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  1. So, i wandering, peronally what bosses have made you rage in DQ? When iwas younger it was Dhoulmagus(VIII), Balzaak(IV) has given me trouble and Brutus(VI)

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    2. Democrobot


      I forgot all about that DeathCloud thing from DWVII. I must have spent 2 weeks on that boss alone.

    3. Saigan


      Necrosaro didn't exactly make me rage but I white knuckled that fight for 45 minutes.

    4. Gooptek


      King... something. *Googles the name*

      Ah, Godwyn.

      Really, when your friend asks you and your underleveled character "Hey, help me beat DQ IX" is really... something. Had to do it while still on Level 30 or so. And after many failures, I meet my friend again, and he already beat it. >.>

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