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  1. FFXI did fine. I don't know much about FFXI but if it's anything like FFXIV, it's a pretty single-player oriented game. You pretty much only really interact with anyone when doing dungeon runs. DQX is a lot more social. You're always needing to interact (maybe not not necessarily "needing" to but there are plenty of opportunities for it and it's to your advantage) with the people around you for some reason or the other. Granted that's becoming less and less the case as this game ages for numerous reason. (Let's just say for the sake of people who start the game from 1.0 if it is released overseas, that they don't incorporate all the changes they've made over time right off the bat. The experience just won't be the same.) Game's not nearly as fun as it used to be becuase of that, but that's a whole nother issue.
  2. I'm not surprised, but I can also see where they're coming from. Let's face it. There are a LOT of problems that can occcur in this game due to miscommunication. A whole lot. Now if there was something in the sugestion about being able to play from other counrties, but only on different servers than the ones people in Japan are using, I don't think people would be against it so much. Problem is the whole mindset between the way people play games in Japan and other countries just differs too much. As an examplre, back when I used to play PSO, the NA servers and the JP servers were like two different worlds. On the JP servers, it was considered rude to just join a game and start playing or ask for someone to send you a portal so you could join the action (even though that was one of the pre-arranged sentences that was included in the game.) You had to first greet the others and ask if it was okay to join. On the NA servers, whenever a rare item dropped, it was first come first servce. It didn't matter who killed what monster or who was closest to the item. You just grabbed it if you could and it was yours. On the JP servers, every single item that had even a slight amount of value was picked up by anyone only to be latter dumped in a big pile back at the home base where people would then say what items they wanted and if more that one person wanted it, they would play paper, rock, scissors to decide who gets it. There's just a set way of doing things that everyone is expected to follow, and in DQX there are tons of unwritten rules like that. To be honest, if the servers are going to be shared, I'd be agaist it too. There's just too much chaos I can see resulting from it.
  3. I think the Monster reincarnated 6 times is about the only thing I'm looking forward to. Everything else with this update basically adds some convenience, but doesn't really add much to the game itself. New coin boss maybe. Depends on what the accessory is. Well, I guess there's the story advancement too.
  4. Finally free from leveling! Secured enough Skill points to make all Paladin skills 130. (except for spears which is 0 since I don't use them). I can finally get back to doing labyrinth with my main.
  5. I just used the Superstars' "Best Smile" for the first time... Hands down the best animated move in the game. Better than the special skills (hissatsuwaza). @Kwr Are you doing all this intensive leveling solo with supports? I'd be bored out my mind. I don't think I've ever done grinding solo that was over lv 40.
  6. Beat Pyramid Lv 6 for the first time today. And I thought it would be impossible for a Paladin. Guess I had a really good team with me.
  7. This is why I can't stand being a pot alchemist. They're all idiots that sell alchemy work for practically nothing (unless it's daiseikou, in which case they overcharge for something as insignificant as +1) and beat the prices down so low, it's just not worth doing.
  8. I wouldn't be that impressed. That's an old boss and the Paladin is pretty much over-leveled for him. Against real tough enemies a Paladin's heal and regen don't really do much. The def buff might depending on who you're fighting and base def.
  9. Yeah, that door was a REAL pain. It was harder than any of the other bosses.
  10. Where is this spot...? Then again it may not work out so well for me since none of the character I want to level up can use axes, heal, or cast Baiki (Omph was it?)
  11. Aaah. I see. Think I'll give it a try since I got 20 of the things.
  12. In that chaos know as the area near the station of Glen Server 1, you see people saying 出)超玉 自殺6. The number varies though. Anyone know what the 自殺#is supposed to be about?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they also give us a free item form reseting all of our skill points (the one that costs 30000G) when they gave us the item that lets us change jobs? I could have sworn they did, but I can't find it anywhere. I know I didn't use it and I'm pretty sure I would have put it in my chest at home...
  14. What are you crystallizing to earn tons of money? From what I've seen, with the prices people charge for stuff you would just barely make a profit.
  15. sounds good to me. And if you're a preist, you probably don't even need equipmet. It all depends on the target enemy though.
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