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  1. WOW indeed... looking tres magnifique!! can't wait for the finished product, it's gonna be fantastic to have such a wonderfully detailed tileset map. a tip of the hat to you, sir
  2. @KG: many thanks for sharing your process, that definitely clears a lot of things up for me (although it is still quite the process!) The script is genius, and will prove invaluable. Many thanks again for your efforts, it is much appreciated!!
  3. ok, this is just AWESOME!! Fantastic work, KZ As for some feedback - I'd honestly be happy with either version of the map (ground level or skystone level), not looking for something 100% perfect (although yours is pretty damn close!). If you have the time, perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing your process for doing this? I know you mentioned it briefly in my previous post about DW7 maps, but if you are able to go a little bit more in depth, then perhaps some of us could either help with this map, or create maps for other games using the same method. Can't wait to see the finished product, keep up the great work!
  4. @Zenith: ahhhh, ok, i kinda know what you're talking about. i'll look into it more, it's a little outside my knowledge base, but something i definitely want to explore. that DWVIII map strip is sick! Would love to see the whole thing when completed @Dwaine: I've never heard of the v-jump guide, is there a scan of it somewhere? (or could there be? *winkwink* ) I have the prima guide, which is alright, but woefully lacking in detail (like a friggin' world map!)
  5. @King Zenith: try these: WTWs Field (press SELECT to activate, START to deactivate) D00C9962 FFF7 800C1C0A FFA6 D00C9962 FFFE 800C1C0A 0000 OR WTWs World Map Only D01301E0 04B8 801301E2 2400 I haven't tested these, even though I do have a gameshark (which I promptly borked after getting it used from ebay a couple weeks ago any experience fixing those things? lol) BTW this is the method that I was using (using the floating rock), but I only played with a few screenshots, trying to match them up, so far. I really haven't had time to sit down and play around with it yet, maybe this weekend. Let me know if you make any headway
  6. Well, a tileset is what I had in mind (for making my own), but really ANY map (with locations listed (towns & dungeons)) would be welcome (and much appreciated!)
  7. @Erdrick - let me know what you come up with, I've been considering doing this as well. As King Zenith mentioned tho, it's NOT easy - even doing screen grabs with an emulator, they don't exactly match up. I'd like to know how they got the dungeon maps for the guide - it appears as tho they are "tilesets", although perfectly pieced together. That being said, i'd be fine with a map with a tileset that wasn't 100% aligned, as long as it was close. If you have any ideas, throw them my way, maybe we can work something out.
  8. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has links to world maps for Dragon Warrior 7 (with town names). There seems to be quite a dearth of these online... the only one I can find with town names is a hand-drawn one, and it doesn't include all towns/dungeons, or show regions. If anyone has anything it would greatly appreciated!
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