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  1. There aren't that many new features, but it isn't as if the 3DS version is lacking for content. If you've played that version, you probably don't need to do this one unless you want to do competitive battling or something, but if you haven't and can get your hands on this one, I'd recommend it.
  2. At some point I'll probably go through and make a list of all the errors, at least in those two games, but I'd be curious to know which sources you used. If you can read Japanese, I'd recommend using https://game-cap.com/terry3ds/ and https://kamigame.jp/dqm2_sp/page/117003353703055367.html for those two games. The former doesn't have pictures, but the latter one does, so you should be able to cross-check the names. Please don't take the inaccuracies as censure, as this is still impressive.
  3. Just by quickly scanning through, there are some errors in the Dragon Quest Monsters pages, at least for the 3D remakes (Drackies still appear in DWM2 3DS; Prestidigitators don't appear in Terry's Wonderland, nor do "Legerdemans"; the "Iron Scorpion" appears in both, although it's a palette swap of the Armorpion and not the smaller Scorpion, and thus shouldn't be marked as present in regards to its DW1 incarnation; certainly no other Scorpion palette swaps appear in either; and the Knights Abhorrent appear in neither—and I'm sure there are more beyond DW1 monsters). Regardless, great work, and I like how you include monsters from the mobile ports and such too.
  4. Most of the new monsters are from DQ11. They're still updating this as they find more breeding recipes, but https://game8.jp/dqm2/346570 has a list. It's in Japanese, but you should be able to recognize the pictures.
  5. I think you just need a Japanese method of payment, at least on an iPhone. I'm not sure how hard that is to set up, but I can't imagine there's too much involved. It's probably easier than trying to jailbreak a 3DS.
  6. I suspect that on the DWM front, they've recently been focusing on the mobile ports of the 3DS games.
  7. I don't think I used a guide when I played, and I didn't have any particular issues with the Japanese. If you're still at that point, you need to: -kill Tantamounts (the red horses) until they drop an item -go back to the ocean area until you find a Tri-Winder (the orange snake thing) and kill it -kill Rigor Mortex
  8. The closest you'll find to competitive DWM2 these days is speedrunning.
  9. For something a bit more open-ended, maybe "compete in speedrunning a DQ/DW game of any type with someone else?" There are plenty of DW1 randomizer races on Twitch, for example, and the creative members here could probably find someone who plays the same game that they do and agree on a category. If anything, it may encourage people to dig through their collections and think a bit more about some things.
  10. There's also one for DWM2 posted in the Dragon Warrior Monsters subforum that works quite well.
  11. For speedrunning purposes, unless you're doing something exotic, you'll probably be using Grizzlys and HornBeets, maybe something like a WhipBird if you're feeling fancy. Those are all easy to get quickly and are better than everything else you could be using.
  12. At this point I've effectively memorized the DWM2 breeding chart, or at least everything remotely relevant. I played through its 3DS remake, which was fun, as well as Joker 3 Pro, which was slightly less fun because without WiFi access I couldn't do everything. Joker 2 Pro wasn't that bad either. I might try to pick up Caravan Heart at some point, but I don't think so.
  13. Sorry for the somewhat necro, but I completed a "not-speedrun" speedrun earlier today, trying to test out a few different possible options if someone wanted to go for a truly optimized playthrough, ending up with about a 4 hour time or slightly less. Some differences from the route above: -I didn't bother with a GiantWorm, I bred my Armorpede directly with one of the Orcs (you can recruit one from the "Beavern" battle and get Biino after beating Oasis) to save time. I bred that HornBeet with the Armorpede from the Arena to get better stats, and this lasted me for the entire run. -For most of Pirate, I used a team of an Orc, the BigEye "CurseLamp", and a HaloSlime, as the HaloSlime knew three very important skills of HealMore, Revive(!!!), and Sleep. Given how tanky it was, this made it very easy to go through all the boss battles. I switched out the Orc for Squiz when I recruited it. -I recruited a Wyvern from Oasis to breed with the Shadow to get a MadGoose, and I recruited a Pixy to breed with "Squiz" to get a Merman, all for a WhipBird that was ready to go before "BombCrag". The only Metaly grinding I did was to get the MadGoose and Merman to sufficient levels to learn TwinHits and such, meaning I was able to get a WhipBird with both breath attacks, HealAll, Vacuum, TwinHits, PaniDance, and Revive, which I used for the rest of the run -For my last party member, I bred the other Orc with a Dumbira to get a Grizzly with MetalCut and RainSlash for some easier battling, and I bred that with the Golem ("BombCrag") to get a Roboster with very strong stats. I bred the Grizzly, despite it having better attack growth, because its other stats were awful; the Roboster also had strong attack while being quite tanky too, and TwinHits+QuadHits is the optimal way to take care of most bosses in Sky and Limbo. -I made sure to get as many TinyMedals as possible, which as it turned out wasn't terribly necessary; since the OrcaCape and WarRing sell for a ton of gold too, I didn't actually need to go overboard, but it definitely makes things easier. -To compensate for not doing any breeding or grinding beyond the bare minimum (I defeated three Metabbles in the cave and used a Repellent because it's a massive time sink actually killing them), I used my excessive amounts of gold to buy WorldDews, which I spammed during battles so my monsters could focus on dealing as much damage as possible. Defense is for cowards. The hardest section in the run besides Kid's Class is probably Metabble cave simply because it's hard to deal enough damage quickly. Ice World is quite easy if you're dealing enough damage (and by using three of the best monsters in the game you certainly are), and Sky and Limbo are cakewalks after that. I'm pretty sure with better routing and RNG (I spent 10 minutes trying to find a Wyvern of a different gender until just going with one to match my Shadow, and I think I could have gone for WorldDews earlier), you could get this under 3 hours. Random encounters can be avoided with Repellents probably after you level up your Roboster to 15 or so, which should happen without too much effort, excluding the encounter or two in Metabble cave, where you really want to get critical hits early. Otherwise, it's just not worth the experience, as you get a hefty amount from boss battles and you don't want to waste MP. Being sure to recruit ArmyAnt on your first pass through Oasis also helps, as well as finding things like the female Pixy quickly (you want a Pixy to pass TwinHits to your WhipBird later). The Roboster may be an unnecessary indulgence, but I don't know if the Grizzly would survive.
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