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  1. Hi everyone. I forgot to mention yesterday that I am working on an unofficial card game for the Dragon Quest Monsters Series. I have been working on this for weeks thinking of Gameplay, rules and mechanics, and working on prototype designs. What I have come up with so far is a game very Similar to the Pokemon TCG, which does a very good job of translating Pokemon gameplay into card format. I am trying to translate DQM battle mechanics into card format, but also keep It simple and easy to pick up and play. I haven't made enough cards to play test against myself or a friend, so keep in mind none of these are Finalized and have room for tweaks growth, additions, and modification. As I eventually get to test, I will eventually get to perfect. But I would like to know what people think of these so far. Would anyone be interested in something like this? Also i havent done Boss Family or Slime Family yet. Energy: GX Style Monsters Card Backs V_20210301_211501_ES0_1.mp4
  2. Hello All. Haven't been here in too long. I was at one point working on a translation guide walkthrough for DQM2, before we had english patches. At that point i was simply translating and posting screenshots in a forum thread, I was in communication with the project team at that time and was going to offer any help i could, but alas life got busy and I had to leave everything for a while. I am back here because I like to tell everyone that I am working on creating a full English Translation to the Professional version, as its my understanding here everyone has been using the DQMJ3 Standard version patch? I would like to thus create one specifically for this version which includes extra content that wasnt in the original DQMJ3. I have quite a few things finished translated already, i just havent gotten any dialogue translated yet. I am also considering doing a Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 translation, something i very much wanted to do for a very long time, I would like to create a English Translation that uses the Localization style of the Original Gameboy Color DWM 2 Cobi and Tara Games. Thats kinda what i was trying to do back then with my forum thread. I know its not for everyone, but as someone whose entire love of DQ started from those original DWM games, I really want to bring that back. I will work on this a bit and post any updates in a new thread for anyone who might be interested in something like that.
  3. Dope, i definitly want to try and get me and my friends out there, i gotta say i really fell in love with this game and so did my friends. I was a little afraid they might not like the game, but after seeing the character customization, the multiplayer and of course the bells and whistles of a main series DQ game, it really won them over. I will let you guys know if im free tuesday. I personally don't think ill be working so i hope to see you guys there
  4. Finally got into DQ9 and got my friends copies too! We are currently going through the game together and although we are not far in, we are enjoying it very much! We would love to go to tag mode tuesdays! Hope you find a new location to hold it!
  5. Neko, i actually dont know much about that, considering i dont live in japan and hence have not been to any of these events. (Im so mad too! They gave a watabou for free! I am STILL hatching rainbow eggs for it!). However, i will look into it to the best of my ability. Do you think you could tell me more about the event monsters in the Monsters 2 remake? I would like to try and get some of those. Also, if you are willing, would you like to play with me and my friends? I was waiting for another person with the game to show up! Collectively i own 2 DQM2 3ds and 2 TW3D. Me and my 2 friends are all playing together locally, and i sometimes go online to play the people in japan. Either way, we could link up over wifi, trade, battle, team up( i think thats possible, but we havent tried yet), and even try to figure out how to get those event monsters. Please let me know, we would love to play with you.
  6. Id watch that movie. You forgot to put based on a true story.
  7. I do name them off old names. Every monster i catch is named off the old names. Every skill i use i refer to old names. While i dont think i can ever come to terms with the names, i will still play The monster series and i am still trying to play the main series. Im currently on DW1 and liking it very much. I understand that its here to stay, and i do what i can to look past it. Either way, its still a personal gripe of mine. To each there own.
  8. To be clear. No, i would not punch Yujii Horii. I was exaggerating out of anger. But i would have to have a stern talking to with him. Id also like to say i dont necessarily hate or dislike anyone who truly likes the bad names/puns, i just can NEVER EVER agree with you. Like myself, you are welcome to your opinions. To see it from my POV. Sure, the classic names were indeed generic RPG fantasy terms, but, that was what DQ was to me back then, it was the first Fantasy/Midievil game world i REALLY fell in love with outside LoZ. That was how i came to love the series. Those old names were all i knew. I went years without knowing the names changed, and when i found out, it was like hitting a brick wall. One moment im looking at my brand new DQM joker 1, hype as hell to see DQ again ever since i played DWM years prior, the next moment im playing the game angrily trying to figure out how Monster masters became scouts, how breeding became synthesis, how blaze became Fizz, how Momonja became platypunk. I was just a lonely kid playing DQM, having not known anyone else who had ever played or owned the games at the time, or even knew about them, desperately trying to figure out how everything i knew and loved was thrown to the wayside. As a result, such a drastic change in the series is naturally very off putting to me. Not only that, but I wanted desperately to let my friends know about DQ, but i never wanted to tell them because the names were so embarrassing. I literally had to tell anyone i told about the games to ignore the names, and look past them because the game is actually good! I respect that you enjoy the new names, i just vehemently disagree. Ok so the series didnt fail because of the names, but it sure made me want to buy the games a lot less.
  9. It was meant to be. Ill fight till the end saying the classic DW terms were the best and the only way to go. Infact, not only would i punch the face of whoever decided to greenlight the new names, id dare to blame the failure of DQ in the west entirely on these names. The true, underlying reason why i hate the names besides the fact that they suck, is that they were TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! They could have saved time/money and effort by simply keeping everything that was already established as it was. Theres a reason its called unpopular opinion.
