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  1. So happy I decided to main Thief right now. I mean look at all of the good things, they're really spoiling me with this update. AND blue treasure chests spawning more often (and with new treasures!), meaning I actually get to hunt for treasure again! 'bout damn time. (grumpy fisherman face) They're really not clear about whether the マホステ change applies ONLY to Sage's spell version, or whether the Spell Guard skill from Shields will be changed in the same way. They share the same icon and are effectively exactly the same skill, so I don't see why it wouldn't affect shields, but we'll just have to wait and see. Predicting this now though: the very next update will shorten the amount of time that マホステ decides to stick around for. Wait. I feel like I missed something really appealing... brb growing all of the treasure flowers. all of them.
  2. 50 minimedals. No, it's still just magic that it nullifies. They're changing it to work like Bounce (マホカンタ) where it'll continue to nullify all spells until its effect time wears off, as opposed to wearing off after being hit by a single spell. Expect it to be as short-lasting as Bounce otherwise it's going to be broken as all hell (hint: this change also applies to the Shields skill "Spell Guard", which is just マホステ copy-pasted into Shield skills with a name change.)
  3. Well, today I finished up my HP and Attack Shinpi Cards, while my Deftness one is sitting at 4/4/2. Thanks to that, I now have over 600 Deftness as a Thief, and that's with a rather shoddy pair of gloves that I really need to replace soon. The next milestone will be completing my Evil Spirits Mask and getting up to 20% Coup de Grace chance at the start of battle. With that out of the way I'm probably gonna start focusing on Sage and Priest stuff kinda soon. I don't even remember what my Magic Might on my Mage is, but considering the shoddy state of my bargain bin Mage gear, likely the only reason I've bluffed my way this far is actually equipping the Intelligence Bangle (which eats up my Gloves equipment slot...) and that +8% Fire Spell Damage belt. I mean sure, I've beaten Majinga with that gear, but I'm really not a very good Mage at all. So I figure the least I could do is make my Sage at least twice as useful as that to make up for it. I could use some input weapons-wise though, because I'm seeing a lot of options and I just plain don't have the skill points to cover them all. For a Sage, Bows or Boomerangs? Bows give the full-party Kirapon that lasts for 1 time only but can be used fairly often, plus the skill that reduces resistance to Light-type damage. Boomerangs have the absurdly useful Dual Breaker which massive reduces the enemy's resistance to status effects, having a MUCH higher success rate than the single-target Sage skill of the same effect. 'Course I could always just switch between the two whenever I have 20k gold handy, I just need to figure out which one I'm likely to be using more regularly. Paladin, though... I'll be blunt. I am not the person to go to for that class. I ONCE beat Strong Atlas as a naked Paladin with some help from a Superstar in holding him back, but everyone who was there for that fight considered the victory a miracle and suddenly understood exactly why I should never, ever be trusted to take care of that role in battle ever again. Anyone who's played with me recently will know exactly why this is - hint, it involves me getting hit by every single attack ever, even the ones that should by all rights be extremely easy to dodge.
  4. Dark Nebulus is just... ugh. The fight is so long and draining that I never want to do it again if I can avoid it, but I can certainly offer advice on it. First thing you need to know: The boss is located in the basement of the True Pyramid. That means you need to be at least that far in the story quests before you can think about challenging him. Next, you're probably gonna need 2 Priests. And 2 Mages unless you have a couple of nigh-invincible Battlemasters (even then, Mages are honestly better for this fight overall). Being a magic-heavy party, you're gonna need a LOT of MP recovery items. Magic Waters, Sage Waters, whatever you can get. Optionally you can have a 5th person stand just outside of the battle as either Ranger or Item Master, and have them cheer for you constantly during the fight. The reason for this is both Ranger and Item Master's cheers have a chance to automatically charge the 必殺 (Coup de Grace) of the party they're cheering for, which for Mages is No MP Cost for a limited time. I managed to beat it without this 5th person, but it REALLY would've helped. Also, he will call for backup fairly often, and you're gonna want to take care of these pretty fast because the constant jumping can wipe your party in seconds flat. The final thing would be: Use the map to your advantage. Lure the boss to a pillar before starting the fight for real, because using that pillar to hide behind during the actual fight can and will save you if you're clever about it. I've been practicing with Priest as an aside to my Sage training, but I can only really offer my hand in really specific situations. Namely, those that don't require 100% guard against status effects. Because, y'know. My Priest is kinda naked at the minute, and will be for the foreseeable future. I mean I do have Kirapon and any other 100% necessary Stick skills, but you don't always get the chance to Kirapon everyone during battle, and Disruptive Waves wipe it anyway... so, yeah. I'll slowly work on buying Priest gear that my Sage can also equip, it's just not as high a priority as getting those new gloves for my Thief right now. Although if I decide to main Sage like I've been considering, it may just shoot upwards on the priority list a little.
