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  1. No But I honestly thing its my favorite. Definitely a big fans of the setting, art style and pretty much everything about it haha.
  2. I went for round 2 against Baramos. I think I ended in like 5 turns? Just a total massacre. Hero 37, Fighter 33, Sage 31 , Sage 34 I equipped the AGL scarf on the hero and My fighter actually crit against him. he was a cake walk. I think I might of been overleved. I'm also the richest man in Aliahan with all that gold.
  3. Literally after I read this post my fighter crit and killed 3 liquid metal slimes.( not the same battle) Any metal king slimes in this game?
  4. Sounds like I need to train. Man isn't a big jump though from 27 * that's the level before I changed classes and decided to train* to around 34? Or was I really under leveled before? Didn't feel like it. Well guess I'm sticking with a fighter for a while although with the starry/meteorite bracelet he is at 255 agl. If I can find 10 more minimedals/tiny I can get the dragon claw which looks way better then the golden claw but I doubt that I can get 80 medals before Baramos. Let me know if I can/ if its been done. Guess I will keep leveling.
  5. That might take awhile. Is Baramos castle the best place to train? Those living statue/ Stonemen are Killer.
  6. Ok so Baramos kicked my ass. I don't know if changing my fighter now would be a good idea or not. Hero 30, Fighter 20, Sage 19, Sage 26. Definitely thought I was over prepared with my Hero being 30. I got cocky. My mistake. I feel like the fighter has no good equipment but with the meteorite/starry bracelet it says he has the highest def? What going's on here? going to grind for a while longer I guess. Maybe 3-5 levels should do.
  7. Anybody got any Figures sales? I'm looking for those chapter of heaven ones or any really. I don't need the following DQ I Hero carrying Princess DQ II Prince Cannock DQ III Hero, Male Merchant, Female Warrior, Female Cleric DQ IV Borya, Kyril, Meera, Torneko,Ryan McRyan, Male Hero DQ V Hero, Bianca, Child Bianca, Son, Daughter DQ VI Mily, Carter, Ashlynn Any figure really. I'm looking to expand my dragon quest collection.
  8. Yeah maybe on my next playthrough but I'm trying to get it done soonish so I can go back and finish DQIX. I'm at the last boss or pretty much near it in that game and I CANNOT RESET it since I will lose all those guest characters. I took way too long of a break from it and forgot a lot of the story. But I think there's a feature in that game to read/catch up. Also Playing DQ swords. My wrist hates me. And Playing DQ heroes (super long subtitle) on ps4. Yeah December is pretty much my Dragon quest month. But healing for all would be great but so far its never been an issue. But I
  9. Yeah its called the Starry bracelet. SO far the fighter is BOSS but his attack is not reaching the damage my soldier was. So far its Hero 29, Fighter 18, Sage 18, Sage 25. The sages are the best. Just perfect. I can't see myself losing. Plus as previously mention there the bikinis which will change the sprites so it won't feel like twins for long. The hero is pretty boss with the valiant personality. Really great attack. I might just keep him a fighter for Baramos. Not 100% sure yet.
  10. (ugh it didn't save what I typed) I tried a test run. I changed my soldier into a sage and my cleric into a soldier. It did not feel right. I felt the warrior mp was too low and not worth the change. Also her MP felt like it was stunted. 71 is decent but why would I really need a 3rd healer? ( my cleric was ordinary most of the levels so really nothing extraordinary stat wise) I also felt the new warrior sage was quite strong. He sure as hell could hit hard but he felt squishy. And his Mp growth was abysmal. ( like sure he had decent attack but like maybe 30 mp ish at level 10)
  11. So what level would you recommended for class change? I was waiting till 31 for Heallus/heal all. I might change my warrior to fighter since it helps his speed? I'm about the get the last orb at Gondo cave Hero M 26 ( Valiant) Warrior M 25 (fearless) Cleric F 25 (sexy) Sage F 20 (sexy)
  12. Hey guys this question been asked at other forums but I could not find it asked here. Do you consider it cheating using a FAQ to play Dragon quest games ( Specifically older games?) Different play style? Getting the most out of your game? Hand holding? Efficient way to play the game? Ruins the fun? You'd be a fool not to? Lose that sense of discovery? What are your thoughts/arguments for or against? I've included a poll. Personally right now I'm split. I've played many a games blind and there's a ton of fun in that and figure stuff out yourself definitely gives a sense of acco
  13. Thanks for the info. I am leaning towards changing my warrior simply because I'd be interested to see the higher then normal str stat and hp sage. Again I'd like to do use the zen book so I'd rather try two sages and see what that gives me. My jester sage is pretty kick ass right now. Will my Warrior/Sage lack mp? With the sacred bikini info I think for sure I'll change my cleric to warrior in order to have a powerful warrior/ that can heal a bit.
  14. Hey guys, Finally getting down to finishing this game once and for all. I got it on launch when I was kid but got distracted by life and growing up and stuff. Now I finally got to Dharma but I'm facing a bit more of a conundrum that I anticipated. Who should be my second sage? I'm actually considering my Soldier for the single reason I'd have one male sage and one female sage. I know its recommended for cleric/pilgrim or a mage/wizard but for purely cosmetic reason I'd like to have two different sprites. My Cleric is female so it be the same sprite twice. Call me crazy
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