likely to have its own exclusive, or new content. I think voice acting is one possibility. It has been said that one of the reasons why voice acting was left out was because the script generally has to finalized a long time in advance for voice work to be done in a timely manner, but the script kept changing nearly up
  2. Ok so it may be "based around" the IX engine, but it feels different to me. The way the world map is set up is probably the most similar thing (I.E broken into small sections with different screens to load). But things definitely feel a lot smoother, the graphics are less cel shady and more colorful and 3D looking. The walking animations look better and different characters have more noticable height differences (a lot of this stems from the fact that your characters aren't created by you with a few options). And then there's the battles. The battles couldn't look more different. Firs
  3. Getting the special rewards from these download lithographs will require you to clear the dungeon once (and you only get the specific reward once, but you can still replay the dungeon and delete it and redownload it as much as you want). Some of the bosses are a bit tough. I mean nothing is super unbeatable and insanely hard but some of them have over 10K health and can hit pretty hard/get multiple turns. They actually have a recommended level associated with them, and typically range from level 30 to 70. But honestly if you know what you're doing you won't have a problem. It's more
  4. So it's been a while, and that's one of the earlier scenarios in the game, but I do remember that part, and I think I even remember a part where the robot was making food for the scientist not knowing he's been dead for a long time. I'm pretty sure that blond maid is just a random maid who doesn't say anything too special, Like maybe she just observes the situation, but I could be wrong. I did just load up my file (end game file where the final dungeon is revealed) and went to Zebbot's place though, and that blond maid wasn't there. I travelled to the past and present, and nobody was in
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but the mobile version of DQVII in Japan isn't orchestral. I'm certain it's the same as the music which we heard during the Tree House gameplay footage. So technically this isn't a uniquely western music change.
  6. I will admit that with most of my favorite characters, I tend to like them almost immediately, but Maribel was an exception. Firstly I wanna state that you get the most personality out of her via party chat. So make sure you use party chat as much as you can! At first I didn't think much of her.. I actually found her to be pretty rude and intimidating. She'd always comment on how certain situations should be a certain way.. which I eventually begun to find really humorous to be honest. Little did I realize, but over time I'd be using party chat mostly because I was curious about Mar
  7. Ok, so more newbie questions. Firstly, where do you get the housing kit? And secondly, I'm wondering if it's possible to buy accessories from the bazaar? I mean items like glasses, rings, belts..etc.. I feel like I've checked almost every category but not seeing them. I'm guessing you can't, and you gotta go them through rare drops, quests, mini medal exchange..etc... but can anyone confirm this? If they are available in the bazaar, what category am I looking for?
  8. Ohh, ok, well I completed the equipment bag 25-50 quest, and working on the +50 to storage quest (both which help a ton, so thanks!), but I'm curious about like... how do you even get a house? Is it something you get after a certain period of time in the story, or you gotta buy one or pick stuff in the menus properly? whenever I go to the housing area it just kind of lets me visit housing channels.. but all the options are so kanji heavy that I don't really know what I'm picking.
  9. I got another newbie-ish kind of question. So I've been having issues with my inventory, mostly storage related. I did the quest to upgrade my bag space to 30, which helps a lot, but I'm wondering if there's anyway to get more storage besides 50 items in the bank? I haven't bothered looking at any of the housing stuff, but does that let you store more things (like have it's own storage separate from the bank? or does it have a storage just for decoration stuff) I have that and played it. Yeah, you earn items in the game that you can send over to your main account once per day.
  10. I've got a question about logging out. Up until... a few days ago I've only been logging out via talking to the priest (the most traditional Dragon Quest way in my mind) I recently started logging out via ã•ãã›ã‚“ー>Bottom left option twice... and, well one time I logged in after doing that and there was some kind of message about support?. I'm just wondering.. are we not supposed to be logging out from that area? Is it more of an emergency log out or an "I'm stuck" kind of thing? Is it considered "less safe" for character data being stored on the server, or anything like that logging
  11. I've got another newbie-ish question about having the emblems from the story and traveling~ Does getting the second emblem supposed to unlock access to 2nd village of a continent via train, or some kind of unwrite-able ruura stone for a town in that continent? I'm asking this question because in a lot of Cranberry's tutorial videos she mentions that getting to certain towns seems to be easier if you have said emblem. If so, what do I need to do specifically to get whichever thingy it does?
  12. Ok so I can't believe I'm having a problem with this quest, but I can't figure out why the game won't let me complete the Concierge quest (quest 032). I was able to accept the quest just fine, and I can see it in my log. I know exactly which enemy I need to defeat and where they are, but the quest item never drops no matter what (I've killed tons of the sword enemy). Whenever I go to my quest menu and press Y on it, a message pops up that seems to say that I can't do the quest now (I can't read the full message though), and thus whenever I encounter the quest enemy, I don't even see like the
  13. So... Was just the Deus Ex stuff the whole "Square Enix 2016 E3 conference"? It kind of wouldn't surprise me, since basically everything they've shown last year either came out recently, or is yet to come out in North America. That plus they are pretty big projects (I'd be quite surprised if they were working on all these new games then came to this E3 with like 5 big new announcments), and games like FFXV are already having their events. And we know KH III won't be this year either. Plus Nintendo would be localizing the 3DS DQs, so they'll show it off (well VII at treehouse, and more prob
  14. Very nice! I'd love to see more if you're up for subbing more of the story, but if not then don't worry about it. A lot of the story already kind of makes sense to me just knowing the introduction now.
  15. Ok so I remember reading this on some random wiki about the game (but not 100% on the details). I think I recall there being some kind of daily login thingy that you should be able to get each day you play DQH2. From what I remember it's just supposed to be a genki ball (the item that gives you more EXP for like 3 minutes) or a metal key (which gives you access to those metal slime maps when you talk to Rikka/Erinn at the inn). Can anyone confirm like.. how this works (where do you get daily item?), or if it's even true at all?
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