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  1. Congrats to CoarseDragon. woot! I'll do better NEXT time *evil laugh*
  2. It's quite popular on a few other forums as well. Was the Grammy's yesterday or something?
  3. I have started another run trough Tales of Graces F This game is long. You have the 50 hour main story After that you do (post-game) "F arc" which is about 10 hours. After the post game you get a crazy difficult bonus dungeon, which I actually haven't completed yet.
  4. From what I read on Wikipedia: The first movie is the adaption of the first half of the book.(Atreyu's story--which was gorgeous and charming) The second movie is a sort of adaption of the second half the book(Bastion's story) The third movie is an original cinematic production, that doesn't use any source material from the book. I used to be fascinated with the first film myself as a child. I really loved the rock eaters and if i recall correctly they even gave him a son. My favourite, though, was how they portrayed the luck dragon. It looked like a big white fluffy dog in the sky!
  5. I really loved Cell. I think part of the appeal was the fact that the protagonst was sort a geek himself. He wrote grapic novels for Dark Horse, IRC. I finished the Neverending Story. It started out brilliant until halfway, when the book switches protagonists--after that it went downhill, which is a pity because I really thought it was gonna be a full 5/5. *sigh* The book loses all the Objectives from the first half and introduces a whole new cast of characters, it also becomes more surreal with very esoteric symbology in the second half, which I found confusing because it was originally meant as a children's book. A lot of characters are introduced and just done away with, having no impact on the story or the ending at all. The protagonist also becomes a megalomaniac of sorts and his actions cause death and destruction. I found it rather difficult tolerate to him. I love the first protagonist though. Anyway, talking about King, I'll be starting Dreamcatcher now. I think it's one of the few one's i haven't read yet.
  6. I would SO tune in. Let me know, if there is one.
  7. I didn't know about this at all. I really loved how Odd's "simplistic" approach to life. I'm going to make plans to watch this. I was actually reading The Shining in preparation for Doctor Sleep since at that point I had seen the movie but not read the book. Instead, I got sidetracked for several months and now I'm trying to finish. I'm like literally on the last quarter of the book. It was the same story for me. I watched the film (and the other film) first. I only read the Shining about 2 years ago when i was going on a serious King binge.
  8. Yeah, Toriyama tends to, um, reuse a lot of similar designs. It might be why a lot of his post-Dragon Ball stories feature cartoonish characters of different races and species. Now that I think about--i actually think you make very good point, eal. If I look at Dr.Slump and Dragonball and compare it with say Jaco or even all the aliens in DBZ as opposed to the original story arc I can see what you mean..
  9. Oh yeah! I really enjoyed the shining. Do you know about Dr. Sleep? I haven't read it yet. I need to.
  10. Imma try revive this thread. i do realize reading is an acquired taste of sorts. Anyway, I'm just about halfway through "The Neverending Story" What a fantastic book! Too bad I'm not German, as I cannot read it in it's original text. It's brilliant though.
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