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  1. That's going to be mighty helpful while I catch up to the sixish hours of progress I made that I lost in a save file corruption. T_T Right!?
  2. Here's a link to a little footage of my gameplay. I decided to stop grinding for gold to get a copper sword and instead traveled East and up to Kol. The first time I attempted it a Magidrakee fried me into pieces. The second time I managed to make it all the way there... only to walk around, get a little more info, and then turn around and hoof it all the way back to Alefgard, because of the low inn cost and the relative distance to the Magician's who give me the same amount of gold the Drakee's do while casting less. did I mention I love this game? >_>;; Aye! It was just s
  3. I've played through and beaten Dragon Quest 1 and 2's Super Famicom versions a long time ago, but I can't recall much from either outside of vague details. The cave was not as menacing as my imagination had made it out to be. Outside of my character smacking his face into walls over and over again nothing came at me. I ended up finding the tablet left to me by Erdrick and now have a vague understanding of what I need to do. I have to go find 3 things hidden across the world! Woo! Now if only I could save up enough money for a damn copper sword...
  4. Did you ever make any progress through the Mega Man series? Just the first two. Hoping to knock out a couple of other games before going back to it. Serious congratulations on beating Mega Man 1. Did you beat the Yellow Eye fellow in Wily's Castle legitimately or using the glitch method I've heard so much about? Also! I have another little update. I've made it to a cave just north of Tantegel. I've got a couple of torches and a few levels under my belt. I've only taken a few steps in so far, and I'm a little bit afraid of what might jump out at me:
  5. This is such a tough question. ~_~ Of all the games in the series I've spent significant time with... which at the moment is a paltry DQ1 (SFC), DQ2 (SFC), and DQVIII I'd probably say my favorite was Dragon Quest VIII. The sense of charm I got from the first two was alive and well in a game that came 20 years later, and hey, that's pretty awesome. But mostly, it was this guy: Makes me really excited to play through DQV.
  6. Oh, I know right? I once sat down to play VII and got about fifty or so hours in (so, you know 1/4 of the way) and my memory card battery died. Saddest day. Did you ever make any progress through the Mega Man series? Thank you very much! I'm glad to be here. Aye. I'm 21 years old at the moment. I imagine I'll be somewhere in my mid twenties by the time I finish this marathon up. Maybe. My current day job keeps me either very busy or not very busy at all. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress, heh. I only managed to get in a little bit of time for grinding
  7. First off, hello everyone, whoever you may be! I'm new round these parts. I've been using Dragon's Den for a quite a while now and recently I realized there was a button near the header that said "forums". After pouring over the decades of posts that have accumulated here I began to feel inspired. Inspired to do what, you ask? Whelp, I've decided to take on the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series from Dragon Warrior 1 on the NES all the way through Dragon Quest IX on the NDS. So far I've only made it to this point... : Thanks to things like a job and other non-videogamey life eve
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