  5. My Silver Rosary is still far from complete, but so is my Spirits Mask. I'll start dividing my SP lottery card winnings evenly between Strong Belial and Strong Spirits, since a 25% survival rate Rosary is incredibly tempting AND Strong Belial is far easier to defeat on his lonesome... which kinda defeats the point of making him a "Strong" boss in the first place, but hey, I'm not complaining (not until my Rosary is complete anyway, tee hee hee).
  6. Oh, was that one of the places that got a new Zoom stone point? I'll go make one there too then, that's pretty darn handy.
  7. I still have about 8 Metabble coins left, plus I'm keeping a hold of the Zoom stones to the remaining level cap quest locations, so I can definitely help out with those again. The Dowa board quest was actually made really simple and a lot quicker to complete recently, I don't actually remember if anyone mentioned that on here. It's no longer on the bottom floor of the dungeon, but the top floor now, and it's even right next to the entrance. Might be worth getting that out of the way first, since it'll make the level cap quests go a lot faster. Especially the next one, because it involves running through Baddley valley to the other end of the map (twice, even), which can take quite a while on foot.
  8. Well, today was one of the most fun days I've had in quite a while. Started out with Saigan's stream (which was early morning for me, being in England and all), which went pretty great. Got him up several levels and burned through all but 2 of the level cap limit break quests, meanwhile I got to (finally!) max out my Ranger to Lv85 in the process. Now I can use bows on Sage and Item Master, hooray! It was a good time, I had a lot of fun during the stream. I logged off for a while, came back, and started doing the weekly Lendashia quests for the huge EXP, and picked up a hilarious request scroll in the process. When I told Cran about it, she INSISTED that I take her along and we grant the wishes of the one who sent it. As far as flavor text goes, it's one of the most hilarious request scrolls I've ever had. She recorded the quest itself as a "Here's this silly thing called a request scroll you can sometimes find" tutorial video (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong, Cran), so I'll let her upload that for people to watch. Can't have me going spoiling it in advance, y'know? After that I did the weekly Trial Gate bosses and maxed out my Martial Artists as well, while also getting another couple of my pet monsters to the level cap. All that remains of my classes are Monster Tamer at 76 and Dancer at 52 now. That said, I only have proper equipment for like... 4 classes. And they're all weird ones. Hooray, variety. Finally, before logging off, I decided to drag Krw into the Strong Evil Spirits cards I've been pestering him about. The party we went with was Dancer (Krw), Thief (me), Minstrel and Priest (a couple of my Japanese friends).
  9. Just posting this ahead of time because I know Saigan's mailbox is still packed with like 2 years' worth of event mail: Saigan, I've got a 2-star Critical Hit Burger for you to use during the Metal coin runs. Basically it boosts your critical hit rate by 3% or so, dodge rate by 3% or so, and EXP gained by 20% (or was it 30%, I forget) for half an hour. In other words, the perfect meal for Metal hunting. It also has 5 uses before it vanishes, so 2 and a half hours' worth of EXP boost in total. I'll trade that to you directly later on before the coins so that we don't risk it being lost in the mailbox void. Also Cran, congrats, you've won more from the special lottery in a day than I've won from it in the last 2 months. I still haven't even won so much as a single boss coin from the REGULAR Glen lottery ever since the 4 Dreamworld Lords one showed up.
  10. I'd love to join in, if possible. I can grab a good few Metabble coins since they're pretty cheap right now, and my Ranger has the Metal-killing Axe skill which should come in handy. Got a few Metal Slime Boss coins, too. I'll see if I can get some Metal Kings out of the royal labyrinth today as well, since I haven't run that in a while and have 60/60 of the energy saved up on it. Edit: I can also help out with the level cap quests in between metal runs since, you know, I can actually read what the quest conditions are.
  11. Merry


    He's right now in ラギG3, near the Ogre starter village.
