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  1. Hii i got angel slime hat and a ticket from the delivery box when i subscribed for the game. how do i use the hat? and the ticket i dont know what to do with it please help .
  2. hey i sent you a private message . i really would like to join the team
  3. hi again . DQ X is awesome but i got couple of questions i wana unlock mage knight and sage. as a mage iam capping my 2 hand cane is that a good idea or should i level up my "magic" skill. how can i obtain the mage knight job and the sage please please leave any advice that can help . iam new and open to instructions. Ingame name ( モãƒãƒ¡ãƒƒãƒ‰) "mohammedu" if anyone one tag along or give any advice. currently level 26 going 27.
  4. Hi, just got the game started playing online today I got some question I really wana know the answers to please. 1. how can you change your job/class? 2. is there a guide that I can follow for the dwarf tribe quests? but really enjoying the game.
  5. hello i wanted to ask some questions about dragon quest x on pc and how does it work. 1. what is the best vpn software? 2. i already ordered i think it was the normal DQX on pc does it come with version 2? 3. can i pay my monthly with paypal? or crysta my DQX copy will be coming in 12 hours just getting ready. ty
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