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  1. There is still hope, but i´m not gonna put them very high.
  2. My Top Ten: 10: Dragon Quest X, i put it here because i didn't played. 09: Dragon Quest III, i just find it REALLY boring. 08: Dragon Quest VI, i didn't enjoy it as much as the others, but the side quest and the post game are awesome. 07: Dragon Quest VII, i start to enjoy the game when i got to the Alltrades Abbey... after that the game was a BLAST. 06: Dragon Quest I, the first i ever played, it was in 2009. 05: Dragon Quest II, the one that make me say ¨this series rules, dude¨, it was like a really quest. 04: Dragon Quest IV, it just blown my mind how a NES game could have a prett
  3. That list make my day. Anyhow, i believe that Dragon Quest VII will be announced for America along with Dragon Quest X, no for WiiU but for PC.
  4. Dragon Quest I&II on the Game Boy Color, a cousin of mine got bored of the game and decide to give it to me, i was hooked on Pokemon back in the day so RPG games were not boring for me as other kids tough. The first in the series is pretty easy, but Dragon Quest II and his damn crest are hell incarnated on a cartridge.
  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope you resolve the problem.
  6. I love it, the only problem that i have is the random crap with the blue chests and the (again) random drop of the grotto bosses. When i have to cheat to get certain item in this life spam is no fun.
  7. It cost me like 50 US dollars, it included the demo for Final Fantasy XII, i bought the PlayStation 2, in part, for the game. Played, beat it, and love it.
  8. None, though i love Dr. Slump, Akira Toriyama tends to repeat the same art for his characters, but the monster that he make are really awesome. About Amano, i love his art, but in any of the early Final Fantasy you could not say which character were which and that´s the point of design a character, to be reflected on the game.
  9. I want candy, i was re watching the show and found this.
  10. I agree with you on Donkey Kong, but Super Mario 3D World is not like Super Mario World, is like Super Mario 3D Land which is awesome, and The Legend of Zelda: Between Worlds does really bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Yeah i give you that, but imagine WarioWare on a phone, they will be rich. Just do not release a main Pokemon or Mario game on it.
  11. Dude/dudete Dragon Quest VIII was one of the best JRPG and it was on PlayStation 2. Dragon Quest always come out on best selling consoles, so i really hope that my prediction fail and Dragon Quest XI come to the PlayStation 4.
  12. Dragon Quest VI on the DS, trying to get all the classes with all the characters to beat Nokturnus, and on the Wii i´m playing Call of Duty 3... is pretty good.
  13. Iwata screw big time with the WiiU and have this amazing fear of putting some IPs on mobile. He don't understand that even Square-Enix by putting Dragon quest on mobiles have making tons of money, the mobile market in japan has an amazing 50% on the entire gaming industry in japan. Nintendo should learn to go hand by hand with it, those NESMIX mini games are perfect for mobile. About the ¨rethinking¨ of Square-Enix, just give the ****ers some time, they announce that like a month ago, so is plenty of time to go the right way.
  14. I know that sound really bizarre, but Microsoft was saying that the XBox One will come with a exclusive from a very important Japanese company (*cof* Square-Enix *cof*). Is no surprise that Dragon Quest is big in Japan, so in the end making DQ an exclusive to sell more consoles is kind of the way to go for the American giant.
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