  12. Yeah, it seems like a pretty solid party. What I'd been trying until now was actually a pretty similar Thief, Minstrel, Ranger, Priest set-up, but the Minstrel was using staff for the counter-attacks against Pazuzu and the Ranger was there for total immunity to both Pazuzu and Belial's breath attacks (plus an extra handy reviver). Problem was that, with the Minstel on Staff, it reduced us to 1 dagger user, and... yeah. Atlas wakes up, smacks his club into the ground, and we're dead within seconds. Though that was also partly due to the Priest doing... I don't even know what he was doing. Healing the Ranger who was the only one to run AWAY from Atlas and then running right into the middle of the 3 bosses - all of whom wide awake by this point - and being beaten up by all 3 at once. It's probably not a bad party if you switch the Minstrel to using daggers and have a Priest who actually knows what they're doing, but the latter isn't as easy to come across. I actually have 4 or 5 Strong Spirits cards saved up, so if you're free some time during the weekend between whatever other card runs you have planned then I'll throw you an invite and see if we can't get a solid strategy going on between one of these two party arrangements. Totally unrelated to all of that - I've been testing out the limits of Sage as a class since it's one that's REALLY difficult to find people who are actually good at it. Progress so far: Can solo up to the 7th room in the Pyramid with a party of Sage (Player), Priest (AI with 530+ HP), Mage (AI with 700 Magic Might and Gracos' face accessory equipped - this is important because a lot of people wear Magic Glasses or, god forbid, Monocles when registering their Mage in the bar), and a max level Dracky (with the Song, max points in the Dark element spell tree, HP+30 passive, and the revive spell you can get from the ã¡ã‚Šã‚‡ã† optional passive tree). We also beat the 3.0 last boss with a party of Sage, Priest, Battlemaster, and Martial Artist today. Sage is NOT easy in this fight. MP becomes a problem very fast even WITH the å‹ã¡ã©ã MP gem working on full throttle, though the same is true of Priest I suppose. The lack of Saint's Protection (blue halo) on Sage also hurts, but the added firepower for when there are just one too many tornadoes flying around the battlefield is a lifesaver, and being able to cut into the boss' HP in the rare moments I had free turns piling up got some pretty decent damage in. The Coup de Grace is also a LOT more amazing than I had ever given it credit for. Instant-cast 3-level-tension Kaboomle is the BEST THING EVER. Around the time the boss starts summoning 3 tornadoes at once, having a Sage cast off tension'd up Kaboomles at light speed can create some much-needed breathing room while the Battlemaster can focus on single-target damage against the boss himself. All that said, I cannot recommend it. If you're going to fight that boss on hard, take 2 Priests. Please. You're gonna have a really hard time otherwise, unless you're at least twice as good at playing Sage as I am. Even in spite of needing superhuman concentration to not get everyone killed like an idiot, Sage is a fun class. My gear's terrible Mage hand-me-downs and I have like the bare minimum Magic Mending, but I enjoy playing Sage because it's a class not a lot of people go out of their way to play as despite how absolutely versatile it is.
  13. Ranger was one of the classes I've got that was really lagging behind the rest, and I just happened to be using Boomerangs with it since both Sage and Item Master also get a lot of use out of boomerangs. I'll start stocking up on Metal Slime Boss coins, so just let me know when/if you decide to start running them and I'll probably tag along because it's quite frankly genius.
  14. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/65fc52ed8f88c81323a418ca94cec2ed/ Was just looking at the patch notes to confirm, and sure enough, among the list of bugs that were fixed: ・「ç¦æ–­ã®ãŠã‚‚ã•ã‚¢ãƒƒãƒ—ã€ã®å®ç をセットã—ã¦ã„ã‚‹ã¨ãƒ‰ãƒ«ãƒœãƒ¼ãƒ‰ã‚’é™ã‚ŠãŸå¾Œã‚‚ドルボードã®ç§»å‹•é€Ÿåº¦ã«ãªã‚‹ã€‚ ・When the "Forbidden Weight Up" gem is set and the player dismounts from the Dolboard, they continue moving at the same speed as when they were riding it. Another interesting one that I'm kicking myself for not having noticed earlier, ◆盾特技「会心ガードã€ã‚’連続ã—ã¦2回ã‹ã‘ã‚‹ã“ã¨ã§ã€ä¼šå¿ƒã®ãƒ€ãƒ¡ãƒ¼ã‚¸ã‚’完全無効ã«ã§ãる。 â—†Using the shield skill "Critical Guard" twice in rapid succession was causing damage from critical hits to be nullified entirely. Basically they nerfed Total Critical Guard to regular Critical Guard, but forgot to make sure that the skill doesn't stack with itself... I guess they weren't counting on there being people who forget that they just used a skill and then use the same one again on the very next turn.
  15. I dunno if it's been fixed yet, but I was hearing from a team member that this gem actually has a really entertaining bug going on right now. Apparently maxing it out causes your movement speed on the world map to pretty much double, making you run faster than you'd move if you were riding the Dolboard. In fact I'd actually seen that happen with several people until now, but just didn't know what the heck was causing it. Imagine my confusion when I'm riding my flying carpet around and a dwarf sprints past me in his bare feet and sniping the enemy I was aiming for right out from under my nose. I really can't imagine it being intentional so who knows when it'll be fixed (if it hasn't been already).
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