  10. The Joker series are bad games, caravan heart is complete garbage, and the puns/names are the worst thing to have ever happened to DQ. Literally, if i had to choose what i hate more than ANYTHING in DQ its the god awful puns/names of the new age. Let me explain. First, joker 1 and joker 2 are fun games, that are pretty good. HOWEVER, They have so many unforgivable flaws that i to this day cant bring myself to replay them. Flaw #1 is that J1 & 2 are simply vastly inferior to the GBC DWM 1 and 2. Thats like an umbrella term for everything im about to say next. Joker had no meat treats, not even in 2. Seriously, i f'ing HATE scouting when meat isnt involved. I felt like they took away a lovable feature of the originals, and unnecessarily replaced it. Joker had the NERVE to start the skill tree thing, which to this day i have a love hate relationship with. Sure you can still learn any move with any monster, but you cant have ANY combination of moves. In the orginals, you could have literally any combo of moves. Granted you could only have 8 to each monster, so joker has them beat on that part. Joker changed almost everything i LOVED about DQM. Breeding was called synthesis/fusion. Monsters had charges instead of genders. And of course, the names. Almost all monsters were re-named TERRIBLY. The names (with VERY few exceptions) are so bad it almost made me cry. Good example is FaceTree was renamed to TreeFace. Like why bother! The attack names were god awful. Frizz? Crack? Zam? Sizzle? I could go on and on. Hate these names they sound so so corny. I liked it when my monsters would Loose beastcut, or trip enemies with Big trip, i liked using Blazemost, Thordain, and more, like Gigaslash. Caravan Heart had a great great concept, which was to combine The humans and monsters fighting together, but they executed it awfully. Its a concept i will do justice one day. Idk i could talk till im blue in the face about Joker and CH, but seeing as how SE wised up with the remakes, it wont be necessary. If i EVER see the remakes localized, and i see joker names, i will under no circumstances purchase the game. Either localize it properly or dont at all. one of the things i actually like about having my japanese copies, is that i just believe that everything translates in my head in classic terms. And i dont have to read in english these awful awful names. No offense to anyone that likes them changes though, just wish you didnt.
  11. Lightpost, its funny you mention the thing about Toriyama's character designs being more detailed in DQ than in DBZ, because toriyama said in an interview that he loves drawing DQ characters because he can put his time and effort into detailing them. He said that he doesnt do it as detailed with DBZ because it would be a pain, as he has to draw thousand of images for each frame in the anime, as opposed to the few he has to do for the games. Also, i have noticed as well how awesome, powerful, and destructive the attacks and abilities are in DQ, and they can certaintly stand up to DBZ. Technically, if you think about it, the DQ universe is like a universe in DBZ where humans actually became incredibly powerful through magic. And they have fought godly beings in DQ all the time, just like Goku and vegeta are just now fighting and training with gods.
  12. Definitly taking inspiration from DBZ. This is the first DQ game to take place in this far ahead of a future. The technology looks a lot like some advanced capsule corp technology. It doesn't take place in a virtual world, but the Reactor is just like a Augmented Reality glasses. The world is called break world, and it leads me to believe that the world has been shattered into pieces by a great evil, and thats why there is so many floating islands. Also it explains why the humans are very rare in break world, as they were probably massacred by whatever evil broke the world. Also, the main character just appears in the future with no memory of his past or who he is. This story is loosely based on Future trunks from DBZ. Essentially, my theory is that our Hero, is from an even further future, and he went back in time to save/fix the world/ repopulate the Human race, but he somehow lost his memory as he travelled through time. Also let me take a quick moment to say this. Way way way before i even saw this trailer, or knew about joker 3, I was developing a concept for my own monsters game. One of the concepts i came up with was Metamorphosis, specifically CRYSTAL metamorphosis. It was intended to rival pokemon evolution, and would work by placing your monster into a crystal cocoon, then hatching it like any other egg, and the monster would come out in an evolved form. Now tell me, what does the Wormonger look like hes doing at the end of the trailer. I swear it looks like hes Crystal Metamorphing! I swear i am not making this $#!& up, did i somewhat predict the future of the monster series? It isnt exactly like my idea, as there is no cocoon, but those are CLEARLY crystals, and the monster is CLEARLY transforming.
  13. Well toriyama designs all characters, and all monsters, maybe with VERY few exceptions. He is very involved in my opinion, though lately, he has been less and less involved (but thats most likely due to the fact that he is so much busier now with DBS.) I think he has a fair amount of influence with Horii, as they go way way back together, and Toriyama loves DQ so much he said himself he played perhaps TOO much DQ. He even put some DQ monsters/characters as cameos in DBZ. Yes, i very much appreciate the DBZ cameos/homages he puts into DQ, and its one of the coolest things, because i love DQ and DBZ, and I also love the fact that DQ is like a midieval DBZ. And if you count joker, which is farther in the future, its even more like dbz! I couldnt have gotten so into this series if not for the artwork, and loving dbz growing up, made me like this that much more. I like to see The DQ universe as one of the 12 universes in the new Dragon ball Super.
  14. Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing 5 for the first tme. BTW funny thing, I just ran into a THIRD egdracil, Of course it would be after I catch egdracil that everyone and there mother starts having one! hehehe, Oh well. wouldn't hurt to have multiples!
  15. This was really dope! I thought it was cool you made this from a slimes perspective. We should really try to do more of these, and not just with christmas songs.
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