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  1. There was one event that returned and ended on the 31/07 involving FFXIV. With a Moogle as the quest giver giving a coin to fight against Sabotender/Cactuar.
  2. Seems there is an update regarding NX. Looks like it is under consideration. Looking forward to the PS4 version. Hopefully it gets localized, if not, at least I got a way to comfortably play on the couch.
  3. I think it is more of a case that Win10 isnt officially supported, at least DQX runs perfectly fine for me on Win10. Maybe it is more of a case that they cant guarantee it will work with every PC for now, or wont give support if any problem occurs for now under Win10.
  4. Tried clearing your cookies, or opening a private/incognito browser and then use the VPN to try and purchase it?
  5. You might want to try and see if you are able to purchase from Amazon 1st. The price is cheaper compared to the SQEX shop, and you don´t have to deal with the extra cost of purchasing WebMoney card. Maybe search for a guide on how to use the JP store if you are uncertain. Amazon Link
  6. It is more like a pre-paid card. If you purchase from Play-Asia you get a code that contains for example 2000Yen that you can use to pay for Crysta.
  7. Ashes and Cranberry are multiplying
  8. Shouldn´t need a lot of space if it is streamed, and it does accept foreign funds. Problem however is if I remember right, is that you are required to have a cellphone contract with Docomo to make use of the mobile version of DQX.
  9. I think you can. just provide your info. I don't see the option for recruiting team members as NPC's on the team menu. I tried to teleport to the team meeting place but I don't have access yet so I don't know if the option is there. You can recruit them from the bar, by filtering it to search for only Team members.
  10. The 3DS version costs an extra 500Â¥+tax. Assuming the SE account and NNID are linked, perhaps the problem is in only paying the 1000Â¥ for the subscription itself, and not the 500Â¥ extra in usage fee for the 3DS? Not sure if there is any other places to pay for that fee besides the e-shop.
  11. How much does it cost to use the 3DS version? Is it 1500Â¥ + subscription for the game per month. Or only 1500Â¥ per month?
  12. I think it was from this site. Where you get the SoftEther client, as well as a plugin that gives you a list of servers to connect to. The server the country belongs to is listed.
  13. After opening the program you will click on a field that will bring up a list of servers to connect. After clicking on the server you are interested in, it will connect, and it will show that you are connected to it. Right clicking on it will give you an option to disconnect. After you have disconnected everything is back to normal. 1: Open the server list. 2: Choose a server, click on it to connect. 3: Right click on it, choose disconnect. Your connection is back to how it used to be without the VPN The computer isn't in front of me, so the exact details might not be completely correct, but that is the general gist of it.
  14. I haven´t had any problems with mine. From the ones I have used: - SoftEther requires you to simply disconnect the VPN when you are done. - The one I am using now "Amazon EC2" + "Putty" + "Proxifier", requires a bit more work to set up, but there are guides out there and shouldn't be difficult. Having set it up, I have made it so that only DQX connects to the VPN, while the rest remains the same as usual.
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