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  1. From what I read on Wikipedia:


    The first movie is the adaption of the first half of the book.(Atreyu's story--which was gorgeous and charming)

    The second movie is a sort of adaption of the second half the book(Bastion's story) :(

    The third movie is an original cinematic production, that doesn't use any source material from the book.


    I used to be fascinated with the first film myself as a child. I really loved the rock eaters and if i recall correctly they even gave him a son. My favourite, though, was how they portrayed the luck dragon. It looked like a big white fluffy dog in the sky!

  2. I really loved Cell. I think part of the appeal was the fact that the protagonst was sort a geek himself. He wrote grapic novels for Dark Horse, IRC.


    I finished the Neverending Story. It started out brilliant until halfway, when the book switches protagonists--after that it went downhill, which is a pity because I really thought it was gonna be a full 5/5. *sigh* The book loses all the Objectives from the first half and introduces a whole new cast of characters, it also becomes more surreal with very esoteric symbology in the second half, which I found confusing because it was originally meant as a children's book. A lot of characters are introduced and just done away with, having no impact on the story or the ending at all. The protagonist also becomes a megalomaniac of sorts and his actions cause death and destruction. I found it rather difficult tolerate to him. I love the first protagonist though.


    Anyway, talking about King, I'll be starting Dreamcatcher now. I think it's one of the few one's i haven't read yet.

  3. Started up the latest Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz after have just seen the made for TV movie version of the first book, which was better than I expected and not that much different than I thought they'd make it.


    I didn't know about this at all. I really loved how Odd's "simplistic" approach to life. I'm going to make plans to watch this.




    I was actually reading The Shining in preparation for Doctor Sleep since at that point I had seen the movie but not read the book. Instead, I got sidetracked for several months and now I'm trying to finish. I'm like literally on the last quarter of the book.


    It was the same story for me. I watched the film (and the other film) first. I only read the Shining about 2 years ago when i was going on a serious King binge.


    Yeah, Toriyama tends to, um, reuse a lot of similar designs. It might be why a lot of his post-Dragon Ball stories feature cartoonish characters of different races and species.


    Now that I think about--i actually think you make very good point, eal. If I look at Dr.Slump and Dragonball and compare it with say Jaco or even all the aliens in DBZ as opposed to the original story arc  I can see what you mean..

  5. Imma try revive this thread. i do realize reading is an acquired taste of sorts.


    Anyway, I'm just about halfway through "The Neverending Story" What a fantastic book! Too bad I'm not German, as I cannot read it in it's original text.


    It's brilliant though.

  6. NIce! The cel-shading is looking better than ever! I mean I'm totally pop-eyed here.


    Do J-stars games get localized though?


    I think it might be  a bit too "obscure" just because we don't have any of that media locally. maybe Bleach, Naruto and One Piece but that's it. :ws-slimedead:


    Would be absolutely awesome if it does come over though! I think i stopped reading JUMP titles a year or go back, but it would totally give me the nostalgia's.

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