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  1. One Hammerhood who is my physical attacker (Atk Bonus III Def Bonus III Martial Artist) and a Firespirit who is my magical attacker and healer (Cure-All Frizz & Sizz III Wisdom Boost III). Right now I started competing for Super Scout with the following setup : Dracky -Woosh & Bang III -Agility Boost III -Wisdom Boost III (Crafty Woosher yay) Spitnik -Bang & Frizz III -Defense Boost III -Wisdom Boost III (Crafty Banger + Maeister Bang = gg) Slime -Bang & Frizz III -Defense Boost III -Wisdom Boost III (Crafty Frizzer yay... Actually he only uses bang but whatever, will probably switch him for a Mottle Slime/Spiked Hare @ Pearly gates)
  2. I learned english through video games too xD Well I'm new here, but whoever you are, welcome back
  3. Got fluffy (I ranked 22nd in Scout without even using 3 monsters xD)
  4. I heard you can get them with Synthesizing Cheats that allow you to get whatever Fusion result you want, but I didn't find this cheat...
  5. So, as we all now, Tall Tail (and Tentickle) is an unobtainable monster, being a part of Missing Lynx, so I'd like to know if there's a cheat code to be able to somehow get it, and if it's possible to trigger a tag mode encounter between a computer and a real DS so I'll be able to also get it on my real cartridge (by scouting it in the tag battle) *_* To me, It'd look really cool to battle with an half asleep monster Just for fun tho, not Wi-Fi
  6. So I'll have to get the top 100 wifi monsters for alll categories... I can't even make a team weak enough to be able to be registered in Rookie xD
  7. Nope, Fortune Street isn't in the list of games affected : http://www.nintendo.com.au/termination-of-nintendo-wi-fi-connection
  8. Here's the source : http://www.polygon.com/2014/2/26/5452114/nintendo-killing-nintendo-wi-fi-connection-service-for-ds-and-wii-may It's nothing specific to DQMJ2, they're just shutting down the whole Wi-Fi for DS...
  9. Wow... I'm kind off skeptical, but this had to happen. Source ?
  10. Ok so, today I only got 2 wins out of 5... 3 teams had the exact same damn principe : One high rank monster but alone... One was Dhoulmagus, one was Fluffy, one was a Slime XY.. They broke me cause my firespirit's healing skillset (cure-all) wasn't maxed out yet and because he was too squishy. So I resynthed it with a tanky monster using phoenix scepter and I'm currently working on getting it back to level 50. Also sorry for triple post
  11. Yeah... Except I don't have a PS2 Nor do I have a PS1 or PS3. I only have mah 3DS and my Wii U (and my PC ofc). Ryu : So the game won't work on my 3DS even if I change the language to JP ? I heard they were region locked, but isn't there a way to "jailbreak" it or something ?
  12. I think DQMJ2 allows only 7, but I'll check I was also thinking about getting the Japanese Terry Wonderland 3D but I don't know if it'll work on my French 3DS ^^'
  13. Oh ok If I ever make a competitive platypus, I'll name it Clawleone then (if there is enought space xD).
  14. I'm pretty sure Boulder Toss is only in the Bjorn skillset, and the only bjorn I ever got was used to make my Orochi, but I think it repops once you synth it, so I might try it. I could make a Spitnik with Gigabang too cause of Meister Bang/Crafty Banger. What monsters have Crafty Donker tho ? And what skillsets give Donk/Superdonk ?
  15. Ok apparently the team is classed in superscout, So I took out the Swarmtroop for a 2 monsters team, and I got classed in scout. I did 4 wins 1 lose because the last team managed to put my Hammerhood to sleep... I'm quite satisfied, as when the firespirit will have stimulation, this won't be a problem anymore.
  16. ... Where'd he get so many tails The glasses my avatar is wearing are referencing the "Deal with it" meme,no worries, I have no affiliation with such a gang
  17. Who is don Clawleone ? Anyways, Slime Master, it's Ismaar with one S and two A, not two S and one A Thanks for your welcomes everyone I have a simple request tho : I asked for advices in the DQMJ2 strategy topic yesterday, but noone answered so far, and I'd like one of you to answer (please(if you know DQMJ2 well :3)) so I'll be ready for the next week's WCM
  18. Wowsie, so much answers Honestly, I kinda thought this place was dead, or at least zombie :3 (did anyone actually ever give you a dollar, Ryu (dem signature) ? And also, where is Ken ?) I'll be sure to try those games you mentionned (well, If I can).
  19. I'd say seeds of salvation sounds like Terry's Wonderland 3D as it perfectly fits into the storyline. I don't think they'd register the trademark just to make wallpapers, I hope it's for the full games After all, Joker 2 got released in US and France 2 years after the Japanese release, so there is still hope for DQ3D DQ VII and DQ X.
  20. Are you sure they took down the servers ? I'm pretty sure you can still participate in the WMC...
  21. Hiya ! I'm actually trying to make a decent F-Rank Wi-Fi team (I'm guessing the corresponding rank is rookie ?). So far, here's what I have (they're still in training) : HitSquad (Swarmtroop) Rank F+2 Level 48 HP : 520 MP : 224 ATT : 506 DEF : 449 AGI : 295 WIS : 199 - Warrior (100) - Attack Boost III (100) - Defense Boost III (100) Tactic : Show no mercy Clubber (Hammerhood) Rank F+5 Level 49 HP : 608 MP : 100 ATT : 623 DEF : 370 AGI : 198 WIS : 100 - Martial Artist (100) - Attack Boost III (100) - Defense Boost III (100) Tactic : Show no mercy Not Ice (Firespirit) Rank F+2 Level 47 HP : 284 MP : 320 ATT : 180 DEF : 284 AGI : 291 WIS : 513 - Cure-All (30) - Frizz & Sizz III (100) - Wisdom Boost III (100) Tactic : Show no mercy or Heal before all (depends) So, I have 2 problems : My Swarmtroop sometimes uses Multi-Blade which isn't what I want him to do : I'd like him to use Helm-Splitter or Hatchet man more often to take advantage of his Hit Squad 6. Can I solve this ? My Firespirit tends to use Fire Slash a lot instead of Kafrizzle... What could I do to prevent this ? Apart from that, they all deal a $#!&ton of damage when they use the spells they should be using :3 Hammerhood is pretty much a Rank-F version of night clubber Is there anyways I can improve the team ?
  22. Hiya all I'm Ismaar as my Username indicates, and I wanted to be part of this Community because I really love the Dragon Warriors series and need some strategic advices for my teams :3 I started DQM with Dragon Quest Monster Joker (I loved it) then I bought DQMJ2 (I love it even more). I also played a few old Dragon Warriors NES games. However I don't really like the main DQ series, I find it boring Well I guess that's pretty much all, so here goes my intro !
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