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  1. I noticed that the max money code that works has the same second half as the code that doesnt work. So maybe the complete library code here on woodus could work but the first half needs refigured out to be a action replay code. Max Money (Works)- 00755AAC 000F423F Max Money (Doesnt work)- 2000012C 000F423F I'm not good with this but I assume we need action replay codes and not save editor codes. Sometimes I stumble into a working code just by trial and error but other than that I'm clueless.
  2. So I see theres a page here for the cheat codes but they dont work on citra 3DS emulator. I guess because they are save editor codes and not what citra uses? Is there any way I could get a complete monster library code? The codes on this site work on citra but theres no library codes. https://github.com/JourneyOver/CTRPF-AR-CHEAT-CODES/blob/master/Cheats/Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Iru to Ruka no Fushigi na Fushigi na Kagi (JPN)/00040000000CF500.txt
  3. That would be wonderful. I beat the game but mainly used regular attacks. Lol Translations for the 2nd part of the random key names would be great to. Its hard to tell which does what.
  4. Anyone know any good/easy S or SS monsters to get early & monsters to breed? Just beat the mad condor in sky world & wanna get working on a team for the final boss.
  5. How do u hatch dream eggs & how it works? Also how do u get items from other players in WiFi & streetpass? How does this work? So confused on what to select.
  6. I've got my game & 3ds coming in the mail. Have 2 questions. How do u save? How is the monster creation thing set up when u start a game? I watched the youtube video & was completely lost during that part.
  7. Loved DWM2. My favorite is the dragon family. My favs are lizardman & greatdrak.
  8. Are there any guides for this? Just downloaded it but I'm a little confused.
  9. Aww They aren't gonna make a monster list like they did for the 1st 3DS monsters game? Or do they update it another time? (Can't draw without any good references )
  10. Yea that would be awesome. Scan the monster guide part with their stats & pics on this site. But with 800+ monsters I doubt anyone would wanna spend the time. Especially with this game out lol. Or at least the monsters that weren't in the previous monsters game from Japan.
  11. 2 questions. Is battleing the same as in dragon quest monsters joker 1&2? Only difference I see is having 4 monsters in battle. 2nd is about those random keys like in the gb game. I read something about u can only get them post game and only by streetpass. How does it work in this game? Can u get many like in the original?
  12. http://dqm23ds.ffsky.cn/monlist01.htm Ok this looks like where it'll be once they update the list. There isn't any other monster info/list anywhere yet is there?
  13. http://dqm3d.ffsky.cn/monsters.htm Is this the full monster list? I thought there was 700-800 monsters in the game. Also how's the game? Is it difficult if you can't read Japanese?
  14. Is anyone going to upload the pictures of the monsters from the book or game? Curious to see them all. I'm assuming the book willl have pics like the original gb game guide.
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