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  1. A bit late, but there are some good resources if you read Japanese. I recommend dqmj3.com . I don't know of any English sources, unfortunately.
  2. If you soft-reset on the disk machine post-game, you should be able to get some there too. Also check the black portals you sometimes find on the overworld; the ones that have wild monsters will sometimes have them to scout.
  3. Monsters in I believe all the DWM games past and including Joker 2 Professional get rank upgrades at +25, +50, and +100. They'll get better stat growth and additional traits.
  4. I can go through and make some better translations at some point, although I don't know when I'll be able to get around to that. If there are any specific things that you want a translation for that you aren't able to find elsewhere, I can do that, although a complete one would have to wait for a few weeks.
  5. I'd definitely recommend DWM2 out of the four you mentioned, and maybe its remake if you can play it; there's also thinks like Joker 3 Professional for the Japanese games, but the latter loses a lot of its functionality without network connectivity. There is also a randomizer for DWM2 if you get bored playing the original.
  6. Are you planning on doing some sort of breeding database at some point? Every single combination is of course impossible, but showing how the generic breeding chains for each family up to rank A could be useful, especially showing how non-generic monsters fit into that. That would be somewhat arduous of a task I'm guessing. I'll be very excited to look through this when it's finished.
  7. I believe it unlocks after you beat BattleRex, if you're thinking of the one with the MadKnight and the Lipsy.
  8. I think our consensus was that it's perfectly believable that something like this could happen, although any glitchy effects were probably due to the cartridge being jostled than something in-game, or a combination of both; however, I don't know if anyone has tried to replicate this thoroughly, but we decided it was unlikely that some arbitrary combination of things in-game could cause this when the alternate hypothesis is more likely. This does warrant further investigation, however.
  9. Chocolate Golem in your Rainbow Egg list is incorrect I believe, as you can only get that from StreetPass and the Japanese corresponds to one of the Watabou/Warubou variations. "Hell Boxle" would be better translated as "TreeBoy," as that's what it was in DWM1 and DWM2. Not too important, but I noticed that when scanning what you had. As a tip for filling out the item drops, as it's kind of a pain to figure those out otherwise, making the cheapest Magic Keys, checking your library for any unknown item drops you have for those monsters, then grinding to get those drops from what you find and hoping other monsters have those same drops is a somewhat efficient method of doing that. Great work so far!
  10. I believe the foreign master locations, as well as the lists of potential monsters, are also in the game-cap database I posted previously. If there's any info you're missing for the project, I can look through the website to see if I can find it in the Japanese text.
  11. I wouldn't call it "superior in every way"; his has more features, but yours is playable for the entire game without crashing or any noticeable AI quirks. Ideally a third randomizer for this game would combine the features in both for something that has the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, he has no plans to revise his randomizer in the immediate future, so there's that. With any luck somebody else will look into this game a bit more.
  12. I have the game and a pretty thoroughly completed save file; let me know if you need anything. I can also read Japanese fairly well. For DQM2, I've always used http://game-cap.com/dqm2/ as reference. It's all in Japanese, but it's thorough for most things besides item drops.
  13. I believe DQ5 has a credits warp, and DQ3 definitely has something very similar, although I'm not sure if that's strictly counted as a credits warp. Some of these may be TAS only, but they definitely exist.
  14. I mean, this could be an elaborate troll, of course, but for one, there are credits warps in other DQ games, and it isn't like NES games aren't known for being buggy. I'm going to assume this can be replicated until proven otherwise, although the caveat with that is that we don't know exactly what triggered it. If I had a NES or NES emulator with DW1 on it, I'd be trying to replicate this as much as possible to see if I could trigger anything. NESCardinality is streaming right now; I'll see if he's gotten word of this.
  15. Interesting... this could open up possibilities even besides speedrunning the game. Many people have created things like Pong in different games using Arbitrary Code Execution; I wonder if it would be possible even on a NES game. Do you remember what enemies you fought before the game started slowing down?
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